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Anyone that loves to go camping, knows how much better it is if you take your dog with you.   Just like us, they love to be outside in the great outdoors.  Sharing that fun experience with them can help make some amazing memories that you will have for the rest of your life.  When it comes time to pack and get ready to go, you need to make sure that you have the best dog camping gear to make sure your dog is also prepared to go.


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We all know that camping requires us to have a ton of gear that is only used when we go camping.  For our dogs it is absolutely the same.

You don’t want to take things from your house that they use inside and use it outdoors.  There is a risk of ruining it, losing it, or it just not being durable or practical to take with you.


Making sure that we are always prepared for the worst case scenario is a super important thing.  When we are heading out to the country or the bush, we are miles from access to any type of healthcare if there is an emergency.  This also applies for to our dogs safety.

As we all know dogs are curious, adventurous and are not afraid to investigate pretty much anything.  This can at times lead to serious types of dog emergencies, from choking, poisoning, stings and overall cuts or wounds.

If we aren’t equipped with the proper safety or first aid kit and our dog gets injured, we are left unprepared to help them.  Carrying a dog first aid is something that you should carry with you in your vehicle at all times.

What is included in a good dog first aid kit? When looking for a good first aid kit, you want to include things like:

  • Parachute cord
  • First aid guide
  • Sting relief pads
  • Tweezers
  • Tape roll
  • Antiseptic pads
  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Cotton swabs
  • “2” Crepe bandage
  • Cold packs
  • Scissors
  • Foil emergency blanket
  • Gauze pads
  • Trauma pads

All of these items should be included in good first aid kit, just like this one made by Kurgo.   The Kurgo Dog First Aid is well packed, easy to carry and cool handy kit to have.


Kurgo first aid kit - best dog camping gearAvailable here for under $30 USD

If your family is a tad more adventurous and likes to go hiking or on long walks away from your camping spot, having a kit that you don’t have to carry maybe a good idea.   Well what if I told you that Kurgo also makes a dog first aid kit that easily straps on to your dogs back.   This is the perfect way to keep your hands free and still have a great first aid kit if somethings happens along your adventure.

Kurgo dog pack first aid kit

Available here for under $40 USD


Camping is fun to be outside and breathing in such fresh and clean air.   When it comes to our comfort either while sitting by the fire or at bed time is important.  I have always loved camping, but I’ll be honest when I was tenting, I hated laying directly on the ground.  I always made sure I had a cot that lifted me up. It is warmer, more comfortable and just seems a little less lumpy.

When by the fire, we obviously sit on chairs, but what about our dogs?  I know I don’t want my dogs to be laying in the dirt on the ground by the fire or laying on the floor at night.  The absolute easiest and most comfortable option for your dog is to get them an elevated dog bed.

One that is made of sturdy steel with breathable fabric that is also skid resistant.   Your dog can hop up on top of the bed, be off the ground and let’s also not forget….they will be MUCH CLEANER!!!   I had having a dirty dog full of twigs, leaves and everything else.   This is a brilliant way to achieve all of those things.

Elevated dog bed - best dog camping gear

Available here for $20-$30 USD

For those dog parents that are looking for a Cadillac version of an elevated bed, I want to share with you this awesome bed. Made by Kurgo, it is called the “TaGo Bed”.  Yup that is right the TaGo.  Even the name is awesome. What makes this bed the Cadillac version is #1, the way it folds up for convenience.   It also the is put in its own handy travel bag for packing ease.

Equipped with a water resistant bottom, all steel lightweight frame and very soft fleece topper makes this bed a must have.   As, I said with the Cadillac bed comes a higher price tag.   But the best thing about Kurgo is it is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.  That makes the higher price point worth it.

Kurgo padded dog bed - best dog camping gear screenshotKurgo lifetime warranty

Available here for $100-$120 USD


Getting dirty is also a huge factor when camping.   All it takes is a wind, some rain or even at times snow.  Yes I have had snow.  Mind you I do live in the prairies in Canada.  LOL! Anyway back to getting camping and keeping clean.  Our dogs are always running around, laying in the dirt, swimming, or just getting caught in the rain.  No matter what kind of mess your dog gets into, before they are allowed in the trailer or tent, they need to be cleaned up.

