Hammock Dog Seat Cover Review | Save Your Seats

dog out car window

Product: Hammock Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover Color: Black Where to buy: Amazon.ca Price: $40-$50 My Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Hammock Dog Seat Cover Anyone that is a dog owner knows, that at some point you will need to take your dog with you in the vehicle. Now if you are anything like … Read more

Where Can I Buy a Labradoodle | A Doodle Ranch

finn red bandana

It was always a dream of mine to one day get a chocolate lab.  I was obsessed with them.  Every time I would cross paths with one, it made me want one even more.  They are so sweet. Flash forward to me as an adult. and now in a relationship, when the conversation of getting … Read more

Personalized Dog Collars | You Say What

dog with collar

There’s nothing as parents, that make us more proud than when our doggies stand out in the crowd from the rest of the dogs. Nobody wants to go to the dog park and have a dog come up with the exact same collar as your dog. NOOOO….Then it becomes a red carpet affair of WHO … Read more

Designer Beds For Dogs | Making Your Dog A ROCKSTAR

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 Yes designer beds for dogs!  It is a real thing. When it comes to our dogs, we all know that in order to be considered a “GOOD PARENT” we need to spoil our dog’s rotten and that’s the truth. HAHA she says somewhat jokingly!  They are not just pets, they our family! . Seriously though, … Read more

Picking The Right Dog Food | Which One Is The Best

baby puppies

You have now brought home the newest member of your family.  When you first bring your puppy or dog home, you are left with the big decision of picking the right dog food, which one is the best choice? For everyone this dilemma is a big deal.  There are hundreds of different kinds out there.  … Read more

How To Buy A Dog Crate | Which One Is Right For You

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Now that you have made the amazing decision to get a new dog, or puppy.  There are various important items that you will need to purchase to be ready for the new arrival.  You want to make sure that you have all the items ahead of the dog getting there.  When you are bringing home … Read more

How To Choose A Dog Breed

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From the very first day that we decide to get a new puppy or dog for our family, we have a very important choice to make.  What kind of dog do we want?  There are so many sizes and breeds to chose from, it can become a super tough decision to make. How to chose … Read more

NHL Dog Jersey | Looking Like Part Of The Family

Boo jersey

My dog Boo is a wonderful and sweet 15 year old Cockapoo.  He likes to be my shadow when I walk around the house.  Truly is about the cutest thing.  Just before it is time for the hockey game to begin, I grab my jersey first of course, and then I grab Boo’s NHL dog … Read more

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Hi everyone and welcome to my Super Sporty Dogs website.  My name is Coralie Neurauter and I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. My website is dedicated to dogs and of course dog parents.  Being a dog parent is absolutely the best.   Dogs give so much unconditional love and loyalty, that we need to do our … Read more