Bixbi Pet Food Review

bixbi pet food review rawbble

Having a dog means that we are always looking for the best dog food for them.   Today I wanted to share my Bixbi Pet food review with you.   A great dog food company like Bixbi is dedicated to ensuring that the food we give to our dogs is healthy and includes the best possible … Read more

Bullymake Box Reviews

Bullymake box review - 1st box

Has it ever crossed your mind to give a dog box subscription a try for your dog?   It sure did for me, so I decided to jump in one day and give it a go.  I did my do diligence and read all the Bullymake Box Reviews before I decided to choose them as the … Read more

NHL Dog Jersey | Looking Like Part Of The Family

Boo jersey

My dog Boo was a wonderful and sweet Cockapoo.  He likes to be my shadow when I walk around the house.  Truly is about the cutest thing.  Just before it is time for the hockey game to begin, I grab my jersey first of course, and then I grab Boo’s NHL dog jersey.     … Read more

DIY Dog Mental Exercises


Living in Western Canada in the winter is always a challenge.   That is never truer than trying to exercise your dog in -40 C or -50 C, it is almost impossible.  This set me out on a challenge as a dog mom to come up with some DIY dog mental exercises I could do inside … Read more

Dog Mom Merchandise | Show your Dog Love

Boo PetCanva blanket

One of the other important things as a dog mom, is to have all the dog mom merchandise you can find.  Show your dog love to everyone else.  A real sense of dog pride.     Being a dog mom of  two fur babies like I am, I of course love to talk about my … Read more

Benebone vs Nylabone


There never seems to be enough discussion about what type of nylon bone to give a dog that chews a lot.   One of the big debates that dog parents’ question is Benebone vs Nylabone?   Which one should I pick?   These 2 companies are 2 of the most popular ones today that make nylon bones … Read more

Best Dog Crate Beds

Best dog crate mats - Fergus on his Kong bed

Using a dog crate is something that many dog parents use with their dogs to keep their dog safe and comfortable. Adding one of the best dog crate beds to their safe space, has a ton of positive benefits.     I am going to break down why it is important to have a crate … Read more

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Chewing On Things


Most dogs have a natural instinct to chew, that much we all know.   The problems arise when they chew on the wrong things.   Today I am going to talk about how to get your dog to stop chewing on things that they shouldn’t.   Puppies are by far the worst culprits when it comes … Read more

Snuggle Puppy Toy


The Snuggle Puppy toy is one of those dog toys that once you have it, you wondered how your dog ever lived without it.   I know it sounds crazy, but truly this toy is a game changer, especially for new puppies or for rescue dogs that suffer from anxiety.   If you haven’t heard … Read more

Great Dog Christmas Gifts

great dog christmas gifts santa

When it comes to buying great dog Christmas gifts for your dog, you don’t need to look to far.   There are many wonderful gift ideas to choose from this year.   So many in fact, that you may even have a hard time deciding which one to buy.   Heck maybe you need more than one!   … Read more