Cooling Gear For Your Dog | Tackling The Summer Heat

We are all starting to get excited about summer being just around the corner.  In just a few months from now, we all will be basking in the summer sun with our families that includes our dogs.  With the summer months, comes the HEAT!  Taking our dogs out during the summer months is something we all look forward to.   But just like us, keeping them cool is important.  Cooling gear for your dog, is something that is an easy fix to a hot situation.  I bet you didn’t even think about your dog and the heat.

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Whether it’s just sitting in the sun outside on the patio, or taking our dogs out for daily exercise, the high heat can be a serious issue.  Once the temperature really starts to rise to 30+ C (80+ F), we need to be aware of how this hot temperature can affect our dogs.

People seem to forget that dogs are also susceptible to heat stroke, just like people.

There is some fantastic cooling gear on the market for your dogs.  All of these products you can purchase will help ensure your dog avoids getting heat stroke if you plan on spending hours out in the heat.

Heat stroke signs

Before we jump right into what cooling gear products are available, we need to talk about the signs of heat stroke in our dogs.

A few of the signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion are obvious, while others symptoms not so much.  We all know that a panting dog, means that our dog is hot.  But some things we may not know to watch for are:

        • Extreme thirst
        • Vomitting
        • A bright red tongue
        • Pale gums
        • Thick saliva
        • Increased heart rate
        • Diarrhea
        • Skin around the neck that doesn’t snap back when pinched

Heat exhaustion occurs when your dog’s body temperature rises above a normal range.  Dogs do sweat through their paws, and also by panting or open mouth breathing.  This is normally how your dog deals with hot temperatures.

When these natural elements of cooling-off our dogs don’t work, we need to be seriously concerned.  Heat exhaustion can cause cardiac arrest and lead to a heat stroke.  Making sure this doesn’t happen, is our responsibility as dog owners.

What are my options

There are so many choices when deciding what type of cooling gear to buy your pet.  Some top items you may want to look for are:

        • Cooling Mat
        • Cooling Collar
        • Cooling Elevated Dog Bed
        • Cooling Vest
        • Cooling Bandana
        • Cool Boots

Depending on what type of activity you and your dog have planned, it will be important to figure out which product will best suit that situation.

Planning ahead before you head outside for some exercise, will be the key to a proactive approach for cooling-off your dog.

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How to choose

Deciding which product you want to purchase for each situation is important.

Just as an example of what I mean, if you are just sitting at the lake, or at home on your patio, the cooling mat or elevated mesh dog bed may work best for that situation.

Throwing the Frisbee around in the dog park, may make a cooling collar the perfect choice for that activity.  A long hike or walk on the other hand, the cooling vest maybe a better choice, as it will tackle cooling your dog’s entire body.

Just like us, when we are outside weeding or doing yard work, putting a cool bandana on our head or neck, helps us battle the heat.  This is the same idea for your dog.  They make a bandana so that it Velcros around your dog’s neck, for easy attachment and will help to keep his head and neck area cool.

Whether you are out camping or just sitting on a patio for the day, your dog generally likes to lay pretty close.  My dog’s certainly do.

The idea of a cooling mat or elevated dog bed for them to lay on, really helps to ensure they aren’t laying on the hot deck or ground for hours.

Cooling gear for your dog - Petco Screenshot
Ever time I see someone on the hottest day of the year out walking their dog on the sidewalk or paved pathway, makes me Grinch a little.  We put shoes on our feet when we head out for a walk so we aren’t barefoot.

WHY is it that we don’t think that our dogs feet need to be protected from the burning hot concrete.  Well they do!  This is a HUGE mistake.

All we need to do is buy our dog a pair of Cooling Boots.  Yes this is a real thing.  They are like the winter style of boots you can buy for your dog, only they are mesh and made for summer.  Cooling  boots are a bit harder to find, but they are out there.

With all the amazing choices we have to pick from, there is no excuse for your dog not to be protected from the heat.

How do they work

Some cooling products like the bandana, and collars, are cooled by soaking them in cold water.  Then you ring out the excess water and put it on your dog.  This will cool your dog for hours.  They are made from a lightweight, breathable material that allows moisture to be retained.  Just make sure that they are chemical free and free of other potentially harmful components.

The cooling vests are similar in the sense that you soak them to cool them off first.  But they work in a bit of a different way.

Being made of a mesh design, helps wick away the heat and allows the moisture to actually evaporate.  By keeping the heat away from your dog’s body, it then keeps them cool.  Very similar to how we sweat out our body temperature through our sweat glands.

beach dog

Cooling vest, are also very stylish and some even have reflective padding on them.  Adjustable side straps allow you to get the vest tight to the body, but not to tight.  You want a nice snug fit.

