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Every year like us our dogs’ get a year older.  Our dogs’ are such an important part of our family that celebrating their birthdays is another way to really make them feel special.

dog birthday
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With our boys, we always celebrated their birthdays with a little extra spice.  Boo was a November birthday and Finn well he was almost an Xmas baby born Dec 20th.  Both our boys really enjoyed how much fun we would have on their special days.

It is so exciting celebrating dogs’ birthday, anytime I see a pup that happy, it just makes me happy.  Their joy is certainly infectious, plus they look so cute in their birthday hats. LOL!

First Birthday

Usually you get new puppies around 8 weeks old, and at that time getting them to a year old seems ages away. Surprisingly though it does go by super quick.  In the blink of an eye really.

All of a sudden they start approaching the milestone and you need to start thinking about what the plan is for their first birthday.  Now whether you have been through it before with another dog, or this is your first ever dog birthday, it is important.

Their 1 year birthday is also a super fun birthday simply because it is the first one they have ever had.  They have no idea what a birthday even is so this is our opportunity to do something special for them.

Let’s also not forget how much fun it is for us to plan something for our baby.

The planning

When it comes to planning our pup’s birthday, there are many directions that we can choose to go.  First off in the planning stages, it is important to match our dogs’ birthday with our dogs’ personality.

doggy birthday party

What I mean by that is make sure your birthday idea is something that your dog will enjoy.  Every dog is a bit different when it comes to social activities.  If you have a dog that is a little shy and not that outgoing, than plan their day accordingly.  We don’t want to overwhelm them.  It is supposed to be fun for them.

Although we put on the party, it is for our dog, not for us, so make sure to remember that.  Keep it simple and fun.

Easy breezy

Birthday cake, who doesn’t love birthday cake. I sure do.  Most dogs’ also love cake.  When their birthday comes up, why not bake them a cake or try making them their own dog treats.  Something like this an easy breezy way to do something special for the birthday dog.

We can’t always afford to do big things on our dogs’ birthday, so there is nothing simpler than baking a homemade dog friendly cake, dog treats or pup cakes.  There are some great easy recipes to choose from.

Of course, you want to make sure that your dog has no allergies when you are deciding what to bake.  Pick something that fits their eating and things that they really love to eat.

Celebrating a dogs birthday

When it came to our 2 boys, peanut butter was always the way to their hearts.  They would go nuts for it.  So choosing what to make for them was an easy decision.

One other super popular item that is easy to include is canned pumpkin.  Not only do they love it, but it is a great ingredient that is good for their digestive system.  It is often used to help settle dogs’ upset stomach.

No matter what ingredients you choose to cook with it doesn’t have to be a big production.  You can make a dog cake in as easy as 4 ingredients:

  • apples (shaved or apple sauce)
  • egg
  • baking powder
  • peanut butter

Put all ingredients in a baking tin or cupcake tin than bake.  Remember that the pup cupcakes will take less time than if you bake it in a larger sized cake pan.  Then for the finishing touch top your cake with plain Greek zero fat yogurt.

Most dogs’ love bacon.  Taking bacon bits and using them as sprinkles for on top of the yogurt is a great way to complete your cake or cupcakes.  Yummy!

Play date or Party

How about planning a great play date for your dog.  Set up some other dog friends to come by the house for a party. Now depending on how big your backyard is, the dog park can also be a good back up if your yard isn’t suitable.

You could include some fun activities like Frisbee, throw a ball with the Chuck-It or even do a cool small obstacle course using homemade objects you could bring with you.

High energy events like this also work in your favor simply because you than you get a tired out dog after.  Which for you means far less dog work for the rest of the day.  A tired dog is a happy dog.

dog party

Make sure to have some party treats for all the dogs’ followed by a lot of disposable dog bags.  You know you are going to need to do a party clean up after.

Doing a fun thing like hiding dog treats about the house or yard, is also a great idea.  Do it like a bit of an easter egg hunt.

Keeping them busy searching for their treats is a fun way to get them to really think about what they are doing.  Then when they figure out, they get a reward at the end.

I always thought it was super cute to watch them searching around for their hidden treats.  Even better if we get a bit of excitement out of it, than the whole family gets included.

Road trip

Maybe your dog isn’t the most social dog and a play date isn’t a great choice for them.  Choosing a special road trip can also be an exciting event to do to help celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Take them on a one on one trip with you in the car.  You could simply head to a pet store to let them pick out a new toy.  What dog doesn’t love the pet store and new toys.  Hmm all of them!

Maybe it’s a drive in the country or a trip to a friends house.  Doing something out of the ordinary keeps your dog on their toes.  Especially when they have no idea where you are taking them.

Samdogs birthday
Sam’s Birthday

Funny enough though, some dogs’ can pick up on a trip destination when it s a place you go regularly.

Our boy Boo could always figure out where we were going, even before we got there.  He had a 6th sense about the destination.

The odd time though, we could really throw him off by taking him somewhere he had never been before.  Seeing his excitement for the unknown, was also a pretty neat thing to watch.  The car would stop and he would look at you as if to say, am I coming with you? Pretty darn adorable.


Celebrating dogs’ birthday is always a fun way to really pamper your dog.  It only comes around once a year and can be done with a big budget or no budget at all.  The sky is the limit.

Doing things like parties, road trips, are all great ideas, but you could also just do some at home pampering.

