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Did you know that you now can also have a DNA test for a dog?  Yes you can.  This is now an easy breezy way to get a glimpse into the story behind your dog.  It is a simple easy process as simple as a kit being mailed to your front door.

When it comes to uncovering the mystery behind who we are and where we come from, DNA has been used to uncover this mystery for many years.

DNA test for a dog
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We all know that humans can have their DNA tested to help them understand their ancestry and for of course to take a look at their genetics.  There are many positive and important reasons why people need to know what their DNA tells them about themselves.  Many are healthy related, and some are just because they want to know their true history.

So why not test your dogs DNA?

Why test my dogs DNA

You may think that testing your dogs DNA seems strange and unnecessary.  But have you ever wondered about your dogs history.  It doesn’t matter if your dog is a rescue dog, a dog from a neighbor, or from a breeder.  When we get our dogs, we honestly never truly know the truth about our dogs genetic makeup.

Yes a breeder can say your dog is 1/2 Lab and 1/2 Poodle, but aren’t you just trusting them that the information they have given you is truthful.  What about your dogs parents… Wouldn’t it be cool to find out more information about your dog?

dog dna testing

Once you get your head around the idea of testing your dogs DNA, there are actually some very positives reason as to why it would be a good idea to do it.

The first most important reason to test your dogs DNA, is to get a glimpse into your dogs health.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to understand what health your dog may face down the road.  Are they at risk of certain health conditions?

Then lets not forget about the physical aspects of who your dog is.  The actual traits that your dog has that make them the size, color, type of hair, energy level and breed, that they are.

When we get our dogs we are often told things like:

We think they are this breed or that breed….

They should turn out to be this color or have this type of hair….

and so many other things

Let’s also not forget that all the data that gets collected from all the dogs that get tested can actually help with dog research.  Learning everything we can about ever dog breed is some pretty important stuff.

All these questions or traits that we are curious about and want to know are easily found out by doing a DNA test.

Dog DNA history

The ability to test your dogs DNA, has not been around all that long.  It first started in 2007 when the Mars Petcare first launched the ability to test dog DNA.

When they first came out, you could only get your dogs DNA test by going through your Veterinary.  But back then, they actually need to draw some blood to be able to do the test.

Dog dna love

By going through the Vet, this meant that the Vets needed to be on board with it.  To be honest, according to Angela Hughes, the veterinary-genetics research manager at Mars’ Wisdom Health division Vets weren’t really that interested in the product.

Once the public got in on the idea of doing testing, Mars quickly realized that there was a huge demand for the product on the individual market.  The big issue was having to go through the Vet.

Luckily by 2009, the company was able to physically change the way the test needed to be preformed.  Now they can simply get DNA results from saliva, blood draws are no longer needed.

What this change did was enabled Mars Petcare to directly offer their product to dog parents  who were interested in getting their dogs DNA tested.

Ever since the technological change in testing, the dog DNA testing market has gotten very large and a tad crowded. There are now many companies that offer this type of service.


There are quite a few dog DNA testing companies around today.  All companies offer some type of DNA kit that you order off their website.  They mail you the test kit direct to your home.

Once you get the kit, you open it up and enter the ID that is given to you on the respective website.  Fill out all the required paperwork and read the directions that are in the kit.  Inside the kit you would also find your cotton swabs.

embark DNA test

You then swab the inside of your dogs mouth and cheeks.  Let the swabs dry and then insert them into the pre-paid return packaging.

Then in 2-4 weeks, depending on the company, they will provide your with your online results by email.  You can then print out the documents for yourself to keep.


Ryan and Adam Boyko, who are brothers were very busy prior to the creation of Embark.  They spent a decade of their life dedicated to taking DNA samples from dog all around the world.  They used these results to help research the actual origin of dogs.Embark

Equipped with his personal lab, Adam is actually responsible for uncovering the genetic base for so many dog diseases and traits today.

After working all over the world doing research, the two brothers decided to share their gifts with dogs parents everywhere.  The goal was to help improve dogs lives by providing all this valuable information.  To achieve this, they decided to partner up with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and Spencer Wells a pioneer in consumer genetics.