There are a few must have dog camping gear gadgets that can make this much easier.  First off, we don’t always have access to water on demand, so being self-sufficient is a great idea.  The #1 coolest dog camping gadget is called the “Go Shower”.   It is a portable shower for your dog, that holds up to 6 liters of water.  You just hang the bag up from any surface and let gravity take over.   The water disperses out the shower head nozzle in a steady stream for about 2 mins.   Once done, you just roll up the bag and store it away.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

Kurgo Go Shower - best dog camping gear

Available here for $27 – $35 USD

If you are looking for an even easier less expensive way to keep your dog clean, then I have it for you.   The “Kurgo Mud Travel Dog Shower”, is a genius and simple gadget.   It is a rubber head that fits over any standard soda bottle. All you need to do is fill a bottle with water put the head on and tip it or squeeze it.  Water will dispense out of the rubber head and you can squirt it on to the dirty paw or area.

Kurgo Mud shower head best dog camping gearkurgo mud travel shower screenshot


Available here for $10 – $14 USD


Keeping our dog safe and secure, means at times using a cable or tether to make sure they don’t wander off.  When camping it can be nice to let them roam around, but at times, we need them to be close and ensure they stay put.

The easiest way to do this is to buy a cable that is specifically meant to be used with dogs.  Equipped with a sturdy cable is D rings and swivels hooks that can be easily tied to itself around a tree, attached to a trailer or any secure surface.  The cables come in varying lengths and can also be put together to extend them even further.

tie out cable best dog camping gear

dog stake best dog camping gear

Available here

If you are looking for a setup that doesn’t require a secure area to tie it to, then purchasing a dog tie-out stake is the best solution.  The stake is hit into the ground, or by twisting and has an attachment hook for the cable or tether to attach to.  This way you can literally put your dog in the perfect spot and keep them protected.

Food storage and bowls

Keeping any kind of food out while camping is never a good idea.  With wildlife everywhere, you don’t want to leave even your dog’s food sitting out.  Along with the wildlife concerns, you also don’t want your dogs food to get damp from humidity or leave it sitting out in the sun.

The best and easy way to keep your dogs food safe, and have their bowl right handy is to buy a cool camping food kit. There are few different options from an easy to carry all in one or sometimes called “Week Away Tote”.  They come equipped with 2 collapsible bowls, 2 food containers, water bottle and holder in an easy to carry bag with straps. Super contained and the best way to keep everything together.

Week away dog travel tote screenshot

There is a bit of a different option, that has a tad more simple with far fewer bells and whistles.  This is the perfect solution if you have a big dog that needs elevated dog bowls and obviously a big food storage container, then this is the one for you.

dog food travel container best dog camping gear screenshot

These food containers and bowls are a must have for camping with your dog.  Camping always requires a ton of gear, so space is always an issue.  Keeping things contained and one easy space, just makes it easier.

best dog camping gear rox and finn

Camping with my dogs

Over the years, I have camped with my dogs many times.  I have always enjoyed having them along for the vacation. When we would go camping, we would always try to go for 10 days or so.  Going for a weekend, is great, but longer actual vacations are just so much fun.  The longer the trip, the more adventures we could have.

My dogs BOO and FINN absolutely loved to camp.  Back in late 2009, we finally got ourselves a trailer, and we were all so excited to finally own a full trailer.  We had a tent trailer previous, but a full on hard top was awesome.  We camped so much back then, that we almost spent the summer out there.  LOL.

best dog camping gear rox finn and i

Although my 2 boys are no longer here, I hope to get my puppy FERGUS out as soon as possible.  I don’t want him to miss out on all the fun.  Taking our dogs with us camping is a wonderful way to bond with them and breath in some fresh air.

Always remember that no matter where you are heading out camping this year, making sure you have the best dog camping gear, just makes things easier for everyone.

My last important tip when camping with your dog, is if you are doing any boating at all, make darn sure that your dog wears a life jacket.  Things can quickly happen and if they are wearing a life jacket, it just guarantees nothing bad will happen.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about camping with your dog and I would love to hear your camping dog stories.  Drop me a comment below to share.


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  1. It’s always more interesting to go camping with your dog, even when you’re not alone, I’ve always been going around with my dog to camping trips even though it sometimes looks like a burden. This information will make it kinda easy for me to manage my dog well on out next camping trip and I’ll make sure I get some of those gears.

    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.  I love to be able to share things that I love to do with my dog. 

      Going camping is one of those things.  I am so glad that you found my post informative and hopefully it will get you ready for your next camping trip with your dog.




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