Best Small Dog Stroller For Your Fur Baby

People are so much more active now in their lives. That means we are walking, running and going out more.  When we go out, it only seems right, that we take our dogs with us.  As our dogs start to age though it can be more difficult for them to handle those long walks or day excursions.  Maybe your dog isn’t even that old, but has mobility issues or has had to have surgery of some kind and can’t get around that well.  So, which is the best small dog stroller for you?

Using a dog stroller as a means of transportation can be a perfect solution to make sure that they can still come along for the ride.

More and more people are using dog strollers to bring their dogs with them, especially people with small dogs. Whether you are taking your dog for a jog, with a sleek jogger stroller, or going out for a walk with a push stroller there is a stroller out their that is made for that.

I am going to rundown my top choices in a stroller for you and your dog.

Push Strollers

Let’s first start with the standard option which is the push stroller. Push strollers are a great way to go for that long walk with your dog riding comfortably in the stroller. There are some great options when it comes to deciding which style of stroller will work for you. They range in prices from low to mid price.and offer everything that you need in a great push stroller.


  • Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs

On the lower price side, Pet Gear overs a zipper less, easy fold able, stroller that comes equipped with a removable liner, cup holder and storage basket. A panoramic view and 3 position curtains makes your dogs view effortless. It offers 6″ size wheels and front shock absorbers for a smoother ride. The sturdy metal frame will hold up to 35 lbs and has a water resistant canopy, which make this stroller a perfect option for this lower price range.

Pet Gear No-Zip
  • PawHunt 4-Wheel Dog Pet Stroller

With a 4 wheel design, 2 wheels for directional and 2 universal wheels and brake. This has a lightweight steel frame and retractable skylight rain hood that also has a water resistant coating. A mesh lining that offers a breathable window for easy top or back entry. It has an undercarriage storage compartment for storing a water bottle, your belongings or extra dog supplies. Will support up to 33 lbs.

Paw-Hut 4-Wheel
  • Dogger 3 – Wheeler Comfortable Ride Dog Stroller

The Dogger stroller is one of the best strollers on the market. It is made unlike any other stroller on the market and the most comfortable ride for your dog.  With real rear suspension for maximum comfort and 12″ air filled tires make this a very smooth ride.  You will have no trouble maneuvering through rough patches, cracks or any unforeseen obstacle that you may come across.

Equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame and adjustable handlebars.  The versatile canopy has removable panels that you can take out whenever you need that extra open air space for your fur baby.  The Dogger stroller holds up to 60 lbs, but you will still need to make sure that your dog will fit within the dimensions of the basket area.  This stroller is a bit on the more expensive side, but is a real sturdy and comfortable choice for the price.

Dogger Stroller

Jogger strollers

For the more active person that would rather jog than go for a walk, but still want to take their dog along, there is some great jogger strollers for you.

The number 1 pick of top priced and high quality jogger stroller is the:

  • Doggyride the Original Dog Jogger Stroller

The doggyride jogger is made quite different from most dog strollers.  This one is designed with 3 – Wheels with one full cabin space.  It is not the regular stroller design that has a canopy that can be pulled back for an open air view. There is a cargo roof rack as well as a rain cover to protect your dog from the rain.  Inside the cabin area is some extra padding that comes from a luxury pet mat for comfort.

This jogger is the original concept for Doggyride dog strollers.  The nice thing about these strollers is once the wheel aligner is set in place, you can start jogging and not have to do constant course-correct along the way.  Then if you want to you can unlock the wheel and allow it to swivel to turn it back to a normal walking stroller.

To convert it into just a regular dog crate, you just remove the wheels and adjustable push bar arm and boom it’s a crate.  The large cabin area is large enough to even fit more than one dog or just a bigger dog. Obviously with a high quality item like this, you are going to pay quite a lot.  But just like anything, you get what you pay for.  This stroller will last you a lifetime.

Now if you are looking for more of a medium priced jogger stroller then a real sharp looking “sailboat” style is the:
  • Petique All Terrain Jogger Sail-boat Pet Stroller One Size

An All Terrain Jogger is equipped with great shock absorption and traction with its large bike tires that provide a very smooth ride for your dog. Dual wheel one-step brakes will ensure that you to keep control.  The foam handle is adjustable in multiple positions.  Even if you feel like you want to take a night walk, with the accented reflectors makes it easy to see you.  There is some really great storage with 2 large pockets for any incidentals you need to bring along.

This wonderful jogger can hold up to 60 lbs and with front or rear access, it is easy to put your dog in.  Also included is a tire pump and rain cover.  This is a mid priced stroller that is still built very well and is a sharp looking stroller.  Let’s not forget that by easily popping off the wheels it makes it easy to store, which is just a bonus.

Petique Sailboat
When choosing the right jogger style for you, comfort and a lightweight structure are a few of the most important things to consider.

