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When we think of a GoPro camera, we see someone jumping out of a plane, or extreme skiing down a mountain that nobody is supposed to ski on.  Capturing the most exciting live action videos of all time is super easy with a GoPro camera.  I am going to give you the best GoPro dog harness choices and hopefully give you an upper hand when it comes time to purchase your own.

There is no better choice in live action cameras.  The beauty of these cameras is that they are easily mounted on almost any surface.

GoPro dog
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Did you know that you can mount a camera to your dog?  Yes you can.  Ever thought about seeing the world through your dog eyes?  Well now you can.

All you need to buy is a dog harness camera mount.  Now of course like everything, there are tons of choices when it comes to deciding which one you should buy for your dog.

What is a GoPro

First of all, let’s talk about what a GoPro is.  We need to know about a GoPro camera is before we can get to the dog harness that you need to mount on your dog.

It is the number one most popular action camera that produces high definition video quality.  If you look at the title, it can also help us understand what it is.  GO means exactly that, it is for use on the go.

The camera is controlled through an app on your phone.  You just need to download the app to your smartphone and you are off and running.  Sending the video from the camera to app happens by the push of a button.  Sharing the footage with friends and family is so easy.

This very small camera is easy to take with your where every you go.  GoPro camera line is called Hero.  There are different versions of the hero line with the most recent being the Hero 7 which came out in 2018.

Equipped with a touch screen it produces a 1080p60 video and is completely waterproof.  You can either control this camera but using the voice control or by controlling it from the app.  The camera is a 10mp camera.

When would you use it

There are many places that you can use the camera on your dog.  Just think about anytime your dog is somewhere that you want to see what he sees.  Places like:

A visit to the dog park where they will be running around playing with other dogs.  Trips to the beach with hours of playing in the water or sand.  Just imagine capturing the summer fun on your camera.

While out for a walk you could video that everyday walk from a completely different view than what you are used to seeing.

Maybe it’s hosting a BBQ in the backyard with family and friends hanging out.  Have you ever wondered what it looked liked from your dogs point of view.

Now you can see the special occasion from the cake to the all the people arriving.

best gopro dog harness

Different dog harnesses

The first one is the GoPro official mount called GoPro Fetch.  This harness has 2 different mounting locations.  You can mount it either on your dogs back, or chest.  By providing more than one location for the actual mounting of the camera, you can gain a variety of perspective views.

This harness can be adjusted to fit any dog from 7 lbs up to 120 lbs.  The chest mount can be completely removed, if you are using the harness on a smaller dog.  Everywhere there are attachment points, they have added padding for comfort for your dog.

There is never any worry about getting the harness dirty as it is completely machine washable.  Putting the harness on your dog is made easy by the quick release connections.

Compatible with every GoPro camera and is a mid priced harness.


This camera harness is easily mounted on your dogs chest or back.  There are 5 different adjustment points on this harness and because of the extra padding on the straps and chest mount it provides comfort for your dog.

This harness comes in sizes that range from small to X-large.  To pick the proper size for your dog, knowing the weight and size of your dogs neck is what will determine what size you would need to purchase.

You can easily put this harness on your dog by slipping it over their head and then clipping the quick release buckles that are around the mid-section of your dog.

Kurgo is committed to dog owners and dogs while supporting them getting outside to the great outdoors.  They offer a no hassle lifetime warranty on their products.

The price for this harness is at the top of the price point for harnesses.

With this harness it does not come with GoPro mounts, so you would need to make sure that you have your own mounts.

Best GoPro Dog Harness Amazon Review Screenshot

This harness is extremely durable which will stop it from breaking and is completely machine washable.  With soft elastic straps that are padded for ultimate comfort.

The versatility of this harness gives you multiple locations to mount this camera : chest, back, rear and even a side mount.

Completely adjustable from 15 lbs to 120 lbs, so it can be used for small, medium and even larger dogs.  Just to ensure that you have no worries if you purchase this harness, it comes with a lifetime warranty.  If for any reason you are unhappy with this purchase, you can get a full refund.

The price point is about 1/2 the cost of the GoPro Fetch which makes it a very inexpensive purchase.

