GoDog Chew Guard Toys


Dog Toys!!! My dog Fergus is a dog that absolutely loves dog toys.   Anytime you introduce a new dog toy, he never disappoints with his reaction.   I have recently been on the look out for more durable stuffy toys for him.    I am happy to report, that I have found his new … Read more

Tips For Winter Weather And Dogs


When winter hits outside, that means cold frigid temperatures and snow everywhere.  Winter weather and dogs is often overlooked as being a risk for dogs simply due to the misconception that they have fur, so they are fine.   This is a dangerous misconception, and the reality is that dogs are very affected by the … Read more

My Dog Has Calluses


It isn’t that uncommon to get a callus on a part of our body, like our hands when we are using them constantly.  These develop from doing something repeatedly or from doing a specific task like raking or shoveling.  They can appear quite quickly and without warning.   What if I told you that my … Read more

What Kind Of Vegetables Are Good For Dogs

what kind of vegetables are good for dogs

All dog parents have this urge to spoil their dogs.  Sometimes that shows itself with giving them human food.  Although feeding your dog table scraps isn’t something that is recommended, there are certain things that you can feel good about giving to your dog without any issues.   Vegetables is one of those things, but “What … Read more

How Big Should My Dog Crate Be


When it comes to training your dog, using a crate, is one of the most popular ways to help with potty training, behaviour modification and providing an overall safe space for your dog.   When choosing a crate, it is so important to make sure that you purchase the right size of crate.   Often dog parents … Read more

A Doodle’s Character

fergus doodle boy

Anybody that is lucky enough to have a doodle dog in their life completely understands their unique character.  A doodle’s character is unlike any dog I have every been lucky enough to parent.  They are one of the most popular dog mixes of this decade. If you have been following my website, then you know … Read more

Why Use Dog Snuffle Mats


When it comes to our dogs and their noses, we quickly realize that they are definitely nose driven animals.  Using their nose the way they do is an important instinct that they frequently use in everyday life.   Most dogs love to search and sniff for things using their nose, it is their way of truly … Read more

Awesome Dog Costumes


October is just about here and that means Halloween is not that far away.  When it comes to Halloween there are many dog parents that love to dress their dogs up in awesome dog costumes.  There is just something about seeing your dog looking adorable in that cute little costume that brings joy to our … Read more

Why Does My Dog Yawn At Me


The way that our dogs communicate to us, is not the same way that we communicate with each other.   Obviously, we can talk to each other and explain how we are feeling.   But with dogs it is completely different.   Have you ever asked yourself the question of why does my dog yawn at me and … Read more

Dog Adoption Questions You May Be Asked


When looking for a dog, we often find ourselves looking online at dog rescue groups and local SPCA locations. Before, you can rescue a dog there are dog adoption questions you may be asked prior to them letting you rescue a dog.   Many of these questions can make or break the adoption process. Being prepared … Read more