Bike strollers

For the avid bike rider don’t fret, there are some pretty cool bike strollers for you that can be easily pulled from behind your bike. These are some of the best choices when looking for that perfect bike stroller.

  • Doggyride Bike Trailer

This mini bike trailer offers a small protective space for you small dog.  With the steel frame comes a cabin area that is made with sturdy mesh panels on the front and sides.  The bike hitch and tow arm allow for a safe ride.  The awesome roll style makes it easy if you want to open things up a bit for your dog.  If you are worried about storage, it comes equipped with a storage pouch.  Just like all the other strollers this also can be folded for easy storage and use all you need to do is simply pulling the pin.  This is a mid-priced bike trailer, that has some fabulous reviews for the small dogs.

Doggy Ride

A heavy-duty steel frame that is build with water resistant fabric and easy to remove wheels.  Fully equipped with mesh front and back panels that allow full air flow through the entire cabin space.  It holds a maximum of 44 lbs and includes a long 32″ safety flag for that extra safety so people can see you This bike trailer falls in the lower price range and is great for that real small dog that can be set up in minutes.

Multi functional stroller/trolley

When it comes to dog strollers there is also the choice of purchasing a multi-functional option that gives you 2,3 or 4 choices in one.  There are times when you may start out with needing a stroller, but as the day progresses, you may want to become more mobile for a hike or go to an area where pushing a cart maybe not the best choice.  With the multi options, you can quickly and easily change it to a backpack for carrying your dog.

  • ZH1 Pet Bag Pet Stroller/Dog Trolley case

This is a great multi-functional stroller, that can also be used as a back pack or pull behind trolley.  The solid compartment offers a safe space for your pet so whether you are pushing them in the stroller, putting them on your back as a pet carrier for easy mobility or using the trolley option your dog is safe.

Zipper access on the compartment offers an easier way to load your dog.  As a stroller it offers a full storage basket under the compartment for storing your extra stuff.  The canopy can be easily opened for open air access.  It holds up to 30kg or 66lbs.  Although this option is on the pricey end of the spectrum, with the different ways this can be used, it is one of the most functional options.

ZH1 Pet Bag Dog Stroller
  • Ibiyaya 4-1 Pet Carrier, Backpack, Car Seat and Carrier on wheels

This 4 in 1 multi-functional option comes with Eco-friendly foam and has passed the Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance test.  When using it as a pet carrier, it collapses and the two outer shells then zip together.  The zippers lock in place, to make sure that your dog can’t escape.

The design of the cabin area allows for a large opening which makes it easy to put your dog in and out of.  The inside padding is completely machine washable.  Switching it between all the different 4 in 1 options is done very easily.  It is lightweight and folds easily with its telescopic handle.  This 4 in 1 choice is a mid priced item.

The multi-functional choices offer a great way to limit your purchases to only one item.  Whether it is for walking, jogging, or carrying your pet only needing one item will cut down on the expense.of buying each one separately.

Ibiyaya 4 in 1

A lot of stroller choices

You have decided that you are in the market for a stroller and you are not sure which one you want to buy.  With all these amazing choices, how do you decide which one is best for you?

First off you really need to sit down and think about what your passions are when it comes to exercising.  What is the main thing you are going to use your dog stroller for.  The other thing to consider is if you are a family that has 2 dogs, then making sure that both dogs fit in the cabin space and fit within the weight restriction of the stroller.

Sometimes as we have seen a stroller can be more than one thing.  If you are a person that can be spontaneous and adventurous, make sure to consider that before buying your stroller.  Leaning towards a multi-functional option maybe something you may want to consider.  It could allow you the flexibility that you maybe looking for.

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If you have a regular routine that you stick to, then choosing your stroller maybe a much easier decision.

Some of the best options when it comes to the best small dog stroller have been laid out in my post. I hope that the choices I have given you tick all the boxes for you when it comes to choosing the right stroller for you and your dog family.

Making the choice to purchase a dog stroller can be an expensive item, so you really want to make sure that you make the right decision.  More times than not, you are only making this purchase once, so be smart about your choice.

I really hope you have enjoyed my best of review of dog strollers. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.


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  1. I have to say that now I’ve seen it all.  It’s so funny that I came upon this article because my daughter took her son (who is 3) and her dog out for a walk the other day, and her dog, who is a bit overweight, decided halfway through the walk that he was done.  Hence the need for him to walk, but I guess it was just a bit too far.  So she had to pile him into her son’s stroller and her son walked the rest of the way.  OMG, it was so funny.  I’m going to have to show her these strollers.  Ha Ha.  I love it.

    • Hi Babsie,

      I know hey, isn’t this just the neatest things.  Who knew this is such a big thing.  I totally get it though, especially with older dogs or dogs with mobility issues.  It really does make total sense.  This way they get to take them along for the adventure. 

      I am still laughing at your daughter having her son walk and putting the dog in the stroller.  LOL!

      Thank you for sharing your funny story, I really appreciate all the great feedback.



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