Awesome Dog Costumes

October is just about here and that means Halloween is not that far away.  When it comes to Halloween there are many dog parents that love to dress their dogs up in awesome dog costumes.  There is just something about seeing your dog looking adorable in that cute little costume that brings joy to our hearts.

Awesome dog costumes - witch
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Whether you are looking for a costume that is funny, scary, or just darn right adorable, you will have no problem finding it.  They make such an amazing array of dog costumes that cover almost every occasion.  Once you start looking, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Time to take a look at some of the most awesome dog costumes on the market.  You don’t want to let Halloween or any occasion pass by without making sure to include your dog in all the fun.

Scary costumes

awesome dog costume - Deadly Doll Dog Costume


If your someone who likes to stay true to Halloween with a costume bound to scare everyone away, then the DEADLY DOLL
costume is it.   Your dog will look fierce and even a tad creepy in this super scary costume! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE…the killer doll is on the loose!  Why not make your dog the scariest dog around?



Awesome Dog Costumes - Spider dog costumeSPIDER PUP

Still sticking with Scary… this totally terrifying costume is the SPIDER PUP dog costume which is an excellent choice.  It quickly turns your dog in to that creepy crawly spider that almost everyone is afraid of.  With it’s array of legs and adorable head piece, your dog will easily be unrecognizable.   Who is going to catch this spider?  LOL!



awesome dog costumes - shark attach dog costume


Are you ready to turn your dog into a vicious underwater creature with the SHARK ATTACK dog costume with a shark fin and all?  A scary and yet a costume that will resonate with shark lovers everywhere. Making your dog look like Jaws is one of those ideas that never gets old.  Only more terrifying… DUN DUN!


Super hero costumes



awesome dog costume - wonder womanWONDER WOMAN

With superhero movies and characters so popular right now, there is no more sought after one then “WONDER WOMAN”.  She is an icon for girls everywhere, included girl dogs.  Putting this WONDER WOMAN dog costume on your doggie girl and everyone is going to want to be her friend!  You Go Girl!  GIRL POWER!



awesome dog costume - spidermanSPIDER MAN

If all girl dogs want to be Wonder Women well it is definitely true that all boy dogs want to be SPIDER MAN.  With his Spidey senses tingling, your dog is going to be the center of attention anywhere he goes in his SPIDER MAN dog costume.  Don’t wait one minute longer to get your dog looking like your favourite superhero.



awesome dog costume - superman

Dog superhero costumes would not be complete, without adding the SUPERMAN dog costume to this list.  Superman always jumps into save the day, so why not have your dog look, and play that exciting superhero even just for one night.  So much fun to have that cool cape and awesome chest logo.  Make your own dog a “Bark Kent” alter ego, that way when he sees another dog in distress, he can fly in to help out his fellow canines.


Cute costumes

awesome dog costumes - bumble bee

The first cute dog costume on our list is one of the most adorable costumes out there.  The BUMBLE BEE dog costume is spectacular.  This super cute costume has a full-on bee head with antennas and all.   This costume will transform your dog into one of our most important insects in the world the bumble bee.  Make your dog BEE-have and let them buzz around on any occasion where a costume is needed.



awesome dog costume - star wars Ewok

Put your dog deep into the Star Wars saga with this adorable STAR WARS EWOK dog costume.  You will instantly be transported back to the movies.  One of the cutest and sweet costumes that any Star Wars fan will want for their dog.  The head piece alone will have your dog looking absolutely adorable dressed up as an Ewok.  Those cuddly and cute Ewok’s are one of the best characters from this saga.  I think it is time to get your dog ready to join the phenomena that is Star Wars.



Awesome dog costumes - big bird


Everybody knows who Big Bird is, so why not dress your dog in this incredibly famous Sesame Street character.  The BIG BIRD dog costume is the perfect idea if you are looking for that cute costume, that will have you snapping photos of your big yellow pooch! HAHA! Whether your dog is big or small, this costume is timeless.



