A Doodle’s Character

Anybody that is lucky enough to have a doodle dog in their life completely understands their unique character.  A doodle’s character is unlike any dog I have every been lucky enough to parent.  They are one of the most popular dog mixes of this decade.

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a doodle's character - doodle

If you have been following my website, then you know that I currently have a Labradoodle named Fergus.  He is the second Labradoodle that I have had in my life and BOY are they different.

In honor of my love of the Doodle, I wanted to share some insight into just how completely different a dog of the same breed can be.

Same breed

There is much thought given to the idea that a certain breed of dog carries remarkably similar characteristics within that breed.  Generally, that means that dogs of the same breed are more likely to follow the same type of character of that breed.

Although that is true in a general sense, my experience of raising 2 different Labradoodles has taught me that isn’t completely true.   Yes, dogs of the same breed are likely to share unique characteristics but yet much like children, they are often polar opposites to each other.

Dogs are really no different.   A breed gives us the road map to their genetics and what the breed overview may consist of.   Things like intelligence, appearance, and temperament.   Dog lovers are often in love with a breed simply because of these characteristics.

What I have learnt from my own life, is that really is just a starting point.  A Labradoodle let’s remember is a mixed breed.  It is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.  The reasons for varying characteristics obviously are what level of mix of each breed within each litter of dogs.

For example, my first Labradoodle FINN, was an Australian Labradoodle, which means that both of his parents were Labradoodles.  My second and current dog FERGUS is a first-generation Labradoodle or F1 Labradoodle.  He is the mix of a Labrador with a Standard Poodle.

So even though they are both called Labradoodles, obviously their genetics are not really that similar. 

Yes, the DOODLE part is them being a mix, but the mix itself is completely unique.

Different appearance

The look or appearance of the 2 dogs is not even close to the same.  FINN was curly haired, with a very lanky Poodle body. He weighed about 50 lbs. and had hair that didn’t shed at all.

a doodle's character - finn

FERGUS on the other hand is stocky, with much shorter legs, with wavy hair and a more Labrador appearance.  He already at 11 months old weighs 68 lbs.  Also, FERGUS does shed a ton.

a doodle's character - fergus doodle boy

If you looked at them side by side, you wouldn’t even know they were the same breed of dog.  This tells us that in varying degrees, they aren’t the same even though they are YES both Labradoodles.

I think that is what makes people love the breed so much, is that you never really know what you are going to get.  The breeding of the parent’s genetics determines what the mix is and how they end up looking.  I know this sounds simple, but many people often get a Labradoodle because their friend of family has one.  They think that all Doodles are the same and that they know exactly what dog they are getting.

This simply comes from not understanding that you need to know the breakdown of where the puppy comes from.  What are the puppy’s parents?  Are they like FERGUS where his mom was an 80 lb. Chocolate Labrador or like FINN’s Mom who was a 50 lb. Labradoodle?  Do you see the dramatic difference?

Even though I know a lot about the Labradoodle and their different make ups, I never really sat down and thought about what that would mean for the dogs’ character.

Character and temperament

FINN had a wonderful character and temperament.  I would say he follows exactly the characteristics that you see when a person describes a Doodle.  He was sweet, gentle and a super affection dog.  Not a tough, mean bone in his body.  Really a “Gentle Giant”.  Even to the point where he would run like a deer, smooth and calmly.

FERGUS on the other hand, is really the polar opposite to that.  I would describe him as a “Bull in a China shop”.  He is a much tougher, rougher, and certainly less sweet or gentle dog.  It is not that I am saying he is aggressive or mean, as he isn’t.  But he is certainly easily described as a true BOY! 

What do I mean by that? 

Well he doesn’t have a delicate or smooth way in which he moves, or even plays.  He is clunky, stubborn, and extremely independent.

The difference between the 2 is utterly amazing.  I realized that FERGUS would be his own dog, but the clarifying contrast is quite surprising.  FERGUS definitely has the makeup of a Labrador Retriever.  All you need to do is read the description of that breed and he falls directly with that.

