About Coralie


Hi everyone and welcome to my Super Sporty Dogs website. Dogs and sports are my 2 big passions in life. Over the years of having dogs and watching my favorite sports team play, I have purchased tons of dog sporty gear. I always have my dogs decked out in all my favorite teams gear.Us cuddling

Living in Canada and on the Prairies especially I have always had trouble finding the dog sports gear I was looking for. I always found myself looking for alternative places to find what I wanted. Usually if I did happen to come across something it was never the team I wanted.

Now I would like to make it easier for you to find the gear that you are looking for.

Over all the years of looking I have learned a lot about the best places to find this gear. I want to offer others some insight into what you can expect to find and tips of where to find it.

A Little Story About My 2 Obsessions in Life

Growing up I was always the little girl who would rather play hockey on the street with the boys than play dolls with the girls. When we weren’t outside playing hockey we were inside watching hockey, baseball or basketball. Of course, we all had our jerseys on and flags flapping cheering on our favorite teams.

When I became an adult I couldn’t wait to get my own place so I could finally get the dog I always wanted. My first dog is a Cockapoo named Boo, my second is a Labradoodle named Finnegan. These 2 boys are my kids and my family.

If I am sitting down to watch my favorite team play I put on my jersey and then grab my boys jerseys so we can all match, cheer and look fabulous together.

The tough part for me when I did get my dogs was where can I find the sporty gear I am looking for. I spent tons of time looking for any dog sports gear I could find. This of course was before the internet was really around and all you had was the few pet stores in your area. Not much of a choice.about coralie

The Game Changer.

The internet came out. Yippee! I was so excited to have a whole new world to search. Years later as the internet grew we understood that we could use the internet as a place to search outside our local areas as far-reaching as we could ever imagine.

If I wanted sports gear from say an American team, I didn’t have to drive all the way to that city to find what I was looking for.

I immediately stated shopping and finding all the stuff I could ever imagine for my dogs. They are decked out to the nines with all the gear I can find.

To make things easier for people I thought I can provide tips and assistance on the best places to find what you are looking for. Saving you tons of time searching for exactly what you wanted.

The game has changed and so must the way we shop for our pets to find the sports gear we want.

Giving you the upper hand.

There is no need for you to have to spend all your time searching for hours and hours to find the sports gear you are looking for all over the internet.

I will provide tips for you to help shorten the time you spend.

Please have a look around my site and if there is anything you want to share with me about your experiences shopping for sports gear for your dogs, I would love to hear it.

To our pets looking as good as we do in amazing sports gear.

Coralieme & Finn

Founder of Super Sporty Dogs