Bixbi Pet Food Review

Having a dog means that we are always looking for the best dog food for them.   Today I wanted to share my Bixbi Pet food review with you.   A great dog food company like Bixbi is dedicated to ensuring that the food we give to our dogs is healthy and includes the best possible ingredients.


bixby pet food review - dog food company
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Bixby has an incredible line up of dry dog food, wet food, toppers, and treats.  Whatever it is that you are looking for, they have you and your dog covered in the best possible way.  Good dog food as we know is the key to making sure that our dogs live a long and healthy life.


Who is Bixby?

The company was established in 2009 by 2 brothers, James and Michael Crouch in Boulder, Colorado USA. Growing up on a mushroom farm the boys were all to familiar with the magic healing and holistic power of mushrooms.

Equipped with this wealth of mushroom knowledge they decided to mix mushrooms and dogs together to build their very own dog food company Bixbi.

I know it sounds like an unusual way to get into the dog food industry, but when you understand the power of mushrooms and what wonderful attributes they offer, it makes perfect sense.  Literally a match made in heaven. Bixbi has now been in business ever since.

After their first dog supplements, the company has grown over the past 12 years to include a full line of dog food, treats, and toppers.

Bixbi Pet - Damn Near Perfect Dog food


Their first flagship products as I mentioned were mushroom supplements.  Did you know that different types of mushrooms offer unique properties and benefits?

With their huge background on mushrooms from growing up on a mushroom farm, they got to work.  All their supplements are made from organic mushrooms and made completely in the USA with the best ingredients.  All products are certified by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

They currently offer 4 choices when it comes to supplements that tackle individual dog health issues.


We all know how important the digestive system is to bodies overall health.   Did you know that the same thing also applies to dogs?   When a dog has gut issues like bloating, gas, loose stool or even just a case of bad breath that can all lead to an unhealthy gut or GI system.   A healthy GI system directly correlates to a stronger immune system.   That is why this supplements combination of organic mushrooms that contain glucans, polysaccharides and terpenes is the best choice to ensure that your dog has a healthy gut.   A strong immune system can help make sure your dog is tough and immune ready for anything.


Second up is their immunity supplement.   This supplement does exactly what the title says….it supports your dog’s immune system and gives it an extra boost.   Our dog’s immune system if given extra support with a supplement becomes much stronger and defensible.   Giving our dogs the best chance at remaining healthy.  With inflammatory and antioxidants properties, this mix literally give your dogs body an invisible shield of protection.


Third up is their Joint supplement.   A mix of organic mushrooms and something called NEM (natural eggshell membrane) used to treat joint stiffness.   So, if your dog is suffering with stiff hips and joints especially as they are getting older, this supplement provides that extra boost for them to help relieve these aches and pains.

Skin and Coat

The last of the supplements is their Skin and Coat.   Healthy skin and shiny hair are an important factor in our dog’s health.   This mushroom supplement comes from the beech mushroom and is full of polysaccharides that give the immune system that extra jolt to help decrease stress.   That in turn leads to a shiny coat of hair and healthy skin for your dog.   No more worrying about dry flaky skin and dull hair.


bixby pet food review - supplements


Supplements are something that as humans we take all the time to give our body that extra fuel that we need.  Bixbi has taken all that and applied it to help our dogs to ensure their bodies are given the same access to amazing supplements.

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Dry food

Bixbi has 2 lines of dry dog food Rawbble and Liberty.

Rawbble dry dog food has no meat meal, no fillers, is grain free and made with real fresh meat.   Unlike with many dog foods, Rawbble starts with real meat and combines ingredients such as lentils and peas.

They have 5 varieties to choose from in this line of:

  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Lamb

This line of dog food is freeze-dried coated and the perfect choice to feed your dog at every meal.


bixby pet food review - rawbble dog food


Liberty dry dog food is gently steamed cooked real meat that is grain free, has no soy, rice, wheat, or corn, and made with whole ingredients.  Made strategically with the right levels of protein and healthy fats.

It comes in 7 varieties:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Fisherman’s catch
  • Lamb
  • Original recipe
  • Puppy
  • Small breed Chicken
  • Small breed Fisherman’s catch

We all know that far to often dry dog food is over processed, and by the time it is bagged, there is absolutely no nutrition left.   Bixbi is committed to changing your idea of what dry dog food can be and should be.


bixby pet food review - liberty dog food

Wet food or topper

Some dogs can be fussy eaters and others just need a little extra encouragement to eat their food.   For this reason, Bixby has provided our dogs with a couple amazing options to keep them interested in eating.

First up is their line of wet food.   This canned food can be used as either a topper or as a complete diet.   Made with 87-94% real meat, liver, and broth.   It also has no potatoes, no tapioca, or grains.   The perfect option for your picky eater.

It comes in 5 flavors: Beef, Chicken, Game, Lamb and Surf’n Turf

Their toppers are the second option when it comes to keeping your dog excited about their food.   A topper is just a nice sprinkle added on top of your dog’s food. Rawbble freeze-dried toppers are 95-98% real meat, organs, and bone.   They have no added hormones or antibodies.   This tasty and nutrient filled option will have your dog running to his dog food dish every day.

It comes in 7 flavors: Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Pork, Turkey, Chicken and Salmon


bixby pet food review - rawbble toppers


Dog treats are an important part of everyday dog life.   Treats are used for many scenarios and are one of the best ways to get your dog’s attention.

I know as a dog parent, how important giving healthy dog treats to our dogs is.   Whether you are training your dog looking for a crunchy baked cookie treat, or jerky that makes them work a little harder Bixbi ‘s line of dog treats has all 3 of these treat options to choose from.

The Training treat is a nice soft texture and small size which makes it easy to give to your dog over and over while working with them.   Combined with ingredients like peanut butter, chicken, salmon, and bacon.

Bixby Bark Pops are a wonderful baked crunchy treat that has exceptionally light calories and is like a puff of goodness for your dog.

Jerky treats are dried meat strips that are a great option for your dog.   A piece of 100% USA sourced dried meat made into jerky is a tantalizing treat for your dog.   They come in a variety of flavors to choose from.   They even have jerky treats that are combined to help your dog deal with specific issues like hips, joints, immune support, hair, and coat.   Truly the best option in jerky dog treats.


bixby pet food review - treats

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My experience

There are times when doing reviews can mean that you have done your homework with research and reading.   This time though with my Bixbi Pet Review I am happy to report that I have been lucky enough to have my dog sample their products.   Thank you Bixbi.

Fergus gives it 100% thumbs up.   He absolutely loves the Rawbble toppers he has tried.   I have used it has a topper and as a treat.   No matter what I am giving it to him for, he is super excited to eat it.   So much so that I have to actually hide the bags from him, as he would sit there and wait for more.   Cute, but not really. HAHA!

When it comes to companies that make dog food and treats, they are not all created equal, and I am happy to report that Bixbi is a top dog food company.   Dedicated to healthy food, supplements and so much more, they really have pushed all other dog food companies to try to compete with them.

I hope you have enjoyed my review and I would love to hear your thoughts below.

BIxbi Pet Food


Overall Product







  • Real meat
  • No fillers
  • Lots of products to choose from


  • Small packages
  • A tad expensive
  • Not found everywhere

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