CBD Oil and Dogs | Is It Right For Your Dog

Once medicinal marijuana became legal in Canada, it wasn’t long before we started hearing from people about CBD or CBD Oil.  I had never heard of it before, so I decided to educate myself.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol.  It is a natural component of the cannabis plant.  CBD is just one of a hundred of phytocannabinoids within the plant.  It is now the hot thing on the weed medicinal market.

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People that smoke marijuana get high from the THC or psychoactive component of the weed.  CBD does not have any psychoactive components in it.

Now we are treating people with illnesses, like MS, Epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinson’s, PTSD,  and things like anxiety disorders with CBD or CBD Oil.  The next logical question is what about CBD Oil and dogs?

Can I give CBD to my dog?

CBD and CBD Oil for dogs,  is really still a fairly new concept.  We have learned over time about the positive things that it does to help sick people cope with their illnesses.  But what can it do for my dog and is it safe to give it to them.

There are some Veterinarians that are now prescribing CBD to dogs, in many different cases.  Like any type of supplement or medication, you need to make sure to give the right dose.  The one good thing we do know about CBD is there are no significant or life-threatening side effects, as long as it is given in the proper dose.

When we give our dogs regular medications, we get a clear cut map of what we are giving them, how much to give, and what to watch out for.  With CBD, because it is still quite new for dogs, there isn’t generally a clear cut stamp of approval on it.   We need to be sure that what ever we decide to do with CBD Oil and our dogs, that we talk to our Vet and get their opinion.

There are many organic supplements and non medical medications, that we already give our sick dogs. CBD falls into that same category.

CBD and Dogs - Canna-pet Screenshot

What illness can we use CBD for

CBD and CBD Oil can be used to treat many symptoms that are caused by serious to less serious illnesses in our dogs.  Some of the main illnesses are :

If you are planning to give your dog CBD, it maybe a good idea to start a journal of your dogs symptoms before CBD and after.  This way you can see for yourself, if you see any change in those symptoms.  Much of the concern with giving your dog CBD or CBD Oil, is the uncertainty of whether it works or not.

The one thing we know is that it is not toxic for our dogs.  CBD, does provide relief for many symptoms of certain illnesses, that our dogs are living with.

CBD Dog Treats CBD and Dogs

How do we give our dog CBD

The great thing about CBD and CBD Oil, is that we now have options of different ways to give the CBD to our dogs.

One of the popular ways of giving CBD now is in the form of a treat or dog chew that has the CBD made right in the treat itself.  These types of treats, are sometimes called calming treats to help your dog with anxiety, managing pain, inflammation and providing a more relaxed dog.

CBD Soft Chews Treats for your dog here!
CBD oil comes in a liquid form in a bottle.  One of the ways it can be given to your dog is by using a dropper and putting it on top of their regular food.  This will take a little longer to get into their system as it has to go through the digestive system.  If you don’t want to put it on the food, you could put a drop or two under their tongue.  This would have a more immediate affect, but it is much harder to do.

We also have the ability to use a topical cream, that can help skin issues, arthritis or aches and pains.  Rubbing it on the ailing area, gives almost immediate relief for your dog.

How much do I need to give my dog

When it comes to giving your dogs CBD or CBD Oil, knowing how much to give your dog, is very important.  It is always a good idea to make sure whatever you are thinking of giving your dog, you should first run it by your Vet.  That way they can tell you if there are any issues that may affect your pet that you are unaware of, especially if they are on other medication already.

The general rule of thumb with CBD is start with a very low dose.  When you give your dog the CBD you also want to make sure that you are going to be staying home for a few hours,  just to ensure that your dog is OK and that there are no issues.

CBD treats, come in different sizes and dosages.  Most of these treats come in packaging that has a guide on the back, that will help you decide the correct amount to give, based on your pets weight and size.

The topical cream is very easy to administer, you just rub it on the area that is bothering your pet.  With the cream there is no worry about applying to much, you just use it like any other topical cream.

CBD Oil comes in a bottle with a dropper, that you can put drops on your dog foods one at a time.  Start with 1 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs. of your dog’s body weight, once or twice a day.  Start slowly that way you can really see if you notice a change with just a small amount.  If you don’t see a change in the symptoms within a week or so, then next time just add a 1 more mg.

cbd dogs oil

Final thoughts on CBD or CBD Oil

Anytime we give our pets new medication of any kind, we are told to watch for any warning signs or things that may indicate a bad reaction or outcome.   Some of the things we would want to look out for are: drowsiness, diarrhea, itching and dizziness just to name a few.

