5 Best Tangle Free Dual Dog Leashes

The 5 best tangle free dual dog leashes would instantly fix the difficult issue of walking 2 dogs at once.  Anyone that has tried to walk to 2 dogs at once, knows that it can be a challenge.

2 dogs 1 leash
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You can start out with a dog on each side of you, thinking well this is easy, then just like that one dog crosses over the other and you are in a tangled mess.  You then need to stop and try to untangle the two leashes which stops the flow of any walk.  Having to constantly stop and adjust your dogs leashes really slows that down.

When trying to exercise your dogs the goal is always to get a good rhythm going and get your dogs rolling so to speak.  A good pace while walking helps burn off excess energy that your dog may have.  A well exercised dog always behaves better and is much easier to handle.

There are 5 amazing choices when it comes to choosing the right dual leash for walking more than one dog.

Wigzi Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash

This leash is the best technology has to offer in a dual leash.  A perfect choice if you are walking 2 dogs that are up to 50lbs each. It has a maximum length of 10 feet long for each dog.

What separates this leash from the other is the cool 30 degree spin technology that it has.  This stops the 2 leashes from tangling up because of its rotating design style.

Equipped with a color-coded braking system making it that much easier to control each dog.  One leash is a different color that the other, which makes it easy to identify which one your are dealing with.



In some cases there is one dog that has a tendency to walk faster than the other dog, but the braking system allows with ease and comfort to handle that dog separately.  You can even stop one dog without causing any tangling mess with the other dog.

This leash is a bit more confusing to operate than some other ones, but once you get the hang of it you will find that it works amazing while also being completely comfortable to use.  It may just take a bit of practice.

Due to the strength and sturdiness of this dual leash, it is very popular with larger breed dogs.

This leash is a bit on the higher priced end compared to some other choices, but it is a step up technology wise.

Pawaboo Double Dog Leash

To avoid walking each dog with 2 separate leashes this Pawaboo Dual Leash is the answer.  Made from very durable nylon fiber and eye-bolt fasteners which provide a very secure grip.

You can adjust the length from 34-47.5″.   It comes with a leash attachment that swivels which stops your dogs from getting tangled.

One of the best things about this leash is that it has padded Neoprene EVA handles.  Due to the padded handles it makes for a very comfortable grip.  That way if your dog pulls, your hand won’t take the beating.   The handle is also completely removable.



The leash itself is made of a very thick Nylon. It is equipped with a D ring and buckles all for an extra sturdy durable leash.

It offers a reflective material on the leash itself, which is perfect if you want to do any night or evening walking.  Whether you want to walk one dog or two, this leash can handle both choices.

This leash is a mid to lower priced option.

Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash Coupler

The Vaun Duffy Dual leash is equipped with a coupler that makes controlling dogs in an area with very busy streets. This protects them from danger in that busy situation.

This particular coupler comes with a swivel that rotates 360 degrees which is the best way to avoid your dogs getting tangled up.   A 1-inch thick coupler design and being adjustable from 18-24″ makes this a great choice for handling large to medium breed dogs.  Along with the coupler you also get 24″ wide by 1″ long traffic handle short leash.  It works great along with the coupler.



If you have 2 dogs that are different heights, you can easily adjust each side of the leash to accommodate it.

Wonderful Neoprene padded handles and reflective stitching will protect you when walking at night.

A lifetime warranty on this product sets it apart from other products.  If at any point you are ever unsatisfied with the coupler’s material quality or workmanship you will be sent a replacement one.

There is really nothing negative I can say about this leash.  It has a pretty high price point, but it is totally worth it.

Mighty Paw Double Dog Leash

An innovative leash that has an adjustable length and is tangle free.   The adjustable feature makes this a great option for small dogs, big dogs or anything in between.  There is also a very durable heavy-duty swivel leash

The EZ-glide hardware makes quick changes in the length from 16-24″ very easy to do.  You can use it for dogs from 0-100 lbs.



All the material is completely water-proof and made of the highest quality nylon and extremely durable hardware that will make this leash last a very long time.   There is a 100% guarantee with this product and if for any reason you are unsatisfied you can return it and get a full refund.

Walking at night is made easy as the leash has reflective stitching the entire length of the leash.

