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Has it ever crossed your mind to give a dog box subscription a try for your dog?   It sure did for me, so I decided to jump in one day and give it a go.  I did my do diligence and read all the Bullymake Box Reviews before I decided to choose them as the dog box subscription choice for me and my dog Fergus.


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In this post, I am going to give my 100% honest review of how our first box delivery has gone and whether choosing Bullymake is a good idea.


Bullymake the company


The company has been in business since 2014 and was started by a lady by the name of Karyn Owens.

Karyn is a dog parent to a Pitbull dog named Duke.   As with many tough dog breeds, she quickly found that most store-bought dog toys would not last around her Duke.   He would have them destroyed in minutes.   This quickly got very expensive.

With the price of dog toys and how fast she was having to replace them, she realized that she needed to come up with her own tough dog toy line of products.   The dog toy market in pet stores overall does not really cater to large dogs that are super chewers.   They mostly have toys for medium to smaller dogs.


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She set her mind to it and created the company Bullymake.   Dedicated to filling the gap in the market of tough chewing dog toys.   She believes that all dogs need good toys to help them develop, have fun and have toys that are safe to chew on.   On top of that, she though why not go one step further and make them into boxes that could be delivered right to your door every month with a subscription.

And so, began the Bullymake dog box subscription company.


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Bullymake box what is it?


All dog boxes are simply a box full of dog goodies, treats, toys, or accessories delivered to your home in a box on a variety of schedules.

In a Bullymake box, this is also true.   Their boxes include 2-3 toys and 3-4 bags of different treats that arrive right to your front door every single month.   You don’t have to reorder every single month it is just automatically delivered.   When you first set up your subscription, they ask you questions about the size, breed and age of your dog to customize your box to fit your dog.


bullymake box reviews - how it works


The toys they put in their boxes are super dog toys that are meant for dogs that are hard on store bought dog toys. Anyone that has a large dog that is a big chewer, quickly will find out that store bought dog toys for tough chewers are few and far between.   More often than not, just like Karyn found out these toys end up in the garbage in a day or two.   If you are lucky and they last that long.

Each box delivered to your door has a different theme which is also super cool, so that way you never know what you are going to get. SURPRISE!!


What sets these boxes apart?


I said early on, that there are many dog box subscription companies to choose from, so what sets Bullymake apart from the other companies?

The most important things that make them so special are:

  • All dog toys are 100% geared for tough powerful dog chewers.
  • They have a “Bullymake Dog Toy Guarantee”
    with every toy that is included in your dog boxes.   This means that if for some reason your dog is able to destroy 1 of their toys within the first 14 days, they will send you a replacement toy.   They also go as far to say that if your dog is not interested in 1 of their toys you can also get a replacement for it.
  • Each month has a different themed box.
  • The treat bags that they include in the box are all made in the USA and are all natural.
  • Easy delivery and set up process.
  • Your dog box is tailored just for you and is based on your dog’s breed, and age.
  • They also inquire if your dog has any allergies and they accommodate for your dog’s needs.   If you dog can’t have a certain kind of meat or treat, they will substitute and put one they can have in there.
  • You can also change the frequency of how often you get the dog box.   If you don’t want every single month, you can adjust it to every 2nd or 3rd
  • The main price per month is approximately $39 US with free shipping in the US. If you purchase a yearly subscription, the cost of the box drops to by 20%.

All these things are what really sets Bullymake dog boxes apart from their competitors.


bullymake box reviews - 1st box

My own personal experience

When it came time to pick the right box for my dog Fergus, we knew the #1 thing that we were looking for in a subscription box was tough dog toys.   He has a habit of being tough on chew toys.   He is OK with the stuffies, but when you give him something hard to chew on, he gets right to it.   Fergus loves to chew!!

When you have a dog that likes to chew, like Fergus does, I was finding that we were spending $20 per dog toy and sometimes they would last only a few weeks.   I don’t expect toys to last forever, but at that price it was just getting way to expensive.   I know how important it is for him to have chew toys, so I decided that a dog box subscription was in order.

After all the Bullymake Box Reviews and research that I did on competitors, the choice was simple for us. Bullymake and their 14-day toy guarantee had me right away.   I couldn’t imagine getting to give Fergus a dog toy and within 14 days if it was destroyed, we would get a new one.   There was no going out and buying a new one for $20 out of my pocket.   NOPE!!   They would just replace it.

WOW!   This was HUGE for me!

Our sign up and 1st box

I signed up and we got our first box a few weeks ago.   I live in Canada, so due to COVID-19 and because the boxes ship from the US, they aren’t currently allowed to include any dog treats in the boxes.   SO, to still accommodate Canadians, they now just send us boxes full of toys.

In our box, we got 4 toys. One very tough

  • Rubber bear toy that stands up and you can stuff treats in.


bullymake box reviews - treat toy


  • 1 set of plastic lips that are super hard and great for chewing.


bullymake box reviews - lips toy


  • Then we also got a woven rope tug toy


bullymake box review - tug toy


  • Purple nylon heart toy that is also a tough chew toy.


bullymake box reviews - plastic purple heart


Our box was delivered in February, so the theme was Valentine’s Day.   TOO CUTE!


So far Fergus is in love with the toys.   I have decided to just give him one toy at a time and spread them out.  After 2 or 3 weeks and he has gotten 3 out of the 4 toys.   I have to say they are all a HUGE HIT!!

BREAKING NEWS….Not one toy has been destroyed yet.   It is amazing.

When I signed up, I got in on a great sale promo of @ off the first box, so I have to say what a deal. Each month now going forward will cost about $39 US per month.   I know that sounds like a fair bit, but just think that I got 4 dogs’ toys that I would have paid about $10-$15 per toy.   I got 4 for $40. Not to mention you can’t even find these types of tough toys in the pet store that anyway that last like these have so far.

Overall, I would highly recommend choosing Bullymake dog boxes.   I say YES YES YES!   They are fantastic.   I literally feel completely at ease when Fergus is chewing on one of their toys.   They are built just that solid. Awesome quality and you can instantly tell that they care about great dog toys and making sure that your dog is happy.


bullymake box reviews - fergus with bullymake toy

You really can’t ask for more than that.

One last note. Since getting the 1st  box and realizing that Fergus can’t possibly go through these toys in 30 days,   I contacted them via email and switched my subscription to every 3rd month.   They replied quickly to my email and I had no problem at all switching up the box delivery frequency.   Just another thing that I love about good companies, is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.   Bullymake has done a fantastic job,

If you were ever one the fence about choosing a good dog box for tough chewers, then I give these guys a full-on THUMBS UP!

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Bullymake dog box subscriptions.  I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment below.

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Bullymake Dog Box


Overall Product







  • Durable toys
  • Easy to sign up
  • Great customer service


  • A tad expensive
  • Can take awhile to ship to Canada
  • Due to Covid-19 no treats in boxes in Canada

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