The cheapest and super easy way to make your dog feel special could be simply a day of extra cuddling.  Sitting on the couch with your baby next to you giving them all the snuggles they can handle.  Super sweet!

dog bday party

Every chance we had to cuddle with our 2 babies, was always a special thing for us.  Our dogs’ were both big time cuddlers, so for them this was something they really enjoyed.

A dog’s life span unfortunately isn’t that long.  Some dogs’ can live much longer than others especially if they are smaller dog breed.  On average though we can expect only 10-15 years with our dog, so let’s make every year count.

Sharing their special day by capturing the moment with pictures and even videos, is a great way to always remember these moments.

My friends have this amazing black lab name Sam and he is about the sweetest boy around.  His parents recently shared his latest 6th birthday video with me and he is absolutely adorable in it.  Capturing these special moments like this are snippets in time that you will have forever.

For us now that both our boys are gone, we take some solace in the fact, that we made every one of their birthdays a day for them.  Treat them with all the love you can muster.


14 thoughts on “Celebrating A Dogs Birthday | So Much Fun”

  1. wow, this post is absolutly for dog lover like me. For having a dog for a year I only walk them out and barely play with them…Looks like I must learn more about how to actually pet a dog. I will try these brilliant ideas for my dog like cake part and travel!!Thank you!

    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post.  It is very important to have good contact with your dog so that you can show them they are loved. Petting and cuddling your dog is a great way to do that.

      Best of luck to you.


  2. I love this!  I was so excited to finally see another site about dogs!  I never personally threw a birthday party for my dog but we got him when I was 6 so I didn’t have much control over it.  I love the ideas you gave for the birthdays.  Thank you for being another dog ambassador!

    • Hi Annie,

      Dogs are so wonderful and its great to meet someone that feels the same passion for dogs that I do.  Talking about dogs and researching anything to do with them, just brings me so much joy.  It’s almost not like work.

      I wish you and your dog site the best of luck. Great to meet you.


  3. Hello Coralie!

    Obviously you love your doggies very much. And of course one year of their lives matters some more than one year of human life since theirs are much shorter.

    When I was littler (like more than 10 years ago), I had a dog too, but we never did something like celebrating its birthday (however, I remember my dog was born on April 15th, 1997, and lived till June 2011).

    Also, dogs are prepared for consuming foods that are somewhat different from ours, but as a matter of fact the peanut butter is quite a tasty food for humans too (myself included). And seeing doggies eating cake is unusual and amazing! Of course the cake should not do them any harm.

    Enjoy the time with your doggies & wish you all the best!


    • Hello,

      I appreciate you sharing your feedback on my post.  You are so right about the peanut butter and I also enjoy it once in a while on my toast. Very yummy.

      Watching dogs eat cake, is super funny to see.  Always makes me so happy.

      Your dog sure lived a long life.  That is amazing.

      Thank you so much.


  4. I used to do a photoshoot and a whole ordeal for my Chihuahua’s birthday but I have been slacking the last couple of years 🙁  I have definitely forced her to wear her fair share of hats, shoes, dresses, etc. and she was less than thrilled! But I can tell you right now that the photos were SO WORTH it!! I’m with you they just make me so happy!! 🙂 

    I never have heard of the little dog cake recipe you posted here, such a great idea and so simple! I wish I could take my dog on a “road trip” but she has such bad anxiety I can’t even take her in a car really.. 🙁 

    The photos on this post are way too cute I can’t even handle it, I love it!

    • Hi Kara,

      I really loved your comments on my post, so thank you very much.  I am still laughing while envisioning your pup in all those different outfits.  I’m sure the pics were amazing and a great memory you will always have.

      Sorry to hear that your dog suffers from anxiety while travelling, my boy BOO struggled with the same issue.  Check out my post How to Road trip with a dog, there maybe a few tips in there that could help you.

      Best of luck to you.


  5. For real I didn’t know that dogs also celebrated their birthdays.   I have just learnt from this article that they also need to be celebrated.  It sounds fun and I am going to celebrate my Max’s 4th birthday soon to help keep his  memories with me. Thanks for providing the tips on how to prepare one. Thanks very much. 

    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post. Max sounds like a lucky boy. Enjoy his 4th birthday, as our time with them always goes by so fast.

      Best of luck to you.


  6. I’ve already seen your post before but I just had to leave another comment — THIS IS SO CUTE I can’t get over the photos!!
    Thank you so much for sharing, you made my day!!

    • Hi Kay,
      Thank you so much for saying that I made your day. Your comments are so sweet. It is so great to hear that you enjoyed reading it and all my cute pics. I always try to include visuals with my posts, to make them more relatable. Also to drown people in cuteness. LOL!
      Thanks again.

  7. Hi, Coralie!

    Any birthday anniversary should be a nice happening. Celebrating the dog’s one is also a great opportunity to have a nice time with your loved animals.

    We have cats. Two of them, of different ages. We are celebrating them every day. The older one is “the boss” and the younger one is following him. I am sure you will have also a great time with your dog.

    Anniversaries don’t need to be expensive. Sometimes, as you also wrote, cuddling and playing with your loved animal or more of them, is already enough to make them happy. Showing love for animals is best you can do, any time, anywhere.

    I wish you and your animals many more happy anniversaries and a lot of love.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Igor,

      Thank you for your comments on my post. Animals are really so wonderful to have in our lives. It is funny how having 2 pets at once always end up with one of them more in charge than the other.  My 2 dogs were the same way. 

      Sadly we just lost both of our dogs in August and are still trying to cope with the big whole left behind. 

      Glad to hear you are celebrating everyday with your babies and best of luck.



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