Cute Animal Friendships | How It Makes Us Feel

When it comes to making friends, sometimes there can be an immediate connection.  It can defy all logic if the people are completely different from each other.  When you see them together it may seem like an odd match, but yet they become the best of friends.

Sometimes the friendship may even make you feel like you’ve known that person your entire life.  Like you can’t imagine your life before you met them.

best friends
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For animals the same thing can be said.  The friendship that dogs and other animals can have with each other can even last a lifetime.  There are animals friendships we expect to see and then there are the ones we’ve never seen before.  Just like people, animals can have odd friendships with each other.

Having access to social media, YouTube and the internet has really given us the amazing chance to see some of these cute animal friendships up close.  With the click of our finger tips we can see pics, videos and even read the full story of these strange looking friends.

It’s actually good for you

A study published in PLOS One says that looking at cute animal pairings actually makes us feel better.  The Power of Kawaii, Kawaii meaning “cute”, says that the feeling we get when we are seeing these images or videos, makes us feel positive emotions.

When we feel these positive emotions, it actually allows us to focus much more narrowly on what we are doing. Viewing these images can make us concentrate better and pay more attention to what we are trying to do.

animal friends

Another study led by Hiroshi Nittono who did 3 experiments with 132 university students found that cute images actually make us more productive.  How it works is, when we are tackling a more detailed oriented task, we can zero in on what we are doing more easily.

One of the 3 studies that was conducted took 48 students and had them play a game very similar to the game of Operation.  You remember the game where you use a set of tweezers to take out tiny plastic organs without touching the sides.

After playing one round, they had half of the students actually look at cute baby animals while the rest of the students looked at adult animal pics.  The students that look at the cuter baby animals pics actually improved their performance in the second round.  They continued the game but at a slower more deliberate pace.  For the second group, their performance was exactly the same.

When we see images or videos that make bring us joy, our face lights up and we tend to have a permanent smile.

True friendships

If you have every had a true friend, you know how important that person can be in your life.

We know that finding a true friend is not easy and can take some time.  When you do find them they make you smile when you see them.  The things that you do together make you laugh and feel joy.

Animals show us that when it comes to who that best friend is there are no rules in that friendship.  They don’t discriminate against one species or another.   A true friend is loyal, loving and adds something special to your life.

dog and bird

When you are low, they pick you up.  Your friend is a shoulder to lean on and without saying one word to each other you know the friendship is a promise for a lifetime.

Watching animals and their friends together is absolutely magical.  They somehow find each other and build a bond that can last their entire life.

Real stories

There are some amazing true stories of animal friendships that when you see them, you think WHAT?  How in the world are those 2 friends.

I want to share a few of my favorites that I really love and of course laughed at.

First up is a baby Hippo that somehow managed to survive a Tsunami in Kenya and was found stranded on the reef. When the baby Hippo was rescued, they decided to call him Owen.  Owen was taken to a rescue park named Haller Park.  The second Owen was released in the park scared and confused, he immediately ran to cower behind a 130-year-old Tortoise named Mzee.

Mzee quickly came to terms with his new-found friend and the two continue to spend their time together in the ponds of the park.  There unusual friendship has even garnered them media and newspaper attention.  Everyone is fascinated by this unique bond.

Owen and Mzee

Another super unusual friendship that blew my mind was the real life friendship of Osiris and Riff Rat.  Osiris is a 3-year-old Dutch shepherd therapy dog.  Riff Rat is just like his name says, he is a 3-month-old Rat.  Osiris will actually let Riff Rat crawl into his mouth and clean his teeth.  Seeing them together is just the coolest thing.  You would think that Osiris would actually eat Riff Rat, but he doesn’t.

Osiris has helped foster and care for hundreds of different animals.  He is just the most gentle and sweet dog.  This story just proves that any animal friendship is possible and size doesn’t really matter.

Osiris and Riff Rat

One of my last real unique friendships that I want to share is a story of gigantic proportion.  This story takes place in the Myrtle Beach Safari park in South Carolina.  This adorable friendship is between Bella the black Labrador and Bubbles the African Elephant. Yup that’s right!

Bubbles was rescued from Africa when both of her parents were found killed by poachers for their ivory.  When Bubbles was first rescued, she only weighed 342 pounds and was 42 inches tall.  She now weights 4 tons and is 9 feet tall.

The contractor that was hired at the park to build the pool for Bubbles left his dog Bella behind. Somehow these 2 found each other and today are the best of friends.

