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Using a dog crate is something that many dog parents use with their dogs to keep their dog safe and comfortable. Adding one of the best dog crate beds to their safe space, has a ton of positive benefits.


Best dog crate mats - Fergus on his Kong bed
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I am going to break down why it is important to have a crate bed or mat inside the crate for your dog.   The most important thing as parents that we can do for our dogs is to ensure that they are safe, happy, and comfortable.


Why do I need one?

The number one question that dog parents ask themselves is does my dog really need that or is it just an add on item they can live without.

To answer that question, just think about how long our dogs are actually in their crate for.   At times, it can be 6-8 hours long.   Imagine if you dog is just laying on the plastic tray in the crate. NOT VERY COMFORTABLE!

Simply adding a crate bed or mat to the inside of their crate has a ton of benefits for your dog’s overall experience in the crate.   We all know that comfort plays a big part in how relaxed we are.   The same things apply to our dogs.

The number one reason why our dogs need a crate bed or mat is really that simple….COMFORT.   Yes, it matters if are dogs feel comfortable, cozy, and relaxed when they are inside their crate.   Nothing provides that better than a crate bed.   Let’s look at some of the best one’s on the market today.


1. BarkBox Memory Foam Bed


best dog crate beds - barkbox



This BarkBox memory foam platform bed is one of the most popular choices when choose a crate bed.   A therapeutic gel memory foam design that just screams comfort for your dog.

It has some excellent features like:

  • Waterproof material
  • High density foam
  • Removable mattress cover with zippered opening
  • Completely machine washable
  • 3” thick foam that provides support for your dog’s joints.
  • Comes in S, M, L and XL sizes
  • Multiple color choices to choose from
  • Eliminates dog pressure points for heavier dog’s
  • Suitable for large and small dogs


  • Fabric cover can be chewy or ripped if your dog scratches at it
  • Thickness of the foam may cut down on the headroom in the crate


2. Midwest Quiet Time Ombre


best dog crate bed - midwest ombre




This plush dog bed made by Midwest is an ultra-soft and comfy option for your dog crate.   Being that they make dog crates, they definitely hit the mark with this soft and plush bed.   There are some excellent things that they thought long and hard about with this bed.

Things like:

  • Overstuffed mattress for extra comfort
  • Fun and unique cover has a swirl design on it
  • Easy to clean simply by throwing it in the washing machine
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Comes in 7 different sizes that are exact measurements for the crate sizes
  • Can be used inside a crate or as a standalone dog bed
  • Suitable for all dog sizes and weight


  • The cover material is not very thick so maybe susceptible to rips or tears
  • Can rip the seams on the bottom mat if an aggressive chewer


3. Brindle Soft Shredded Foam Bed


best dog crate beds - brindle shredded foam



Brindle makes a spectacular dog bed for your dog’s crate.   Along with being a very stylish bed, it was made with the ultimate comfort for your dog in mind.

Benefits like:

  • Incredibly supportive for your dog’s joints
  • 3” thick shredded memory foam that increases airflow
  • Soft micro suede cover
  • Completely breathable foam
  • Bed is very lightweight
  • Zippered cover for easy removal
  • Can be used inside a crate or as a standalone dog bed
  • Suitable for all dog sizes and weight


  • Can be inconsistent with the amount of stuffing in each bed
  • Not waterproof, so can be harder to clean


4. Midwest Quiet Time Bed


best dog crate beds - midwest terry



Another design by Midwest is their Quiet time micro terry fabric dog mat.   Along with this ultra-soft fabric, there are some benefits to this bed.

Things like:

  • Cushioned polyester cotton base
  • Exceptionally soft and cuddly fabric
  • Keeps your dog cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Completely machine washable
  • Available in 8 sizes
  • Fits inside all crates
  • Lightweight mat that is easy to take with you on the go


  • Not very thick, so will not provide an extra support for the larger dogs
  • Is not completely destructible, can be ripped and scratched


5. Kong Dog Bed


best dog crate bed - kong bed



Kong is a leading toy designer for dog toys, but they also make a fabulous Kong dog bed.   With durability in mind, this dog crate bed has the more aggressive dog chewer in mind.   The fabric is twice as strong as almost every other dog crate bed.

It also has:

  • Extremely comfortable polyurethane foam that provides support
  • 100% polyester
  • Raised round stuffed edges to provide a cushion for your dog’s head
  • Double reinforced seams
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Fits inside crates perfectly
  • The fabric provides a cool feeling for your dog, so they don’t overheat
  • Easy to clean with a wet or damp rag


  • The anti skid bottom if flipped over and scratched can tear
  • Not warm and cozy due to the polyester fabric design


6. Frisco Quilted Dog Bed


Best dog crate beds - frisco bed


The Frisco quilted dog bed is one of the simpler designs out there for a crate. But at the same time, it will still provide that extra softness and comfort that your dog needs inside their crate.

Some benefits of this bed are:

  • Made with foam padding and polyester fibers
  • Rounded edges that work as a cushion for your dog’s head
  • Machine washable
  • Has an extra cushioned center to help support the main weight of your dog
  • Fits inside any crate
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver in and out of the crate


  • The lack of thickness of the design may not suit all dog sizes
  • Does not have reinforced seams

Before you buy

When shopping for the best dog crate bed for your dog, remember that you need to buy the one that suits your dog. No 2 dogs are the same and that means that a bed that works for your friend or neighbor’s dog, may not be perfect for your dog.

Make sure to things like:

Will your dog chew the fabric you have selected?

Some dogs like my Fergus can’t have anything with a Sherpa type fabric as he suckles on it.  Weird I know, but you can see how the fabric choices is a unique choice for your dog.

Will your dog scratch the fabric vigorously when left alone?

Many dogs scratch the fabric with their paws and nails, so that can quickly cause tearing and ripping.

How tall is your dog inside the crate when he stands up?

The thickness of the bed can raise them up, so if you are short of room, that is something you need to remember.

Personally, we chose the Kong dog crate bed for Fergus, just because of the type of fabric that it is made out of. He doesn’t rip, chew or tear this bed simply because it isn’t soft and cuddly. For him, it was the only option that wouldn’t end up destroyed right off the bat.

Whatever choice you think will be best for your dog, remember that they all are a huge step up then just a blanket in the crate. All dogs need that added comfort in their dog crate.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on dog crate beds. If you have a comment or question that you want to ask me, just drop me a comment below.


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  1. Great article Best Dog Crate Beds. In addition to describing why it is advisable to have a dog crate bed, there are also useful tips to keep in mind when buying this dog equipment, and a list of providers with excellent reviews.

    When we still had a dog, we had such a dog bed, and it is really necessary to consider the material that will suit the dog.  The bed size that is appropriate for the size of the dog, and the location where in the house or apartment we place it. A dogs spend a lot of time in their beds, and they need to feel safe, relaxed, but still feel like they are near us.

    Thank you for these tips!  I wish you all the best

    • Hi Nina,

      Thank you so much for you your amazing comments on my post.  I really appreciate you taking the time.

      I do think that many dog parents forget that their dog crates need to be inviting for the dog to want to stay in there and of course be comfortable. 

      Yes it is so important that one considers all these tips before buying a dog crate bed that isn’t suitable for their dog.  Personality, how much they chew and just how destructive they are certainly needs to come into account.

      Thanks again.



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