This partnership was born and so to was Embark.  They are a state-of-the-art company that offers DNA kits to dog parents through the mail all around the globe for a reasonable price.

They offer 2 different DNA kits to choose from. The first one is:

Breed Identification Kit which costs $129 USD.  Or you can also choose to pay in 3 installments of $43 interest-free.

The kit will provide you with breed information on your dog.  They have access to 250+ dog breeds in their list. Along with doing 20 trait tests, also included in this kit is their DNA Relative Finder.  Giving you access to all of your dogs relatives, based on the percentage of DNA that they share.  Pretty neat hey!

Embark test kit

The step up kit offers breed information and health testing.  This kit is called:

Embark Breed + Health Kit which cost $199 USD.  The obvious difference with this kit is that they test your dogs DNA for 170+ health conditions.  So on top of getting all the breed information you will also get testing that looks at 16 different areas of in your dogs body which accounts for the 170+ different health conditions.  Just like the lower priced kit, you will also get the DNA Relative Finder and a Talk with a Vet Geneticist.

Once you choose the kit that best suits your needs, you just order it online from their website.  When the kit arrives, you just follow the well laid out directions and send it back in the prepaid return envelope.

Just like other companies, the results can take 2-4 weeks to arrive my email.  The results will be easy to read and understand.  The Print Report is a PDF file that you can easily print out.  Your Embark Veterinary Report that is sent to you can be a great resource to give to your own Vet to help facilitate a conversation about your dogs health.

What makes them different

Earlier in my post, I mentioned that there are many companies that offer this same type of product or service.  So what makes Embark different?

First of all Embark was created by world leaders in genetics, this makes their testing capabilities the best most comprehensive on the market.  Although other companies do DNA testing, they don’t have the ability to test a dogs breed for example against the same number of scientific breeds Embark does.

get your Embark DNA dog test

This is also the case with Embark’s list of health conditions that they test your dogs DNA against.  170+ health conditions is an absolutely huge list of conditions. This type of health condition testing can tell you if your dog is at an increased risk of a specific disease.

I also should mention that Embark has the highest rate of testing on the DNA Test Kit market.  This alone is a great reason to trust that your dogs DNA test done by Embark is the absolute best choice to make when doing a DNA test for a dog.

One a finale note, I wanted to tell you that Embark takes all data that is collected from all the testing and then uses this information to try to help end preventable dog diseases.

I would love to hear what you thought about my post on Embark DNA dog testing.  I find this product completely fascinating and exciting, so please tell me what you think!




Overall Product







  • Health information
  • Breed information
  • Full report


  • Expense
  • Can take a bit of time for results
  • Only in the USA

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  2. Your guide is very helpful. While reading I know that there are quite a few dog DNA testing companies around today.  All companies offer some type of DNA kit that you order off their website.  They mail you the test kit direct to your home.

    Ryan and Adam Boyko, who are brothers were very busy prior to the creation of Embark. Embark has the highest rate of testing on the DNA Test Kit market.  This alone is a great reason to trust that your dogs DNA test done by Embark. 

    Thanks for awesome update for me.

    • Hello,

      I always love to hear that my post has given someone new information about a topic they may have not known anything about. 

      Embark really is a great company, that has the history and heart to provide us dog lovers access to test our dogs DNA.  All the great information we get from these tests, can really be so helpful. 

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  3. Hello Coralie, 

    I love every bit of this article and the knowledge it passes across to the society at large. 

    We often feel the DNA of our buddy isn’t important and frankly, I use to think like that too until the day my dog fell sick a few weeks after adoption. We had to visit the vet and that was how we needed to see the parent of my dog to see if the disease was hereditary. Since then I have paid close attention to the DNA of any new dog I see around my area. 

    • Hi Benson,

      Your kind and warm comments made my day, so thank you. I am sorry to hear that your dog was sick, and I hope everything turned out OK.  

      Yes the ability to understand what our dogs parents may have had wrong with them could be so helpful in this exact situation.  When it comes to our dogs health, don’t we always want to know the whole story. 

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. 