They can be seen playing in the pool frequently together.  There has even been pics of them playing fetch together. Bella will get on Bubbles’s back, and Bubbles will throw the ball with her trunk while Bella jumps off to retrieve it. This really is the cutest thing to see.

Bella and Bubbles

Pictures that capture unique friendships

Animals are much like us in the fact that they can develop unbreakable bonds with cross species animals. This is much like we have with our cats and dogs.  We are not the same species, but yet we create such wonderful relationships that enable us to call them our best friends.

Watching animals of different species become friends we get to see they form the most unbelievable partnerships.  Whether it is a dog with a horse or a pig and some chicks.  These unique friendships fascinate us and just make us feel happy.

Here are some unique friendship that fall into this category.

dog and cow

How about a dog and a cow.  These two are good friends that certainly don’t seem like they would be.

Horse and dog

This horse and dog really do love each other.  You can tell by the way the horse nestles up against the dog.

Pig and chicks

Friendship wrap-up

For me personally, one of the main reasons that I am even on FB is to see all the cute animals friendships that have been captured through pictures and videos.  Maybe I am having a down day, or just need a pick me up in the middle of my day.  Whatever the reason is, watching them makes me happy.

true friends

The second I find a video I love, I am also that much more likely to share that joy with a co-worker, friend or family member.  We may even crack up simply just because of the cuteness overload.  Laughing out loud actually improves my outlook for the rest of the day.  Somehow having a few more hours left of work doesn’t seem so bad.

Our lives today are so fast paced and at times crazy, we sometimes forget to be social with the people around us. Sharing and laughing with someone else allows us to really connect with someone else.

My goal for writing this post, was really just to share some absolutely adorable pics and bring joy to someone that may just need a little pick me up today.

Good friendships are hard to find!

20 thoughts on “Cute Animal Friendships | How It Makes Us Feel”

  1. I’m about to exploit full of those cute-related-brain-chemicals after taking a look at all these pics. Thanks a lot for bringing to us such a great pics compilation.

    The first history (the one of Owen Hippo and the tortoise) is my favorite one. I probably relate to that because my best friend came into my life by giving me a great deal of support and then stayed forever (Tha makes me the Hippo :).

    Some times I get the feeling that animals have so much more humanity within than what we sometimes expect from human fellows. 

    Thanks for the pleasant reading in this great post!

    • Hello Juan,

      HAHA! I love your story about how you and your best friend have stayed friends forever.  These are the people that we need to have in our life.  Ultimately they complete us! LOL!

      Watching animals create similar type friendship makes me so happy.  So many of these stories start out with them being alone and needing a friend.  Then when they do find a friend that is so different then they are it just goes to show that you never really know what you are looking for.

      Thank you for sharing and your comments on my post.


  2. I can absolutely relate to this concept of friendship because i have experienced it myself. I have to admit, I agree completely with the idea that watching cute animals blossom in their friendship creates a feeling positivity and joy, especially when the pairing is very unlikely. The story of osiris and riff rat does carry a lot of significance. This has been a real delight. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rhain,

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post.  I just felt so much joy researching and learning about all these amazing friendships. Animals constantly amaze me how they adapt and can create long lasting cross species friends without much work at all.

      It is exciting to know that it made you feel happy, that was my goal.



  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us, and like you, it has surprised me a lot. I have a dog and a horse in my house and the friendships I have enjoyed cannot really be expressed in words.

    Seeing their friendship, I also think if I had such a friend in my life, life would have changed a lot. But it’s really difficult to know who’s really a friend. It took a long time for these two creatures to be friends in my house but their friendship is so strong that it can never be broken without death.

    In fact, friendship requires time, and there are no rules of friendship. The species does not discriminate. True friends are loyal, loving, and add something special to life. And their friendship makes me very happy .

    I hope that by reading this article, the friendship of these animals will change the outlook on the lives of people like us and our friendships will be so. Your article is really great and I enjoyed it a lot .

    • Hi Shanta,

      Hearing your story about your dog and a horse, just brings me such joy.  I love when people share their own stories with me.  It makes all the hard work worth it.

      True friends are really hard to find, and at times we aren’t sure how good of friends they really are.  More times then not we are shown their level of friendship when things are tough and if we are going through difficult times in our own life.  A friend that sticks when times are tough is a real friend.

      Thank you for sharing the joy and happiness my post brought you.  I do hope it makes someone else feel some joy in there day.  Thank you again.



