Benebone vs Nylabone

There never seems to be enough discussion about what type of nylon bone to give a dog that chews a lot.   One of the big debates that dog parents’ question is Benebone vs Nylabone?   Which one should I pick?

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These 2 companies are 2 of the most popular ones today that make nylon bones for dogs.   Both of these options are without a doubt a game changer for dogs that are chewers.   In my life, I have had a few dogs, and to date my current dog is the biggest chewer of any dog I have ever had.   This has led me to really dive into figuring out what choice in a nylon bone is best for my dog Fergus.   SO here is what I have found out from personal experience, research and talking to other dog parents.


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Benebone is an American company that sells nylon dog bones.   The company headquarters is in Edison, New Jersey. With 2 plants in the New York area, all their bones are American made.

Their complete line of nylon bones is made from nylon that comes directly from the USA.   Mixed along with the nylon is white meat chicken, bacon, maple wood and real peanuts.

The company makes quite a few different product lines, but their flagship product is the Wishbone.   It is shaped exactly like the name says, in a wishbone shape.

This quote is directly from about how and why they decided to create the Wishbone.

“Dogs love real flavor, push durability to the limit, and don’t have thumbs”.

What a great motto.   This is what helped them come up with the idea that dogs not having any thumbs could be a game changer.   True engineering genius.


benebone vs nylabone wishbone bone


Along with the Wishbone, they also make a line of other really great options for your dog.   Here is a list of their products:

  • Dental Chew
  • Maplestick / Baconstick
  • Zaggler
  • Pawplexer
  • Tiny 2-Pack
  • Puppy

benebone vs nylabone stick


Although the flagship Wishbone is the most popular Benebone, the other line of products that they offer are also excellent chew bone options for your dog.


  • No chemicals or artificial flavour.
  • A great way to keep your dog busy and distracted.
  • Will save your dog from chewing things like furniture, or household items that they aren’t supposed to chew on
  • Great for your dog’s teeth to chew on safe products as it helps with plague and tartar buildup.
  • Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, especially larger breed dogs.   Providing them that chewing outlet is an important part to their overall balance.
  • Rough edges can be sanded down with sandpaper or a wood file to avoid any gum injuries.
  • All products are made in the USA.


benebone vs nylabone wishbone wear and tear



  • All products are made and come into contact with peanuts.   This means that no household that has someone with a peanut allergy should have a Benebone in it.
  • You need to check the bone daily to see how much wear your dog is inflicting on the bone.
  • Although fairly long-lasting, they recommend that for aggressive chewers, that the bone be thrown out after 1 month.   That is unless there is extensive amount of wear on the bone from chewing.
  • All bones are not edible.
  • Are around $20 CDN depending on the bone you select, which is kind of expensive for only 1 month if your dog is an aggressive chewer.
  • Your dog absolutely needs to be supervised while chewing on the bone.   Do not leave this alone with your dog when you leave the house.
  • They are such a hard product, that your dog may be at risk of chipping or cracking their teeth.



This family-owned company called Nylabone has been in business since 1955 and is located in Neptune City, New Jersey, USA.   Most products are made at their plant in Neptune City, with some products being made in China.

Touted the #1 Brand of dog chew toys on the market.   With all ingredients being to the highest standards and every product is extensively tested in the USA.   Made from thermoplastic polymer and come in various meat flavours.   Also included in some products are rubber, nylong and plastic.


benebone vs nylabone dog chewing nylabone


Their product list is so extensive, that they have something for every dog’s interest.

They have:

  • Knuckle bone
  • Barbell
  • X bone
  • Ring bone
  • Textured bone
  • S-bone
  • Braided bone
  • Regular bone shape

Benebone vs nylabone knuckle bonebenebone vs nylabone X bone


Along with the nylon bones, Nylabone also has a line of rubber bones that are perfect for dogs that need a little bounce when they chew.


  • Are great for helping your dog cope with boredom, anxiety, and destructive chewers.
  • Will help save your dog from chewing on unwanted items in your home.
  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so good for all dog breeds.
  • Also, sells edible dog bones
  • A variety of flavours like, bacon, chicken, cheese, peanut butter, and apple.
  • The price is a little less expensive than the Benebone products.
  • Make their products based on the chewing level of your dog.
  • Not all products are made in the USA.  Some are made in China.


benebone vs nylabone helps with anxiety



  • All nylon bones are not edible for your dog to eat.
  • Your dog must be supervised at all times when chewing on any of their products.
  • They are not completely indestructible and just like Benebone, you need to check the bone daily for the wear and tear on it.
  • The hardest products are so durable, that your dog may crack or chip their teeth.


Final thoughts

Some of my final thoughts on the nylon bone topic are pretty simple.   As a dog parent, I have done the hands-on research with my dog Fergus as well as the research and legwork with other dog parents.   We have physically bought both brands to see which one he prefers.   Hands down he prefers the Benebone.   I think for him he prefers their bones simply because he is a dog that uses his paws like hands to hold things.

For this reason, the Benebone Wishbone product shape allows him to really hold the bone with his paws while he chews each end independently.   Benebone really hit the mark with the wishbone shape simply because it allows your dog 3 different points of chewing.   Once one side gets a bit rough, they can simply re-adjust the bone to start chewing on one of the other ends.   By far this is one of the highlights that I think really makes dogs prefer the Benebone vs Nylabone.


benebone vs nylabone fergus with wishbone


Don’t get me wrong, Nylabone has been around for over 60 years, and they make quality nylon bone products for dogs to chew.   They are the # 1 Brand of Dog Toys on the market today.   That isn’t by chance, that is simply because they know what they are doing, and dogs love their products.

The overall best advice I can give to you after all the pros and cons of both products is to get your dog to try each one and see which one your dog prefers.

As always dogs will make the decision as to which is the better product.   For now, I can say that both companies have a done a fantastic job of making sure that dogs have products that they use can satisfy their natural chew instinct safely.

Like all dog bones, be vigilante with watching your dog, and always supervise them when they are chewing or playing with any bones.




2 thoughts on “Benebone vs Nylabone”

  1. Very interesting article. I am not a dog owner but I do have 2 large breed grand-puppies. One is a husky/lab rescue who is about 8-years-old, the other is a golden retriever puppy who is almost 4-months-old. I did not realize selecting a chew-toy was so complicated. Thanks to your article I now feel much more confident in buying them a chew-toy treat. I am thinking when I buy the boys a treat it will be a Benebone. Are they safe for puppies?

    • Hi Rick,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my post.

      When my dog Fergus was a puppy, I gave him a puppy nylabone that he absolutely loved. So to answer your question about puppies and bones, yes but make sure they are bones specifically for puppies. They aren’t as hard and they are meant for razor sharp puppy teeth.

      We love the Benebone, a lot and are on our 3 one already. It is just a really great way for dogs to be able to chew safely. 



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