Whether you decide to buy a cooling mat or elevated dog bed, they both work to keep your pet from laying on the very hot ground or surface.

The cooling mat offers a few different options: one is a gel style of mat that you can put in the freezer to get cold.

Another option is a mat that requires you to put cold water in through the valve on the end and when it gets hot, you drain and refill with cold water.  Both of these are great choices.

No excuse for heat exhaustion

Making sure our dogs stay cool and healthy is our parental responsibility.  There is absolutely no excuse for your dog to suffer through dangerous heat stroke, or even cardiac arrest.

Protecting them from these types of serious consequences does not cost more than around $50.  The idea of not spending this little bit of money, just isn’t worth the risk.

Cooling Gear For Your Dog CTA

As we know, Vet bills can quickly get out of control.  Just spending a small amount of money at the start of summer, can save you potential thousands of dollars in Vet costs.

Be smart, and protect your dog.  We all know that people can die from Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.  Dogs are no different.

My final thought on our dogs and the summer heat.  If it’s too hot for you to be outside, it’s too hot for your dog.  Make smart choices and maybe just wait til the eve for your walk.





10 thoughts on “Cooling Gear For Your Dog | Tackling The Summer Heat”

  1. Awesome post at exactly the right time! Summer is quickly approaching and I love reading about puppy articles. I want my pup to be well-suited and comfortable as he runs around playfully this summer. I love your recommended suggestions for cooling gears and I will be sure to invest in one or more this summer for my Harvey. I bookmarked your page!

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ben,

      That is great to hear that you enjoyed my post. I really aim to provide dog owners with great tips and ideas, that they may not have thought or just don’t know about.

      Anything we can do as pet owners, to make sure our dogs are safe and happy is really the most important thing.

      I am excited that you will be coming back to see what’s next. Let me know how you make out with your Harvey. I love the name by the way. Very cool!

      Enjoy your summer filled with adventure.

      Thank you


  2. Last year we adopted an Aussie who look more like a Burmese.  He’s large and fluffy so the heat in the Midwest US may be a bit much for him.  I am very interested in the cooling mat to put in his kennel while the family is out of the house.

    Thank you so much for posting these solutions!  I will definitely look into them.

    • Hi Colby,

      I really appreciate you sharing your comments on my post. I absolutely love Aussie’s, they are so amazing. Yes they do have a lot of hair, so for them, the cooling mat would be a great idea on the floor in his kennel.

      Give the cooling mat a try and if there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know.

      Thank you for your thoughts. Good luck with your Aussie.


  3. Thank you, Coralie, I enjoyed reading your post on cooling gear for your dog. I never thought about getting boots to keep my dogs’ paws from burning on the hot summer ground. I will have to research to find cooling boots for dogs, as you said the may be hard to find.
    The cooling bandana is the easiest to find and use. Will I have to worry about my dog getting a rash from having a wet bandana wrapped around their neck?

    • Hi LeNard,

      I am glad that you found my post informative for you and your dog. The dog bandana is by far the easiest way to cool off your dog. My dog always wears a normal bandana anyway so for me the cooling bandana works best.

      All the cooling bandana’s I have had, are non toxic and should not bother your dog’s neck at all.

      Thanks again for sharing your comments. Best of luck this summer with your dog.


  4. Nice article! As a proud dog owner myself, I am always open to new products that will benefit my dog. I am sure she would love something to keep her cool in the summer as she loves to be outside, even when it’s hot and she’s panting away. I feel like the cooling bandana would be a good option… and give her some style! Haha. Which one(s) do you personally use out of the options you listed?

    • Hi Kohl

      Thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear that you are also a proud dog owner. Dogs are awesome.

      I really love when I find out new dog stuff I didn’t know, so it’s important I can share all of it with fellow dog owners.

      My dog Finn always wears a bandana, so the cooling bandana it the option I chose. It really works great for him. It’s easy to put on and really does keep him cool.

      The good think about the bandana is it is very inexpensive, so try it on your girl, you won’t be disappointed.

      I appreciate your feedback.


  5. Such a great article and lots of good tips to keep our beloved dogs cool in the summer.  We always make sure Cyrus is cool, and that there is plenty of water available, and that he can either get into water or shade.  I am sensitive to the sun myself, so I’m super concerned about it for everyone around me, including Cy.  Thanks again.

    • Hi Babsie

      Cyrus sounds like he is a pretty lucky guy and gets pretty well taken care of. That is so great.

      As we know not everyone is as cautious as us. So I’m hoping with this post to get people to understand, that we have to be careful with the heat and our dogs. It sure doesn’t take long to get super hot.

      I love your stories about Cyrus, so thank you for sharing.



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