This just shows that Doodles although the same are completely unique and different.  Just because they say they are a Doodle, doesn’t mean that you are going to get a dog that has the same characteristics of any other Doodle.

Now I know that breeds that aren’t mixed are more likely to have the same characteristics of each other as their genetics are far purer, hence the term “PUREBRED”.   When it comes to the mixed breed like a Labradoodle, they can be less of one side of the makeup of the breed and more of the other.


Now I know that I have talked a lot about the differences between my 2 Labradoodles, but what about the similarities?  Are there any?

Yes, there sure are!

Both Doodles have things that absolutely show that they are a Doodles.

Things like:

  • Are super happy dogs
  • Love to play with other dogs
  • Enjoy a good game of Frisbee
  • They both have eyes that look like human eyes
  • Love to socialize
  • Good with children
  • Excellent travelers
  • Easy to potty train
  • Need a comfort stuffy as a security blanket
  • Messy water drinkers
  • Walks while they are pooping, don’t stand still
  • Love to be wherever we are

a doodle's character - fergus

You can see that although appearance and certain personality traits are different, they have many characteristics that define them as a Doodle.  These are the things that people love about having a Doodle.

My boys

Both of my Doodles boys are dogs that I loved very much.  FERGUS being my most recent dog, has taught me many things about being a dog parent.  I often think that I know almost everything there is about Doodles, and then just like that FERGUS does something I have never seen before.

a doodle's character - fergus doodle boy cute


Sometimes though, I wish I could have had them both at the same time.   Sadly I lost my boy FINN in August of 2019, and I miss him everyday!

a doodle's character - Finnegan

All of this shows that a Doodle’s character no matter their genetics or who their parents are, is still a Doodle.  They are one of the best breeds of dog around.  Anyone wondering if this is the dog for them, needs to give some thought to getting a Doodle.  You won’t be disappointed.  You maybe surprised, but you will never be disappointed!

I hope you have enjoyed my post and if you have any questions or comments, just drop me a comment below.

Thanks, and HAPPY DOODLING!!  


4 thoughts on “A Doodle’s Character”

  1. Hi Coralie, 

    Fergus is super cute. I liked your articles because I didn’t know about doodles. A Labradoodle is a mixed breed, obviously. It is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Wow! I didn’t even know that was possible. But it seems to me that they turn out to be beautiful and loving pets. That’s so nice. 

    It looks like a huge Poodle. How sweet is that?! And you have written so lovingly about him that it’s beautiful. 

    Lots of good wishes,


    • Hi Aparna,

      Fergus and I both thank you for the wonderful comments.  He really is a super sweety.  Kind of a stubborn Doodle, but his cuteness certainly makes it hard to ever stay mad at him.

      They are such a sweet breed of dog, I totally get why they are now so popular.  I think once you have one, you are always in love with the breed.

      Thanks for sharing today. Best wishes.


  2. I have two dogs and I watch dogs on a daily basis.  I used to watch a sweet doodle everyday until I moved away.  They are certainly a great breed, and so expressive and cute!  I keep thinking I need another dog….I have two and watch dogs….so really I don’t but I do love them.  And I have been considering a doodle! 

    • Hi,

      I am also an avid dog watcher! LOL! I enjoy checking out other breeds and dogs.  I only have 1 dog now, but did have 2 dogs for 11 years, and I liked that they each had each other.  Sometimes I think Fergus needs a sibling, but sadly that all does cost money!

      Yes doodles are certainly pricey, but we actually got Fergus for under $500 as he was the last of the litter and they lowered the price.  My previous Doodle Finn we paid $1800, so they certainly aren’t cheap.

      I used to call Finn our million dollar Doodle. HAHA! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. 

      If you ever do get a Doodle, I guarantee you will quickly fall in love. Best wishes



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