Designer Beds For Dogs | Making Your Dog A ROCKSTAR

 Yes designer beds for dogs!  It is a real thing. When it comes to our dogs, we all know that in order to be considered a “GOOD PARENT” we need to spoil our dog’s rotten and that’s the truth. HAHA she says somewhat jokingly!  They are not just pets, they our family! .

Seriously though, owning a pet gives us a license to shop and sometimes that means we need to break the bank. There is nothing that we won’t buy for our dogs.  We do it just to show them how much we love them. There is no better way to do that, then to purchase high quality dog bedsNothing but the best for our babies!

dog in pet bed
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Why a designer bed

First of all one of the most important purchases that we need to make for our dog is a good bed.  Whether we are, working all day, or sitting watching TV, don’t we want our dog to be comfortable.  Yes, of course we do!

When you really stop and think about how many hours our dogs really do sleep, it is literally mind blowing.  They sleep a lot! 12-14 hours per day.  Most of the day while we are away at work, they are sleeping. We come home at the end of the day to hopefully sit and get some R & R with them its important they are as relaxed as we are.

Designer beds offer many luxurious choices compared to just some cheap bed you have picked up.  Yes you can pick those up from anywhere, but they really aren’t that good.  The quality you get from a designer bed will offer some serious comfort, quality and most of all you dog will have KING SIZE STYLE.

Don’t our dogs deserve the best choice?


The many choices you will get to chose from if you step up you dog bed game is unbelievable.  It’s almost like buying a real bed for yourself.

There are beds with :

Buying one of these high quality dog bed will be amazing for you dog.

They all look very high class and have fantastic quality.  It doesn’t matter if you dog is big or small, old or young there is bed out there for you dog to fit his needs.

Designer Dog Beds - Petco Sofa Screenshot

My dog Boo is getting up there in age now, so it was important for me to give him some extra cushion for his old bones to rest on.  The choice for him was easy, get a bed with memory foam.

Finn the “doodle” on the other hand has always had expensive taste.  He requires a bed with full on stiff sides, so that when he lays down, he can put his head off on to the sides.  Maybe that’s why his nickname is “the million $ doodle” HAHA!

Individual needs for every dog.  Finding the right dog bed for you dog is very important.

My 2 dogs have totally different needs when it comes to what kind of bed they need.  My doodle Finn prefers a bed that he can get in and wrap himself in a circle with the walls around his body to protect him.  He likes the stiff sides of the bed. that way he can rest his head.

Boo on the other hand needs more of an orthopedic style bed with extra cushion for his old little body.  This style of bed helps with pressure points for sore bones.  It also needs to have lots of soft cozy fabric that he can snuggle into. Something very plush and hopefully something he can fluff a bit.

You can see how just with my 2 dogs, how different their bed needs really are.

Designer Dog Beds - Petco Screenshot

Style & decoration

I don’t know about you, but every living room, basement rumpus room and bedroom in my house has as different bed.  Each bed is different depending on which room it is going in to.

When I go to purchase a bed for each separate room it is important the bed also matches or flows with my existing furniture.

My dog beds are a main fixture in my home.  The dog bed in my living room sits next to my leather couch, so buying some cheap ratty bed would look totally out of place.

Dog bed button

I wanted something classy and stylish to blend with my furniture, so I opted for a faux leather bed that kind of looks like a mini couch.

The dog bed in the bedroom is more of a soft cozy bed that fits right in with the style in that room.  There are so any to chose from…..the sky really is the limit!

Wild One Dog Bed Screenshot

Final decision

When it comes to purchasing a designer dog bed, the most important think is that its, stylish, supportive and overall a good fit for you dog and you home.  Every dog is different and every dog has his/her own unique needs.

It is very easy to stop at some cheap store and pick up a bed.

The overall performance, look, and longevity of the bed should play a part in how much you spend on the bed.

We don’t want our dogs laying on some bed every single day that is made out of, god knows what with potential dangerous cheap fabric or stuffing.

They spend a lot of time in these beds, so just like us, its important to do you homework to see what your dog bed is made of and where it came from.