How to attach and use

Buying the right harness for the camera is the most important step.  Getting the right fit is important as it must support the camera well enough that it doesn’t fall off.

Attach the harness to your dog and make sure all the straps are nice and snug.  By customizing each strap you can get the proper fit so that your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Once you have the harness all strapped on to your dog, you can then attach the camera to whichever mount you have decided on.

You can even attach more than one camera to the harness if you want to get more than one view.  How cool is that!

Attach a GoPro to your dog

When you think back to all the funny and cool things your dog has done, wouldn’t it be cool to imagine seeing that video anytime you want.  You can watch it or share it, the decision is up to you.

As we know, dog owners love to share stories and pictures from their dog children, but now you can actually show the video from your smart phone very easily.

Dogs are always putting themselves in the most unique positions whether its playing, running or chasing something.  Being able to catch this stuff on camera is about the coolest thing.

camera action shot

My dog Finn loves to play Frisbee and honestly, he is pretty good.  I would love to be able to capture him catching the Frisbee out of midair.

Whether your dog is adventurous or more laid back attaching a GoPro camera to them will still provide a glimpse into the life of your dog and what is looks like to see things from their perspective.

Let’s not forget, that our dogs will not be around forever, so capturing them doing things that they loved to do is something that you will want to have as a memento.  Just like home movies back in the 80s, technology now allows this to be done so fast and easy.

I hope that you have enjoyed my review of the best GoPro dog harnesses.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.




8 thoughts on “Best GoPro Dog Harness | See What Your Dog Sees”

  1. It would be a unique experience to see something from a dog’s perspective, especially in different situations and they would make really cool YouTube or Instagram videos as well. It seems like a fun gift for dogs and will let us experience seeing things from their angle, whether it’s sports, a party, or even watching neighbors or workers doing work. That would never get old. Is there any information on how much memory these cameras will hold or if they’re compatible with other devices as well?

    • Hi Todd,

      I agree it would be so cool to get a dogs perspective from a GoPro.  To answer your question about how much memory the camera will hold, depends on the resolution you are choosing to use. It uses a 32 g SD card.

      When it comes to the harnesses being compatible with other types of cameras. The Kurgo harness also works with a Sony Action Camera.

      I hope I have helped answer your questions. Thank you so much for your comments on my post,


  2. I think having a go pro for your dog is an awesome idea! Dogs are creative creatures, it would be really fun to see the world from a digs prospective. See where their four paws take them. This would be cool to when you leave for hours at a tike to see why your dog does alone. 

    • Hi Vanissa,

      I agree, dogs are so amazing. Everyday is an adventure and capturing any part of that day on video is super cool.

      One of the other cool gadgets that I have done a review on is the Furbo Dog Camera that is a stationary camera that you can set up with WIFI and link to it with an app.  You can pull up the video and see your dog at anytime. it is really one of the best dog gadgets on the market.

      Thank you so much for sharing your comments with me.


  3. Hello, I read your post and I really enjoyed it. This go pro dog harness seems to me a special way to create special memories with our dogs. We love our dogs to see things from the perspective of a human and we teach them that from birth but how awesome it will be to see things from their view too. I really love this post. Surely, this would be a good fit on Shelly, my dog.

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      You are so right with your comments on my post.  A camera harness for a GoPro is such a special moment with our dog that we get to see whenever we want.

      Watching a dog have fun and play while wearing the camera is priceless video that you will have forever.  Your dog Shelly would be so lucky to get one.

      I appreciate you sharing.

      Thank you


  4. Hi Coralie! This is a really unique way of capturing the world from our pets point of view. I like it can be placed on his back and also on his chest or on both.

    As your dog Finn, mine also loves to play Frisbee. I can imagine the cool pics I can take playing with him! Love this technology!

    • Hi Henry,

      Thank you for kind words on my post.  Yes Finn with the Frisbee is so much fun to watch.  The tough part is his accuracy for actually catching it is like 1 out of 25 or so.  But whether he catches it or not, he loves playing with it.

      Technology gives us so many options nowadays with the coolest dog gadgets on the market.  The beauty with having a GoPro camera is that if you already have the camera to use it on the dog you just need the harness. So easy.



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