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Well it is that time of year again…..WINTER!  For us living in Western Canada, the snow is already on the ground. Here we tend to have long winters, with icy cold weather conditions.

Canadians are used to handling the worst of winter weather, but what about our dogs.  Any dog that grows up in our climate, learns what winter means pretty quickly.

best dog winter boots
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Even though the weather is bad, it doesn’t stop us or our dogs from going outside.  The only difference is that we make sure that we are dressed warm enough to handle the cold.

The same thing goes for our dogs. There is no way, that I would get all geared up for winter and not also prepare my dog to do outside.   Making sure that they are dressed warm and have the best dog winter boots is key to protecting their paws from the cold, icy elements.

Why do dogs need to wear boots

Living in a country that gets winter every year can be a difficult to thing to maneuver through.   It is no different for our dogs, as they can also struggle with the winter elements.

Making sure they still get outside to get their exercise, is super important for their overall health.  We don’t have the luxury of waiting for the weather to get better to get them out there.

Before we go outside, we put on winter boots on to protect our feet.  We look for boots that have a solid gripping sole, and have an anti-slip surface to help us from falling down.  Our dogs paws are no different.

dog boots

A dog’s paw pads are very sensitive and are at a serious risk of freezing or from frostbite.  Snow can also build up between their pads and make it very uncomfortable for them to walk, not to mention it is very cold.  For this reason we want to ensure that their very delicate paws and paw pads are protected by putting boots on them.

Dog boots are important, as our dogs paw pads are at great risk of becoming dry, cracking, trauma and even from toxic chemicals like deicer being used on the ground to help tackle ice.  Making sure their paws are covered, is really the best way to protect them from any of these serious risks.

Let’s also remember, that keeping our dogs paws warm is equally important.  Expecting our dog to stay outside for any length of time for a walk, is that much easier if they feel warm and protected.  Having cold paws means they are far less likely to want to stay outside and get the much-needed exercise they need.

What to look for

When choosing the right boots for your dog, you need to make sure that the boot has all the things that you are looking for in a good boot.

Winter can bring an array of weather conditions and matching the boot with those particular conditions is key to protection.  Things to look for in a good winter boot are:

  • Anti-slip sole
  • Rugged rubber sole
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective
  • Warm
  • Easy to put on

Flexible sizing and getting the proper fit are important factors in making sure that your dog has comfortable winter boots.  If they aren’t fit properly your dog will not feel like they want to continually put them on.  That translates to your dog not getting the right amount of exercise that is required throughout the winter months.

Getting boots that feel good and do the job is really going to make it that much easier for your dog to settle into and realize that every time they go outside in the winter, they need to put their boots on first before heading outside. Make it a part of their regular routine.  Anytime that happens, your dog will quickly realize that it is just part of a winter walk.


Purchasing the right boots for the right weather is the most important choice in buying a good set of boots for your dog.

Like most products we buy for ourselves quality is something that is one of the most important things.  Anytime you pay a bit extra to get the best quality item, it will go along way in having something that will last year after year. That initial cost is worth it just simply because it lasts.

There are many great options in winter boots to choose from for your dog.

First off, the most popular dog winter boot on the market is:

RUFFWEAR – Grip Trex Boots for Dogs

These boots are the most popular durable winter boots on the market for dogs.  They actually look like runners with a solid sole and easily adjustable Velcro strap.  This strap allows you to get a nice tight fit on your dogs paw.  Making sure you measure your dogs paw and get the right fit is key to a good comfort level.

The sole alone is a very durable and rugged that will help in all the different terrains that you may take your dog on. Made of Vibram rubber that offers flexibility and a solid grip makes these boots a great option.


These boots are made of a completely breathable mesh material that makes sure your dogs paws are warm and dry in every situation.  Coming in a variety of 8 different sizes makes sure that they fit any and all dogs or puppies.  When getting the right size for your dog, you want to make sure that you have a nice snug fit.

Although these are close to the most expensive boots on the market, they also are built to last.

Muttluks Inc ML-FLXXLB Fleece Lined Dog Boots

Muttluks are excellent Canadian made dog boots since 1994.  These boots are fleece lined for warmth and comfort. They are one of the most unique dog boots on the market.

What makes them so unique is their all weather sole and toe.  Made with a durable leather sole that is great for handling ice, snow, and salt.  This leather sole is what makes them stand out from other boots.  Having the leather sole makes them way more flexible and breathable.



The only downside of having a leather sole is that leather isn’t as rugged as rubber but still provides great protection for your dogs paws.

The top part of the boots is made from a breathable waterproof fabric that keeps your dogs paws cool.  While the toe section of the boot is made of either Cordura or leather depending on the size that you need.

There are 9 different sizes to chose from, which makes getting the right size that much easier with so many options. So depending on whether you need a size for a very small dog or a large dog they have it all.

They are extremely comfortable and easy to put on your dog.  Getting a secure fit is easy with the stretchable cuff at the top of the boot and by simply tightening the Velcro strap.  These boots are a bit on the expensive side, but again, you get what you pay for.  Because they are super durable and made with quality, they are built to last.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot

What I really like about these boots is the great way in which they stay on your dogs paws as they run around through tough environment.  These are one of the best boots for having an easy to close Velcro enclosures that provide a super snug fit.  The opening itself is larger, which makes them easier to get on.

