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Being a dog parent of 2 wonderful dogs, I know the stress that can happen if your dog somehow gets out of the yard or lost.  At some point I think all of us have experienced that scary feeling.  We love our dogs like our children, so their safety is always a top priority..

In the blink of an eye, your dog can escape from your backyard, or even lost while out walking them.  Sometimes it is as easy as your back gate being left open or your dog sees a squirrel and ripping your arm off the leash to charge at it.

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I have personally had both situations happen to my 2 dogs.  Our dogs got out our backyard a few times and have also had our dog Finn get off the leash before.  Both times Finn took off running before we grab him.  Unfortunately Finn is a bit of a runner and sometimes really won’t listen when you call him to come back.  Boo on the other hand tends to stick pretty close to home.  Even if he does get out, he generally doesn’t go far.

When and if your dog gets away, chasing them most times, doesn’t work.  Panic sets in, as you either hop in the car, or try to see which direction they went so you can follow.

Dog GPS tracking can really offer that peace of mind and provides a much easier way to be able to track your dog.  There are some great GPS trackers out there for you to choose from.  I am going to give you the rundown on some of the great options out there.

GPS trackers free of monthly fees

Findster GPS and Pet Tracker

This Findster GPS tracker is one of the top trackers that requires no monthly fee at all.  It also works as an activity tracker for your pet.  Offering real time GPS tracking of your pet and is best in class in tracking.

The small sleek waterproof design also requires no cell coverage.  Findster will work in Canada as well as in any other country plus if your happen to go off the grid for awhile, don’t worry as this will work anywhere.  Can be used with more than one pet at no extra cost or monthly fee.

You need to download the Findster app for your phone and attach the module to your pet’s collar.  Within the app, you can set a safe area and then anytime your pet actually goes outside that area, you are notified.

Equipped with a battery that will last up to 12 hours if you are hiking,  up to 3 days of 30 min walks or up to 7 days of activity tracking inside the home.

The range for tracking your pet is up to 3 miles (4.8 km).  Now this range will depend on what type of surroundings you are tracking your pet in.   If it is a rural setting obviously you will get a much farther range than in a congested urban area, so keep that in mind when you are using this tracker.

This is a mid to high priced tracker that you can purchase through Amazon.



GPS tracker with monthly fee

Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker –

Tractive GPS tracker is lightweight and waterproof.  Easily attach this device to any dog collar and with the unlimited range of this tracker it makes it a great buy.  Tracking your pet in real time, and it updates the location every 2-3 seconds.

This GPS tracker does require a monthly fee of $7.49 or if you want you can purchase a yearly subscription for a fee of $69.99.  Monitor your pets movements by downloading the app for your smart phone requiring and iOS 8 or greater and for android 4.1 or newer.  Then it will notify you if your pet steps outside the specific area that you have set up using the Tractive virtual fence option.

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Equipped with a rechargeable battery that will last 2-5 days depending on the signal strength of where you are.  The battery recharges quickly in just 2 hours.

You can use this tracker in over 150 different countries.  This tracker has a fully integrated SIM card to work like a smart phone with an active service plan.

Dog GPS Tracking Amazon Review Screenshot

Not only does it track your pet’s current movements, it will also keep track of the history of your pet’s movements.  It can be used for cats or dogs that weigh over 9 lbs (4.5 kg).

The Tracktive GPS has a lower price point, mostly because there is a additional monthly/yearly subscription required and this tracker can be purchased at Amazon.


Dog GPS Tracking Amazon Review Screenshot2

GPS Dog Collars

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

The LINK GPS tracker comes with a  built-in collar, that offers location tracking as well as activity monitoring for your pet.  With this particular tracker unfortunately it will only work in the U.S., so if you are in Canada this is not an option for you. Because this tracker is built-in to a collar, it makes this a different type of option when it comes to GPS tracking for your pet.

This GPS tracking dog collar does require a small monthly service plan to work.  For as low as a $6.95 per month subscription.  With the monthly fee you also get extended warranty on the unit itself as well as complimentary access to the poison control hot-line 24/7.

You can purchase this collar in different sizes to fit your dog.  In order to ensure you get the right size collar for your dog, you need to measure the size of your dog’s neck, to ensure the proper fit.  This is not recommended for use on dogs under 10 lbs.  The collar comes in 2 different styles, leather or the sport option.

By downloading the LINK app, you can monitor your pets activity, GPS location and it will even monitor your pet’s temperature.  The temperature option will notify you if your pet is in an environment that is either too hot or cold.  With this collar, it also comes with another cool option, an LED night light for those evening walks.

LINK collars are one of the higher priced options to purchase.   It also requires the ongoing monthly fee.

You can purchase this option through Amazon.



Dual Use GPS & Training E-Collar

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Track + Train E-Collar –

The Dogtra tracker is a dual use collar that can track your pet, as well being used to train your dog.  What makes this collar different than the other options, is it can be used without cell coverage.

You simply download the free maps and operate it in offline map mode.

There are no extra fees required with this collar, you simply download the app to your smartphone then you are off and running.  You can track up to 21 dogs easily using the satellite views and terrain.  It updates every 2 seconds and offers a zoom in feature for real live action tracking.  This collar is made for dog trainers and people that do outdoor hunting and for people that have working dogs.

Tracking works up to 9 miles away and also offers a geo-fence option that will notify you when your dog is outside the boundary area that you have set up.  The collar is completely water-proof and recommended for dogs that weigh over 35 lbs.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery that will completely recharge within 3.5 hours.  There is a 2 year limited time warranty on this product.