Awesome dog costume - disneys dumbo


When it comes to cute, adorable costumes, then look no further then DISNEY’S DUMBO dog costume.  Along with the huge ears and sweet little hat, your dog is going to have one of the best dog costumes there is.  Any dog dressed as this character is absolutely comical.  With this costume, you want to make sure that you get the size that best fits your dog.  You don’t want the ears becoming a trip hazard for your dog.  Anyway, you look at, this costume is a perfect sweet choice.


Unique and quirky costumes

awesome dog costume - german beer


If you are one of those dog parents looking for a little something outside the box, then this costume definitely gives you that.  This GERMAN BEER dog costume will have your dog ready to head out to Oktoberfest to drink some beer. The costume even includes a sewn-on beer for your dog, so they fit right in with the festivities.  We all know how much Germans like their beer.  So, this costume is for you BEER lovers!!



awesome dog costume - dinosaur


Now that we have tacked on quirky, let’s not forget unique.  This next dog costume is perfect for the dinosaur’s fans out there.  The STEGOSAURUS DINOSAUR dog costume is an adorable looking dinosaur costume the will help show off your love of paleontology.  You can even have your dog grab his favourite bone as an accessory to this costume.  Why not have your dog looking like he has just dug up a fossil bone of his own.  Super cute and FUN!



awesome dog costume - minion


The last costume on the list is one that everyone is going to love.  It is the MINION BOB dog costume that is an easy to step in shirt and head piece, that will quickly have your dog looking like on of those adorable Minions we love so much.  Nope, just hilarious, and lovable. Why not get all the kids in your neighborhood talking about how cute your dog looks as one of these funny characters?  NOT DESPICABLE at all! 



Dressing your dog in a costume

When it comes to dressing your dog in a costume for an event, party or just for fun, always make sure that your dog is comfortable wearing clothes.  Most of these costumes require some time to put the costume on, and you always want to make sure that when you are trying something like this you want your dog to have a good experience.

YES, your dog may not love putting on costume or clothes, but if done slow and with reward, you dog can warm to the idea.  Try to make the experience fun and exciting for your dog, so that way they won’t be scared or afraid the next time you want to do it.

Best of luck and always you know your dog best!!

4 thoughts on “Awesome Dog Costumes”

  1. Haha, I love the evil doll costume, it is so hilarious and a little creepy! I also like the spider one. I was trying to imagine a dog running around with that costume and scaring everyone in the neighborhood 😉 

    I actually have the bumblebee costume, and my dog absolutely loves it! She is a maltipoo and she looks absolutely adorable in it! I would love to get Disney’s Dumbo, those big ears, that is just so cute! The German beer one is pretty funny too!

    Excellent recommendations, and just in time for Halloween! 

    • Hi Christine,

      I totally feel like the same about the evil doll costume too.  It does remind me a little of “Chucky” from the horror movie.  That is totally my generation. LOL! Yes that was a while ago.

      OMG the bee costume must look super cute on your little pup.  It is a sweet and adorable look.  The Dumbo one is also a totally fun dog costume also.  Especially since the Dumbo movie that came out recently.

      Of course being German and a huge beer drinker, absolutely love that one.  The beauty about dog costumes is that their is literally one for every dog and parent.  The sky is the limit.

      Hearing your stories and reading your comments is awesome, so thank you.


  2. These are some very funny costumes!

    I like bumblebee one, it is so cute and the transformation is pretty real. I like the spiderman one too and the superman too. Because my dog is a super dog!!  Does it come in different sizes? Or is it done for a specific race of dog?

    I will be getting the super dog one for sure.


    • Hi there,

      I absolutely love the bumble bee dog costume also.  My boy Boo would have rocked that costume back in the day.  My boy Fergus now is not a huge fan of wearing any type of clothes, but he is still a puppy, so I will keep trying.

      Almost all the costumes come in multiple sizes, and yes some are meant for just small dogs, but most do offer a range.  Super dog is nice, because it never goes out of style and who doesn’t want their dog to be SUPER DOG! haha

      I appreciate your thoughts and comments.



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