8 thoughts on “Designer Beds For Dogs | Making Your Dog A ROCKSTAR”

  1. I spent a lot of money for my doggy’s bed a couple of years ago – it is a specialised memory foam mattress for doggies and it is made from all natural fibres that don’t hold odor, or flea eggs, or additional heat (my girl runs very hot, so this was an important factor for me), and most importantly, the memory foam is designed to take pressure off joints which was my priority in buying Sadie a good bed, because she is super active and I need to look after her joints long time!

    I have a good mattress for myself, because of the number of hours I lay on it, and I thought my doggy deserves that same love and care in having a suitable bed for her too!

    • Hi Josie,

      Thank you for sharing your doggy bed story. The memory foam beds are great for the older dogs like you said. They really offer great support for their old bones.

      I have 4 different dog beds in my house, and they all get used at some point or another. They are all different, so they can pick and choose which one they feel like laying in at that moment.

      Best of luck with your girl.


  2. Dog products are become more and more sophisticated, I’m constantly falling in love with them!  When trying to decide on any, I admit my first priority, after looking at whether or not it fits in with my companion’s comfort needs, is how easy are they to clean and/or maintain their form?

    For the bed options on this page, would I end up with a high weekly cleaning bill if I opt for e.g. an Egyptian cotton designer bed?  

    With the year’s different seasons, I tend to choose one set of beddings suitable for the hot summer nights and another set great for creating a cozy winter’s night.

    • Hi Cath,

      The beauty of almost all types of good dog beds, they offer either a cover, or detachable part that can be washed in the machine. Even the egyptian cotton bed I have, has a detachable pillow that is machine washable.  Lucky for us, we don’t need to spend a bunch of money cleaning the beds. As we know, dogs have a tendency to get dirty, when they come in from outside.

      I like your idea of choosing a bed, based on the season outside. Muddy and wet times of year, it is nice to have something way more durable, and then in summer put out a much more luxurious pet that won’t get as dirty. My house has a ton of dog beds, so more than one is always a great idea.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Thank you for the information on dog beds.  I didn’t know there were so many kinds available.  I have an old doggie my self, so we need the memory foam type.  So happy to see so many varieties.  Also, I get the designer aspect of the dog bed.  We always keep a nice color coordinated bed in the living room, but as they get ratty, they get moved to the bedroom, and the rattiest goes in the trash.  Anyway, next time I shop for a dog bed, I will come back and visit your site to make sure we are getting what our dog needs.  Thank you again!

    • Hi Roxydog

      Thank you so much for your comments on my dog bed post. It is funny, how color coordinating actually plays a part in where that particular dog bed ends up in the house.

      I am with you, the older dog beds, can be tough to pull away from our dogs. My dog Finn has a very old bed, that he loves, and I don’t have the heart to part with. So like you, I hide it when company comes, as it is a bit ratty.  LOL!

      There are so many choices now that make it super easy to blend into our home and also provide our dogs with the comfort they need in a good dog be.

      I look forward to you coming back to my site, and if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know anytime.

      Thank you


  4. Hello Coralie, this is a very interesting post. I really wish to meet or see your dog, the million $ the doodle. I like Hus excellent and unique taste. He surely would love a lot of fun. But my dog Shelly is the boss lady. She loves the fluffy and soft type of beds where she would rest most times and that gives the perfect reason she shares my bed with me. I wouldn’t mind getting a bed for her almost as queenly as she is so she would allow me to rest and enjoy my bed alone. You have any suggestions of quality beds I can check out for her?

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      My boy Finn, would love to meet you also. He is the sweetest kindest dog around. I’ve never met a dog quite like him. Of course, I am totally bias. HAHA

      Shelly sounds like she is a real cutie. My little dog Boo also like the cozy cuddly beds. There are some really great dog beds out there to chose from. One of my favourite ” >Queenie type dog bed is much like a dog sofa, that is super soft and cozy. Check it out and see what you think.

      It is super stylish and has a removable washable cushion.

      Thanks for sharing your Shelly stories with me. I love hearing from other dog owners.



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