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    I also have a dog and I did a DNA test on it to find out about its health and history. For this DNA test, I used the embark Breed + Health Kit It to give me amazing results. Yes, I would say those who are aware of pet dog health and are keen to know its history can use such pests that can keep your dog healthy. Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

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    • Hello,

      Glad to hear that you see value in testing a dogs DNA. Once you get over the idea of doing the, you quickly realize how valuable this information can truly be. 

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  6. This post is simply great and I’m delighted you have shared it out here. I am a big time dog lover and I have 4 dogs here at home with me of all different breeds. I never thought about the tendency of having a DNA for them and having read this, I felt somehow that I did not fully get to know them. 

    This post is great and I will ensure to get the needed things necessarily done concerning having a DNA for them

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Yes getting your dogs DNA does offer much helpful information.  It is also just an interesting way to learn everything that you can about what your dogs breed history is.

      I find it fascinating to try to look at a dog and see if I know what breed they are.  Then there are those dogs that are suppose to be a certain breed and end up being something completely different. 

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 


  7. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article which is very helpful to me. I have a dog and I think DNA testing is very important for dogs .

    DNA testing is very important for understanding the genetics of a dog. I am very aware of my dog’s health and through DNA tests I have had positive results.  The Breed Identification Kit is my favorite for my dog’s DNA test personally and it is within my budget.  The kit provided me with breed information for my dog .

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    • Hello Shanta,

      Yes please share my post, I appreciate it. It is so great to hear that you found my post informative and helpful.  I think it is good to know as much as we can about our dogs. Any information we get from the DNA health test is bound to provide us be aware of what may be coming in their future. 

      You are right the breed kit is such a great choice, and it is very affordable. 

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me, I appreciate it. 


  8. Hi Coralie. It has been an interesting history to read and I do remember that time when we could test the DNA to our dog but we had to do it through a vet. It’s good that nowadays going to the vet for this is not necessary.

    Embark DNA dog testing has taken this service to new heights. Thank you Ryan and Adam Boyko! One of the things that today impresses me is that’s super affordable.

    • Hi Paolo,

      I also remember the time not that long ago about needing to get the test for the Vet.  It is truly exciting to see how far it has come in such a short time.  Just imagine 10-20 years from now.  What will they be able to tell us about our dog. 

      When companies like Embark are created and continue to be so innovative, then we all win.  Yes I also think that the price point of these products are off the charts expensive.  Because of that, it is affordable for almost everyone interested. 

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it. 


  9. Hey there,

    Now I see why it is relevant to get my dogs tested for DNA. I have two Goldendoodles. So they are a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. I was always curious why my Luna looked so different, more like a retriever and Cosmos looks more like a poodle. This is quite fascinating to think that these tests also can show existing health conditions. Thank you for sharing this information with me.

    • Hello,

      Congratulations on your 2 Doodles.  They truly are the best.  So sweet and funny, a real joy. 

      I have the exact same situation with our new puppy FERGUS, who is a Labradoodle, but he looks way more Lab then Poodle.  Our previous Labradoodle, was very Poodle.  The difference truly fascinates me. 

      Thank you for sharing your story with me about Luna and Cosmos.  Best of luck to you.  Take care. 


  10. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful article with us. The reason for testing a dog’s DNA is because the dog is always on the road so their health is checked. By examining the DNA of a dog, they can learn about their physical aspects and understand the nature of their shape and color. 

    Various companies are doing a lot of work to test the DNA of a dog, Technology has made it easier for the this process. By reading your article everyone will now know about the DNA test of the dog correctly and share their new experiences with you.

    • Hello,

      I appreciate your thoughts on my post.  Thank you.  Yes, there are many great reasons to test your dogs DNA.  Many health related and other trait characteristics that you want to know. 

      Thanks for sharing. 


  11. Thank you very much for sharing about this. I’ve never realized the importance of testing my pup’s DNA. I and my cousin bought our pups several months ago from pet shop owner, but indeed we shouldn’t take their breed information at face value. Is it safe to use the kit for pups? Thanks in advance for your answer

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comments on my post.  To answer your question, yes you can test a puppy.  All you are doing is swabbing the inside of their cheek.  Super quick and easy. 

      Congratulations on the new pups, and enjoy every moment of it. Best of luck. 



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