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Dog Helios outdoor company makes an amazing product that will provide wind protection, waterproof in a full-bodied lined jacket.

Any dog parent will tell you that taking their dog out for daily walks is a must.  We all want to ensure that we are giving our dog the best possible chance to live a long and healthy life.  Exercise is one the main ways that we can do that.

dog helios outdoor company
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Dog parents that live in areas where the weather plays a part in whether or not we can go outside or not need to consider the impact that will have on their dog.

Just like us, our dogs get cold just like we do.  For this reason, it is important to make sure that we protect our dog for the elements.  The way to do that is to purchase a jacket or suit that completely covers them.

Who is Dog Helios

The company originated in 2007 by former top designers in the human outerwear market.  They decided to go in the dog market.   It started out from a byproduct of the Touchdog brand that had originated in Southern Asia by the talented designer Leo.

In 2009 a partnership with Dog Helios and Pet Life was formed.  Pet Life being one of the largest companies in North American in the manufacturing of fashion and designer pet products. Combining together they decided to include the most talented former designers in the outerwear staple brands.

dog helios

The talented team along with some out sourcing engineered some really great outdoor dog products.  They decided to go into the dog outerwear market by making human grade performance wear for dogs.

Dog Helios collections of merchandise is sold in over 45 million countries and on all 5 continents.  To date they are one of the largest camping and dog hiking outwear brand for dogs.


The talented team engineered some really amazing outdoor dog products.

They set out to make the best line of products for dogs. These include:

All products are rigorously tested and the company stands behind every product that they make.  The goal is to make the best products that will withstand the worst of weather and terrain that you and your dogs may encounter.

They believe that their designs are amazing products, but also as part of their brand they are striving to make changes to the way dogs are treated and to boost adoption around the world.

Full bodied dog jacket

The Weather-King Ultimate is the full-bodied dog jacket that I think is absolutely the coolest dog jacket I have ever seen.  This jacket is sure to make taking your dog out in bad weather much more protected with it on.

In order to create this extreme weather jacket, they chose to use fabrics that had cutting edge technology in warmth and in quality.   Made with BlackShark heat-retention technology which is the inner-lining of the jacket.  This helps your dogs body heat reflect and puts it back into the body.

The fabric itself is very:

  • lightweight
  • impermeable
  • waterproof
  • windproof
  • tear-resistant
  • snow proof
  • breathable

The outer shell is made of a waterproof treated polyester blend.  On the outside there is a reflective 3M tubing which is great at night for security and is also equipped with Velcro adjustable sleeves.  The adjustable sleeve stops any cold air from seeping in the cuffs.


The Weather-King Jacket

To stop any drafts from coming in the neck area of the jacket, there is an adjustable neck area.  The attached hood completely opens up very close to the face area to help ensure that your dogs face is protected from frostbite.  You can adjust the hood area to the size that you want based on your dogs face.

Around the belly and chest area there is also adjustable Velcro straps to loosen or tighten around your dogs midsection to get it snug enough to make it a custom fit.

To top it off style wise, the jacket has accented embroidery and cool prints to make it stand out.

It comes in multiple sizes:


10-12″: SMALL

14-16″: MEDIUM

18-20″: LARGE


Along with all the different sizes available, there are also a few color choices you can chose from.  This jacket is a very stylish choice to make for your dog.


Special products

Dog Helios has a great collection of wonderful products.  They each have a clever name that helps in their description.  Just to name a few of the other cool products their is:

Blizzard – 3M Reflective winter insulated full-bodied jacket

Thunder-crackle – 3M Reflective winter insulated full-bodied waded-plush jacket

Hurricane – Waterproof full-bodied coat w/heat reflective technology jacket

Combat-Terrain – Camping folding pet mat made of cordura-nylon and polar fleece

Namastail – Lightweight 4-way stretch breathable Yoga dog hoody tracksuit

Hurricane-Waded – Plush adjustable 3M reflective winter insulated coat

Altitude-Mountaineer – Wrap-Velcro protective waterproof dog jacket

Bark Mudder – Easy tension 3M reflective Endurance 2-1 adjustable pet leash

Lotus-Rusher – 2-1 Waterproof coat with removable polar fleece lining

All the products listed above are made with the best products.  New technology has been used in a way to ensure that all products are made extremely durable.

Combat-Terrain camping dog mat

The camping folding mat for example has used new advancements like air-compression and made with Dupont Cordura nylon fabric that has been used in the US military due to its extreme durability.

The newer Yoga dog Fitness wear has incorporated a 4-way stretch and quick drying technology which can be used for extreme outdoors.  This very active wear is meant with great mobility, UV protection, with breath ability that provides ventilation spots within it.


Altitude-Mountaineer Coat


Dog Helios has made such an amazing collection of outer wear for dogs using the best products designed by the best people in the market.  Included in their line is accessories there are must have’s for the outdoor adventures for you and your dog.