This is a higher priced option and can be purchased through Amazon or Peazz.



GPS Conclusion

When it comes to choosing the right GPS tracker for you and your dog, you need to first determine what your needs are.  Are you looking for a collar, or an easily attachable module that can attach to your dogs existing collar?

Well there are a ton of options out there when it comes to buying a product for tracking your dogs location.

The most important decision you need to make is whether or not you are you willing to pay a monthly fee for your tracking, or do you want a bigger one-time purchase that requires no extra fees.


It can be very overwhelming when you first start looking at all the options out there in GPS tracking.

I have provided some of the more popular dog GPS trackers on the market.  As always it is more important to pay a bit more for a good option than cheap out and get something that won’t last.

Our dogs are the most important things to us in our families and although cost always comes into play, make sure that you choose wisely when you go to make your purchase.  Losing your dog is something that is completely heartbreaking and can be totally avoided by equipping your pet with a good dog GPS tracker.


Do your best to protect your dog at all cost.  The joy they bring to our lives and the unconditional love they give to us makes them one of the most important things in need of protection.  Be smart and choose wisely!

I really hope you have enjoyed my best of review of dog GPS trackers. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.


8 thoughts on “Dog GPS Tracking | Help Keep Your Dog Safe”

  1. This is a device and service that makes so much sense for dog-owners. Anyone that is in an area where there is a chance that your dog could get lost or out can use this. The cost is well worth the peace of mind for me. I have two dogs and the streets are dangerous (car drivers do not watch out for dogs)…

    I like the one-time payment devices better, although there are advantages to using a monthly service plan too as you rightly point out. Given the choice, I might consider this, but here in Dubai, there is no such option that I know of. I will check to see if the Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker will work though, as the price is not that much if you pay annually.

    This is a very useful post and I have bookmarked it. The GPS devices are handy and are not that expensive no matter the solution selected. Anyone that has gone through the trauma of losing their pet will understand the great innovation that these devices are for their pet dogs… Thanks…

    • Hi Dave,

      I am really glad that you enjoyed my post on Dog GPS’s.  You are so right that anyone that has lost their dog knows how heartbreaking it really is.  I believe that every dog owner wants to avoid having to go through that.  Dogs are family so anything we can do to protect them is important.  

      You are the first person I have met that lives in Dubai. Very cool! I am excited that you are going to check out availability there for your pups. 

      Thank you for sharing your story with me.  I love talking to other dog owners, especially when you are a world away. 


  2. We also own a dog here but unlike your dogs, ours is a street dog. He eats almost anything, fights almost anything, and when it comes to health,our dog always get sick because of the harshness of the streets.

    When he gets sick, we find it hard tracking him and where he’s hiding. Do you think these GPS tracking devices can help us?

    How about being tough, is it also tough for a street dog like ours? He’s just a street dog, but he’s important to us.

    • Hi Gomer,

      I appreciate you sharing your own dog story with me.  I do think that a dog GPS tracker would help your dog and his situation.  The trackers are meant for you to be able to see where they are and where they have been. 

      Most trackers require a smartphone app to be downloaded and the tracker put on your dog in an actual collar or clipped onto an existing collar.

      My dog has never been in a fight, so in your case, you will want to pick the proper tracker for the tougher situations he is in.  I would try the LINK GPS tracker as it is a full on collar and less likely to get easily broken.

      I hope this helps. Best of luck and thank you.


  3. I was wondering how you feel about microchipping your dog.  Is that a better option than the GPS trackers?  

    I am not really interested in adding a monthly fee and I see that you have a couple of options where there is no monthly fee.  Do those trackers not have as big as a range as the trackers with a monthly fee?  If the range is the same, I would think most people would prefer no fee.  What extras do you get with a monthly fee tracker?  

    • Hi Marla,

      Thank you for commenting on my post.  To answer your questions, first off microchipping is great and I do recommend it, but microchipping only gives the owner’s name and address.  It does not help you find your dog unless someone else finds him.  If your dog is just roaming, you would need to use a GPS tracker to locate them.

      When it comes to purchasing a tracker with no monthly fees, Findster GPS would be a good fit as it’s a one time fee and has a range of 5 kms. Which is a very good distance.

      Now if you wanted a tracker with unlimited range, you would have to go with a monthly fee tracker like Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker.

      I hope this helps answer your questions. If there is anything else you need help with, please let me know.

      Best of luck.


  4. I’m not a dog owner myself yet but my children have been nagging me to get a black lab for a while now so I promised I would get them one as soon as I have learned all about how to look after a dog and what we will need to keep it safe and healthy and it seems that all dogs need to be chipped these days and I thought that they got it for free for some reason

    I know that the chip is only good for when the dog gets found so I suppose having a GP tracker would make a lot of sense as you can find the dog straight away rather than wait for it to turn up somewhere 

    Is the Findster GPS and pet tracker a good one to start with?

    • Hi Matthew,

      It is exciting to hear your comments. You are so right about microchipping it only helps if your dog is found.

      The Findster GPS tracker is a great choice as there are no monthly fees with it.  You just pay the one time purchase price and you are all set.  The other good thing about this GPS is that is also gives you the activity tracker to monitor your dogs activity.

      I am happy that you are thinking of getting a dog for your kids. Labs are amazing and it would be a great choice for you.

      Thanks Matthew for sharing.



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