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Many of us dogs parents, have to leave our dogs outside while we are away from the house all day.

For this reason, we want to make sure that they are protected from all the different seasonal elements that may happen.  Depending on where you live, of course, will determine what kind of changing weather you can expect outside for your dog.

I live in Saskatchewan, so bad weather can range anytime from Oct- April and then some.  You just never know when the weather will change dramatically here.

With the Prairies in general, you never really know the length of any season, as it is constantly changing. GLOBAL WARMING? Probably. LOL!

Now for those of you that want your dog to have a sheltered area outside in the back yard, it needs to provide shelter from the weather elements.  It could be a big wind, rain, sleet or just even the hot hot days in the summer.

In the old days, this usually consisted of someone building some homemade, make shift dog house for the yard.  Well those days are long over.  There are now some really Cool Dog Houses out there that will suit any needs, or style you may be looking for.

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What are my dogs needs

As with anything, what one dog person needs in a dog house, is not going to be the same thing as the next dog owner.

Everybody has individual needs and wants in finding the dog house that will best work for them.

The one thing that everyone needs in a dog house, is a protected sheltered area for their dog to go into.

That means the dog house needs to have a roof, a floor, and a door way for the dog to enter in.  Just establishing those 3 things in a dog house, can make your choice of dog house very different.

The old fashion style of dog house had a peaked roof, with asphalt shingles and a door in the center of the dog house.  The dog house sat directly on the ground, and there was really no variation in how functional they were, or how stylish it was.

They all pretty much looked the same.  You could maybe add a different product on the outside for weather proofing, but the choices were kind of limiting.

Not anymore.  When deciding on which dog house will best fit your dogs need, you should really sit down and thing about what your biggest needs and wants are first.

Dog Houses - Cool dog houses

Picking the right style

No matter what choice we make when picking out our dog house, the basics will be there.  It is a house that the dog can use whenever they feel like going in it.

The difference in dog houses today, is dramatic.  There are styles that range anywhere from:

  • straight A type frame peaked roof,
  • slanted roof
  • room with a view from up top
  • a house with front veranda
  • flat roof that lifts up
  • off center entrance

Literally there are a ton of choices out there to choose from.  This is going to boil down, to personal preference.

The other thing to keep in mind, is nobody knows your dog better than you do.  You may already know for example that your dog would never go up top on of the room with a view dog house, or sit on the veranda of one of the other styles.

Your dog’s behavior and personality may make the decision easy for you.  Choosing the right style is of course COOL and important ascetically, but functionality should far out way any stylistics choices you make.

Ultimately you want a dog house, your dog will actually go in and use so make the right choice for you.

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What’s it made of

Now that you have chosen the style of dog house that you want, the next part of the decision is what do you want that dog house to be made of.

Some different materials that popular dog houses are made of now are, things like:

When it comes to choosing what you want your dog house to be made, you should always consider the weight of the house you are choosing.  Are you going to be able to move it if you need to.

Obviously any kind of wood dog houses, is going to be heavier that a plastic-wood polymer one would be.

If you are deciding on a real wood dog house, cedar will withstand the test of time, a lot better than say a pine one that is just stained.

Cedar or the wood-polymer are ones that will most likely last the longest, just due to the products themselves.

Cool dog house log

Options that maybe a deal breaker

I’ve discussed some different styles that you can choose from when deciding which dog house to buy.

I thought I would give a couple of examples of what kind of options you can choose from.

For example, the A frame style dog house made of plastic-wood polymer sits directly on the ground. Some slanted or angled roof houses that are made of wood, are on wheels and raised up from the ground for extra protection from the elements.

There are the some wood dog houses, that have feet on them, rather than wheels, so these maybe a bit sturdy, but yet still be a off of the ground.

One of my favourite dog houses, is the Trixie 39552 Dog Club HouseThe reason I like this dog house so much, is that the roof is on a hinge, which allows you to easily access it for cleaning purposes.

My other favourite thing is the door is off center, so this gives your dog more space inside while also blocking the elements a bit better.  This dog house however does require some assembly but it is pre drilled, so not that difficult to do. 

There are some dog houses that come completely assembled already, while others will require you to put them together.  Assembling them however is usually in a few easy steps.

The dog house with a balcony and stairs, is a super cool dog house too, but is really meant for more of a smaller dog.

Make sure that you read the dog sizing that they recommend for each style of dog house.  You don’t want to end up buying the wrong size for your dog.

House Envy

When it comes to our pets, I always say its important to decide on a product that you can make sure will suit your dog accordingly.

Sometimes we have a tendency to buy something just because it stands out and is a cool looking choice.  Then we get it home and realize our decision was based on the dog house we wanted to see sitting in the backyard, rather than how functionally it works for our dog.

The great thing about this post is all the dog houses I talked about here definitely fall under “COOL DOG HOUSES.”

No matter what type of dog house you decided on, all the choices available are dog houses that have the WOW factor.

Sometimes we may find that we can’t find exactly what we are looking for in a good dog house.  Maybe we would rather build one ourselves.  Many times that can be cheaper and even give us the ability to put our own personal touch to our dogs new house.

Cool dog house plansCool Dog Houses Dog Plans

Building a dog house isn’t for everyone, but many of us have the skills and are ready to give it a go.  Here is a great resource that will give you the exact plans on how to build your own dog house.  Take a look at this amazing fully insulated book that will definitely make it much easier to achieve a successful cool dog house.


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  1. Wow Coralie I did not realize that so many types of dog houses were even available. You make a good point about taking the time to figure out your needs before purchasing. I love, love, love the idea about a hinged roof for cleaning, lol.

    • Hi Rachel and thank your for the feedback.

      Isn’t it funny how the hinged roof dog house is the first one that caught my eye. I guess we must be the ones that clean up after our dogs all the time. It is super smart design though.
      Thanks again

  2. Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.I was doing some research online to keep my dog well. I came across your helpful article and got helpful insights. I am well aware that making to a dog house can be so complicated and taking time. But, I’m sure it’s very useful for me tho.
    A walk-through on what we will learn from this program is very helpful. I loved how easy article makes it for readers. What I like is those social buttons in your website looks great and works well. 

    Great job keep it up!

    Best regards, Jennifer 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I appreciate you comments on my post. Dog houses, have gotten a bit more complicated, than the good ole days, that is for sure. There are so many different options now that we didn’t have before.

      As a dog owner trying to match the right dog house for the dog is important. I’m glad that your found some useful information in my post. Best of luck with your journey and your dog.

      Thank you


  3. This is a very nice content on dog houses. I would love to get one out the suggested dog houses because they are very cool but my dog, Shelly will never stay in there unless I want to buy a dog house thats as big as me that would contain both of us inside. To simply put, she sleeps beside me on my bed and wouldn’t even sleep on her couch😄. The petsfit outdoor wooden dog house really looked very cool nonetheless. Maybe I would get one for her and try it consistently with her, who knows if she might grow to love it.

    • Thank you RoDarrick, for you comments on my cool dog houses post.

      Some dogs are just not meant to stay outside, so I totally understand where your coming from with your dog.  It is kind of funny, how different dogs really can be. My dogs also sleep on the bed inside and are mostly inside dogs as well.

      I have had more outside dogs in my life, and they really did like having a big cool dog house to go to. It always depends on what they are used to.




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