Reviews of all of Dog Helios products by customers are excellent.  The only thing I could find that I wanted to pass along is that the Weather-King can fit a bit on the smaller size, so when ordering make sure to get a bigger size than you think.   Apparently the sizing guide can be a bit off.

This company has set great goals and continues to pave the way with their humanitarian efforts.

dog helios

One of the most admirable qualities of Dog Helios and Touchdog partnership has been their dedication to helping dog in Asia.  They really helped change the landscape of animal cruelty and execution.  This contribution has really helped in China especially in dog adoptions.  Because of this there has also been a huge decline in animal cruelty.

They pride themselves on becoming the cultural change that the content of Asia needed when it came to their treatment of dogs.

Dog Helios outdoor company is a company that supports the treatment of dogs throughout the world and associates with only the best partners.   For this reason buying products from this company is a no brainer.   Your dollars are spent on great products that you won’t regret buying.

Dog helios outdoor company

Anytime you buy something for your dog you want to make sure that you buy the best items that your dog will benefit from.   Whether it is the rain, snow or just cold and bad weather Dog Helios makes a specific product for that.

Best of luck with your outdoor dog adventures.



Dog Helios Outdoor Company


Overall Product







  • High Quality
  • Stylish
  • Keep your dog protected


  • Expense
  • Proper sizing
  • Picking which product

10 thoughts on “Dog Helios Outdoor Company | Cool Products”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love how you said that our dogs get cold just like we do. It’s true! I myself have a dog, and I always have an eye out for outerwear for my dog, especially with how cold it gets in the winter. Dog Helios looks like a great brand and I am certainly going to check it out for my dog. Thank you!

    • Hi Lana,

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post.  We often forget that our dogs can experience the same issues with weather and conditions just like we do, so I am glad you are paying attention to your dog. 

      I love when companies think outside the box and combine that with quality and dependablility.  Dog lovers let’s be honest love to buy their dogs stuff, but I love when it is good stuff that will last. 

      Thanks again. 


  2. I just love the Full bodied dog jacket. How considerate for a company to look into the well-being of a dog especially in cold weathers. The technology incorporated in these jackets is very impressive. The ability to stay light while tear-proof at the same time is something I would go for. I love how cute the Weather-King Jacket looks. Glad that it comes in all sizes. Thank you for these recommendations.

    • Hi Carol,

      I really appreciate your sweet comments on my post. The Weather-King Jacket is truly the coolest jacket around. They put such a great effort in making a very durable and functional jacket. I would much rather pay a little more for something for my dog, then buy a cheap piece of clothing that doesn’t last.  Quality is super important. Plus it is super cool looking.  Thank you very much.

  3. I am so glad you wrote this article.  The differences in collars, and harnesses is based on the needs of the dog, not on the desires of their masters.  You have shown all the differences between these approaches.  When I had my dog, I only used a medium leather collar and a chain.  I walked him with the chain on and took it off when I finished our walk.  This approach worked for me.  Your approach is very well researched.  Thank You for this article.  All the Best, Krista

    • Hi Krista,

      I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my post.  Anytime, I can reach someone with a post about my love of dogs, I am happy.  

      You are exactly correct about our purchasing sometimes put the owners needs ahead of what the dog actually needs.  Knowing what your dog needs is important for them to be successful.  It is like someone once told me that the equipment you use for anything that you do, is the most important thing.

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post, I really appreciate it. 


  4. I absolutely love the weather king jacket! It looks very comfortable and warm; with that garment dogs shouldn’t be cold at all. I didn’t realize that this company even offers hurricane jackets. That could be useful for me, because I live in a hurricane prone area. Although I keep the dogs inside during a hurricane, obviously 😉 and even after the hurricane has slowed down they are reluctant to go outside to do their necessities, that jacket could come in very handy. 

    Could the combat terrain camping dog mat also be used permanently, or is it designed for temporary use only when you go on a trip? Dog Helios looks like a great company, and I love the fact that they have done so much for dogs in Asia! Prices also seem fine. Thanks for this great review. I will check out the hurricane jackets. 

    • Hi Christine,

      WOW, first off, hurricanes…. that is scary.  Amazing that you have to deal with this as part of your real life.  I can imagine that difficult weather would be scary and kind of hard for your dogs to deal with.  I agree, that the hurricane jacket would be perfect for your dogs.

      It is super exciting that you enjoyed the product review of Dog Helios.  They are a wonderful company who really gives back.

      To answer your question about using the Combat Terrain mat, yes you can use it as a regular mat.  The mat is made of polar fleece, that will stand up long term. 

      Thank you so much for your comments.


  5. With the winter coming, more dog owners should consider getting this type of outerwear for their dogs. Even though dogs have fur, they can still use the extra warmth of a dog coat. The waterproof coats are especially good, because it’s unhealthy and uncomfortable for a dog to be running around with cold and wet fur.

    • Thank you and you are so right about making sure dogs are well prepared for the winter weather.  Making sure to they are warm and dry is very important. Just like us they would be uncomfortable and not want to spend as much time outside when it is really cold outside.

      I appreciate your comments on my post.



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