They say just like humans it can take 3-7 days for the medication to take effect, so don’t jump up the dose after just one or 2 days.  Make sure to give it at least the week to see if you notice any change at all in your dog.

The bottom line is keep a really close eye on your dog when introducing any new medication or supplements.  What works for one dog, may not work for all dogs, so be vigilant with your monitoring.

I still really believe that a journal is the best tracking system to monitor how things are going and if there are any changes occurring.


Both our dogs are on different medications, so we always have the book handy, just to track everything and make sure that if one of us missed a medication, we can just look at the sheet and know they need to be given it.

CBD and CBD Oil, still has a huge stigma attached to it, just simply because it comes from the cannabis plant.  I am not a Vet and have no training with CBD, but I do believe that cannabis is a huge resource, that can provide relief to humans and to our dogs.  Just please be responsible, do your own research and always talk to your Vet before giving your dog anything.

I would love to hear your story about your dog. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below.



14 thoughts on “CBD Oil and Dogs | Is It Right For Your Dog”

  1. We have 2 high maintenance dogs… A Sheep-A-Doodle and a Golden-Doodle, it seems like we are always having to get some type of medicine.

    I’m wondering if CBD oil would be a better option that actual steroids and such for them? and another question since I didn’t see it while reading the post was… can it help dogs with Allergies? We currently give them allergy pills but would be interested in trying a different alternative especially if it is better for them.

    Another thing we think they may have but haven’t taken them to vet for is anxiety due to separation. When my wife and I are both at work they refuse to eat. So using CBD could very well be a good option to try and reduce their anxiety.

    Is there a place that you recommend to buy CBD that we know is quality CBD oil?

    • Hi Josh,

      Wow you are so lucky to have 2 doodles. I love doodles. A sheep-a-doodle is right up there on the top of my list for my next dog.

      In doing my research, I did come across information that says that allergies, which can be caused by inflammation would fall under on the important things CBD can help with. Anxiety and separation issues, are kind of the same. It causes your dog stress, so I might try the calming treats for that issue first, to see if you see positive results.

      While investigating CBD in dogs, the one thing I did find, is that there are a lot of websites selling CBD, or claiming it’s CBD, but personally I would go away from sites like Amazon and go in the direction of Revial animal health as their focus is dog health. I do have a link to their CBD Oil King Kalm on my post. But for the calming treats, I would try Bona Vida aka TruDog. They are also committed to the best ingredients in their products.

      Best of luck with your fur babies and let me know how it works, if you decide to buy some.

      Thank you for sharing your story about your dogs. I love to hear from other dog owners.


      • Hi Kathryn,
        Thank you for your comments on my post. I am so glad that your dog is getting some relief from his anxiety. I truly believe that CBD Oil really is the product that we have been long waiting for. There are so many positives things that it can help in our dogs.
        I really appreciate you sharing your story.

  2. This is a great article! My wife and I were discussing this the other day. Our one dog suffers from separation anxiety when we leave him alone in the house. A friend of ours mentioned CBD oil for pets, and that it might help with his anxiety. I honestly didn’t know much about it and our vet never brought it up in the past, so I never really considered CBD.

    You were able to break it down for me to understand. Now that I know it isn’t toxic at low doses I might try it out. Who knows maybe it will help. Keeping a journal is a great suggestion that I will definitely use if we decide to go this route. Thanks again for the great info!

    • Hi David,

      I appreciate your wonderful comments on my post. Sorry to hear that your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is always so heartbreaking to leave them when you know that they are struggling.

      Let me know if you do try it out, as I would love to hear what kind of results CBD has for your dogs issues. There seems to be a lot of dogs, that suffer from this same problem. It would be wonderful to give your dog some relief.

      Thank you for sharing your story. Best of luck with your dog.


  3. Very interesting and timely post. You are right. CBD oil is making a splash around the world and for good reason. I have been using myself. I started using it before it was legal in Canada. As long as I went to a licensed cannabis doctor and got a prescription it was perfectly legal. It truly is amazing.
    As you mentioned, it can help with many different symptoms. I even sleep better when I take it. This is an excellent article for the pet lovers of the world. Vet fees are extraordinarily high and if you can keep your dog healthier with the CBD alternative and decrease the vet visits you can save a lot of money.