If you decide to purchase a Mighty Paw Dog Leash, you will also get a free gift of a stylish wall hook for hanging your leash up.   Just a way for the company to say thank you for being our customer.

The price for this leash is very reasonable and a great buy.

Ewolee Dual Dog Leash

For small dogs this is a great leash choice.  Made with a very high quality material that is weather-proof nylon that will ensure this leash will last you a long time.  This leash is made of a strong braided nylon polyester material.

Equipped with a swivel clasp that allows for auto adjusting so that if your dogs do end up criss-crossed they won’t tangle up.   Your dogs can go back and forth if they want with no issues.



This also has soft grip padding which makes it very easy to hold on to it and will also help protect your hands.

100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are at any point unhappy with this product you can get a full refund without having to return the product.

Priced at a nice lower price point, makes this a great leash for small dogs.

Leash Round-up

When it comes to deciding which dog leash is best for you to walk 2 dogs at one-time you need to look at a few factors.  Make sure you have the one that best fits the size and weight of the dogs you are wanting to use it for.

Getting the wrong leash, will make walking far less fun and easy.

There are 5 great tangle free dual dog leashes here to choose from at various price points.   No matter which one your choose you will not be disappointed.


I hope you enjoyed my review of the 5 best tangle free dual dog leashes.  I would love to hear your thoughts and  comments below.

Tangle Free Dual Dog Leashes


Overall Product







  • Easier walk
  • More Fun
  • Better control of the dogs


  • Expense
  • Finding the best one for you

6 thoughts on “5 Best Tangle Free Dual Dog Leashes”

  1. Hi Coralie! I’m grateful you wrote this post. I have been searching for recommendations concerning dual dog leashes. I searched a bit on Google but then remembered I have your site bookmarked. And sure enough, here you have this nice review. I personally incline myself for Ewolee Dual Dog Leash. My pets are small and the materials this leash is built of promise to last a long time. Thanks for this review.

    • Hi Henry,

      Thank you so much for keeping my website bookmarked.  I am really glad that I am creating new posts that keep you coming back. 

      The Ewolee Dual Dog Leash is a great choice for smaller dogs, and I think you would really like it. Made from a solid material like you said, is certainly the way to go for a long lasting leash. I hope you continue to keep coming back, as I love to hear from fellow dog owners.

      I appreciate your fabulous comments on my latest post Henry, so thank you.


  2. Oh my, I had no idea there was a solution for tangled leashes while walking 2 dogs. I only have a golden retriever so I am not sure I have ever checked on it. 

    These are some great prices for such a convenience. I like the Ewolee Dual Dog Leash until I checked them out with your link at the bottom. Now I am sold on the Dual Doggie Pet Leash because of the release cord so they can walk as farther. That is my favorite. 

    I love your page and thank you so much for all of the excellent informative info. 

    • Hi Laura,

      Isn’t it great when we find a solution to a problem that we have all had with the tangling leashes.  I had 2 dogs for over 10 years and didn’t know about these leashes either.  Great find and great solution.

      I am so happy that you have a golden retriever, I absolutely love the golden’s.  They are the sweetest characters and so gorgeous. Lucky you.

      I also really like the Ewolee Dual dog leash as a choice too. Excellent leash.

      Thank you Laura for your wonderful comments on my post and website.  Getting feedback from other dog owners is what I enjoy the most.  Us dog owners seem to have a lot of the same issues, so we always have lots in common.


  3. Wow thanks! That’s pretty cool that these actually keep the leashes from tangling with one another. I could see that being a big issue, or you would have to keep switching hands and putting one leash over another.

    This reminds me of something I was trying to learn in college. Do you know how to teach the dogs to keep a loose leash? It’s where the dogs stays within a radius of you instead of always being at the end of the leash. I was taught it is possible to teach it (and humane!) but I never managed with the one dog at the time, because when other people walked her, they led her to tug.

    Thanks! Good article, I’m sure it will help a lot of people. Thanks for your link to Total Pet Supply too. Great store!

    • Hello,

      I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my post.  Tangling leashes with more than one dog is always a huge issue, so these leashes are great solution for that.

      Keeping your dog from pulling on a leash, is certainly something that requires time and effort to teach your dog not to pull. Sounds like your college class, was very relevant.

      Thank you so much for your comments of my latest post.



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