  4. Good talk. I have a niche on animals in general, most especially the dog. They’re kind human best friends.  I agreed with you on dogs that when we see them together it may seem like an odd match, but yet they become the best of friends. I think your site is for dog lovers.  Good job and we expect more content to read on your site, I appreciate the information on it as well. Thanks. 

    • Hello,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post.  I do get such great joy when I hear about dogs that have unique friendships with animals.  I obviously love dogs, so it just makes me happy.

      Thank you so much for sharing.


  5. Great post…I think the images actually DID brighten my day momentarily. I love how mature your site is…several relevant ads that could appeal to animal lovers, but not too many that would turn someone off. I’m not certain that the ad for Wealthy Affiliate belongs on a dog/pet blog…but you may be getting traction on it, so take that comment with a grain of salt. The content is fun and informative while the images are cute as a button.

    My only critique is (2) typos….

    1 – “They somehow find eatc other and build a bond that can last their entire life.”

    2 – “Bubbles was rescued from African when both of her parents were found killed by poachers for their ivory.”

    Nothing that a spell check and quick proof read can’t fix

    Enjoyed reading this post….Keep up the good work…!

    • Hi Bob,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and comments on my post.  I appreciate you pointing out my typos, and I have gone and fixed those up. It’s funny I can read and reread a post yet still miss the odd little typo. 

      I may take your advice and remove my WA banner.  I wasn’t sure if it fit there or not either, so I will ponder that a bit more. LOL!

      All the wonderful things you said about my site, are so much appreciated.  I have poured my heart into it.



  6. Hello Coralie, thank you for sharing this amazing post revealing some cute animal friendships and how they make us feel. It’s truly amazing to see different animals and of different species making friends and remaining friends. Just as you have said, most of the relationships are weird and many of them are attention grabbing and actually make us think positively. Seeing some pictures you have shared on this page actually gave me some sort of excitement within me. I love this.

    • Hi MrBiizy,

      I love that you read my post and that it brought you some joy and happiness.  Finding happy and interesting topics always seems to follow with people engaging in the topic.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and comments. 


  7. Hi Coralie,

    I’ve always been a fan of cute animal friendships. The one with the pig and ducklings is especially cute.

    A favourite of mine was from an advert for Nikon (the camera company) and it was a kitten riding on the back of a tortoise.

    Being filled with happiness doesn’t surprise me; but it leading to better performance in operation, that one is a bit of a shock lol

    • Hi Nate,

      I do remember that commercial and it was very cute for sure.  So funny to see odd animals friendships.  Makes me think that a friend really can be anyone that there can be a connection with it doesn’t matter the species.

      When people are happy, it does makes sense that they are more productive. I know myself, when I am happier, I tend to work just that much harder.

      Thank you for your comments and sharing on my post.


  8. I have no doubt on this. Merely looking at cute animal friendship elevates us physically and emotionally for the better. Sometimes it brings laughter. Our moody character will change positively. What amazes me the most is the story of Osiris and the Riff Rat. Thank you for sharing this. It was a good read.

    • Hi Leon,

      I notice an instant mood change on myself when viewing such happy unique stories.  They are all such cute stories. I also can’t believe that Riff Rat and Osiris story.  I had never seen anything like it.

      It makes me happy that you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you.


  9. This really makes me remember when I looked at a cute animal picture on Facebook shared by a friend.  It was so cute that I felt real better throughout that day at work. I could not help but show it to my colleagues. Even, some funny animal videos also helps to give us this joy and kind of satisfying of life. It can change our mood for the better. Thank you for this post. You’ve really enlightened me more.

    • Hi Kell,

      I love all the animal videos and pics on facebook too. Sometimes I think that is the only reason that I go on there. LOL!

      They seem to relief my stress if I am having a bad day. I call it my pick me up. 

      Thank you for your wonderful comments on my latest post.



  10. Hey, I enjoyed a lot reading your guide on Cute Animal Friendships. You are doing an awesome work for dog lovers with such useful info. In fact, friendship requires time, and there are no rules of friendship. The species does not discriminate. True friends are loyal, loving, and add something special to life. And their friendship makes me very happy .

    Good job and we expect to be reading more content on your site, I appreciate the information on it as well. Thanks.

    • Parveen,

      Meeting and having a true friend is not something to take lightly that is for sure.  A friend that just gets you, is something special.  They are the ones in your life that are always there no matter what.

      Dog lovers are special to me, and if I can help in any way, that brings me joy.

      Thank you for kind words on my post.  I really appreciate it.



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