    • Hi Ray,

      It is really exciting to hear from you and have you share your story with me. I am so glad that CBD has helped you get some much needed relief. It only makes sense that if it helps people, that it can also help suffering pets.

      Vets are so expensive, you are right there, it is even worse when you have more than one dog. Anything that we give them without a huge vet bill, will really benefit a ton of dog lovers who have pets that are suffering.

      Thank you for sharing your story about your CBD journey. I wish you the best of luck.


  4. Hi, like yourself I live in Washington state where the use of marijuana is legal and so when CBD came out many people are saying it is bad because it is a drug. It is awesome to have people like you write an article describing how taking CBD does not get you high like marijuana. 
    I work in the medical field as a dental assistant and we have many of our patients that have started a CBD oil regimen. I can only see how this could be great for dogs or any other species/life organism 😊Thanks again for the educational article. 


    • Hi Clarissa,

      Thank you for your kind comments on my post. I was really looking forward to Canada making it legal in Oct. Not for the reason of getting high, but for the CBD aspect of it, that really does help people that are in pain.

        I knew that once it came out, that there would be a great application for pets that have similar illnesses. Vet medication and options they offer always come with such big side effects, that it makes it extremely difficult to want to give to your sick dog.

      I am glad you got some value from the information in my post. Thank you again


  5. Hi
    I am a long time user of CBD oil and also a dog lover. You can’t hurt your dog with CBD, no animal has every died of a cbd overdose. The worst side effect to an overdose is nausea and sleep. Canines and felines for that matter have an even more complicated endocannabinoid system than us highly evolved humans, LOL They react to CBD much much quicker. I work with sick dogs, lymphoma, tumors, they all get anxious when they don’t feel right.
    I have a 10 yr old service dog that now I provide her with support as we were in a car accident and even my old vet thinks she has PTSD. She shivers and shakes sometimes at night in the car. 25 mg of the same oil I take everyday and she will calm right down, 50mg and she is snoozing calmly.
    Keep in mind that although Vets seem a lot more friendly than people doctors they are mostly protective of there own. My dog just threw out her knee. My new vet wants to operate and wanted her on tramadol and some anti inflammatory with a sleep agent. Didn’t want to hear about CBD
    Guess what lol we will never go back there and it is now 2 weeks later and after home medicating and rest and rehab by Daddy she is walking better and will get better. I just upped her CBD , she sleeps a little more and is sluggish but the vet was trying to do that with synthetics. Did you ever wonder how the vet can write the script and dispense the medication? The oil I give her costs about the same as the doggie tramadol lol which is human tramadol cut with aspirin LOL
    Any way keep up the good work! You are on the right track!

    • Hi Captain Dennis,

      I really appreciate you sharing your own dog stories and how much CBD is helping your dog. My heart breaks for your poor girl. I am so happy that you are a believer in CBD for humans and animals.
      The results you get from giving her the CBD sound amazing. I myself have taken tramadol for a back injury and can’t imagine the vet wanting to give her that type of medication. I am glad that you didn’t go that route with her and it sounds like she is on the path to recovery.

      Vets, like doctors are not always that open minded about giving CBD to humans and or dogs. They all wonder why we have a huge opioid addiction problem everywhere. In my opinion a lot of it comes from them handing out these drugs like it is no big deal.
      I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story with me and it really gives me hope that people will start to change their thinking about CBD.
      Thank you

  6. The benefit of CBD are amazing. Many studies have proven that all mammals
    have an endocannabinoid system and after experiencing the benefits of taking CBD for myself I would have no hesitation in giving CBD to my dog.

    I really enjoyed reading through this post. I totally agree with your point regarding dosage. Starting low and slow at the beginning is very sound advice indeed. Really informative work!


    • Hi Darren,
      Thank you so much for your great comments on my post. I am excited that people really seem to be changing their opinion on CBD. The positive feedback I am getting from this post is extremely positive.

      The upside of CBD like you said, far out way the stigma that people seem to have with it. I also would not hesitate one second to give it to my own dogs either. So thank you very much.


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