Once they are on and because they fit so snug, they can be a bit more difficult to get off when you are done.  But that being said, I would rather have a boot that stays on and actually protects my dogs paws and is a bit harder to get off.


Ultimately the protection is what we look for in a great dog boot.  The soles are flexible and super rugged as they are made out of recycled tires with traction grooves built in to the sole.

These are on of the toughest boots on the market.  Tough quality stitching, ensures that they stay intact in the toughest of situations.  The top is made of 1000 denier nylon and is water resistant with the toe wrapped in PVC. They come in 5 different sizes and a few different color options to choose from.

Because these boot are water resistant and not waterproof, you want to use these more in the dryer of winter conditions.  If you are planning on trekking through wet sloppy snow, then I would choose from one of the other boots I mentioned above.

Lower price option

The 3 boots that I have talked about above, are certainly in a more expensive bracket than some cheaper choices.  So if you are looking for a good boot, but can’t afford to spend the bigger dollars, then choosing the QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes may be the choice for you and your dog.

These boots offer a rugged rubber sole that helps with traction on slippery surfaces while also protecting your dogs paws from any sharp objects.  Because they are completely waterproof, makes them a great choice for those snow or rain walks outside.



They have an adjustable reflective Velcro strap at the top of the boot, to allow you to get a tight snug fit.  The downside of a cheaper boot like this, is that they are not made of a breathable material, so your dogs feet may start to get to hot if worn to long.

Getting the right size fit is easy as they come in 5 different sizes to choose from.  They have a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and have very good reviews behind them.

Boot Finale

When boots first came on the market for dog paws, they were very much considered more of a fashion statement than anything.  Dog owners are now looking for a boot that offers excellent traction, protection and safety for their dogs paws in any weather condition.

For me, when it comes to choosing the best dog winter boots, I myself prefer to purchase one of the more expensive boot options, just simply for the higher quality of the boots.  I would rather buy things once and have them last, then need to repurchase boots a year later.

Whether you just have wet weather, cold weather or icy conditions, there is a dog boot for that.

best winter boot buy now

Best of luck on your journey to find a dog boot for your dog.



Best dog winter boots


Overall Product







  • Waterproof
  • Protective
  • Keep paws warm and dry


  • Added expense
  • Getting your dog used to it
  • May out grow

6 thoughts on “Best Dog Winter Boots | Protect Their Paws”

  1. This is such a cool website and something that I think dog owners don’t really think about. I know from living in Australia the pavements get quite hot in the summer months and I have heard of cases where dogs have ended up with sores on their paws because the pavements are so hot. I guess the same can go for countries that have real cold winters. I enjoyed the information you have provided and definitely will consider footwear for my dog this summer.

    • Marc,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments on my website.  I appreciate the positive feedback.

      Using boots to also protect your dogs paws from the hot concrete is an excellent decision.  I can’t imagine how hot that would be on their little paw pads.  It certainly gets that hot in Australia for it to be an issue. 

      I am so glad that you found helpful information in my post.  Best of luck on your dog boot shopping.


  2. I wasn’t aware that dog paws were that sensitive. I have a question and a concern, what if your dog is the type to take the boots off? My dog hates having anything on her paws and would either lay down and not get up until they’re off her paws or she would take them off herself. Also, how do I know what sizing is right for her? I truly wasn’t aware that dog boots were also measured by their paw size. 

    • Hi Stephanie,

      When it comes to winter dog boots for your dog, getting them on and used to them can be a process.  It will take time to get them used to wearing the boots. You need to just keep putting them on, even in the house. 

      Surround the act of putting them on with positive reinforcement can go a long way.  Treats are also a good way to keep their attention while you are putting them on.

      Picking the right size, requires you to measure the width across their paw.  Check the sizing on the chart with the boots. Match the width with the proper size and you should be good.

      Thank you so much for commenting on my post, I really appreciate it.


  3. Having shoes or boots for your dog is the only option really. Dog boots will protect them protected from cold winter’s or keep their feet clean and dry in the mud or slush. You mention how deicer is toxic to their paws. As a gal from Michigan, I can attest to that statement, we get a lot of snow here and have to use (ice) to keep our deck and walkways clear of ice.

    The small dogs, and certain breeds are more sensitive to harsh climates. We have a boxer that is a “princess” and she demands specialized food, a comfy vest and definately footwear. She has her requirements when it comes to sleeping arrangements as well.

    One great point I would like to talk about quickly is also that when a dog goes outside without boots on, their feet will bring in the “yuck” and deliver it all over your house/carpet. It is much more difficult to clean your floors or your dogs feet than to put boots on/off your beloved pet.

    The QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes seem like a perfect option for “back-up” boots in case you have dog friend visitors or for “just in case” moments. I like that they are a good price and decent quality so that way I can purchase a couple pairs aside from that “one special pair” because why not right? 🙂 

    • Hi Amelita,

      I really appreciate your comments on my post. You certainly do know what you are talking about being from Michigan. You get cold and snowy weather just like me in Saskatchewan.  We get some nasty cold weather here that is for sure.  I love that you feel it is important to protect your dogs paws from the elements.

      Boots certainly do provide that protection from tracking stuff into our houses.  My dogs were the worst for doing that. I would have grass and dirty on the floor on a regular basis.  I found some relief with a dog paw washer, which works great.

      I totally agree with your choice of great back-up boots the QUMY Dog Boots are awesome. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on my post.



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