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Whenever bad weather hits, I cringe when it’s time to let the dogs outside to do their business.   Mostly, because I know that I am going to have to wash their paws before I can let them back into the house.  Having 2 dogs, makes it 2x the work of course.

Normally we use a bucket of water and a towel.  We then hang an old towel we call “THE DOG TOWEL”, on the kitchen chair beside the outside door.  This towel is not a special towel, just an old towel, that is no longer suitable for anyone else but the dogs.

The bad part of this is : #1 the towel is ugly, #2 it is always right by the kitchen, where the back door access is, #3 if you are getting company, you don’t want anyone to see your old ugly towel and bucket, #4 having to find a bucket to fit their paws that doesn’t get tipped over.

The Dog Paw Washer replaces the old bucket, and all the problems that one encounters when trying to use the old method.

How do they work

The paw washers are about the same size shape as a travel mug.  They even kind of look like a travel mug.  Funny enough!

The designs are all very similar and consist of a plastic container, with a silicon brush inside.  You can separate the brush from the cup which is completely removable for cleaning purposes.

A soft silicone brush inside the cup is used to get the dirt of the dog paw.  First you put water in the cup and then insert your dog’s dirty paw.   The silicone brush can remove the dirt, mud, sand and snow from the paw.  Once the paw is inserted, you move the cup up and down while rotating to ensure the paw is clean. You then remove the paw, dry it and repeat for the remaining 3 more paws.

A basic concept, but a really easy simple way to help clean your dog paws.


Do you ever take your dog out somewhere in the car, when the weather is bad?  Well this is an easy solution to quickly clean your dogs paws before letting them into the vehicle.

Maybe you are out at a friend’s backyard, the dog park, camping, or out on a hike and it starts to rain.  No matter how fast you can get to the car, you know that your dogs paws are going to be muddy.  All you need to do is carry with you a bit of water in a water bottle to fill the cup up, then proceed with the paw washing and you are good to go.

No more worries about dirty seats, or dirty seat covers that you will have to clean up when you get home.

Different choices

When it comes time to purchase your own paw washer, you will see that there are many to choose from.  The design themselves, is pretty similar, but they are a few differences when deciding which one is best for you.

They come in a different size, depending on the brand that you choose.  Some of them come in just 2 sizes like Small and Medium.  Other ones come in Small, Medium and XL, so you really need to make sure to pick the brand that comes in the size that you need.

There is one style made by a few different companies that has a handle on the side of the cup, for you to hold onto while doing the paw cleaning.  This added feature, may come in handy after you have been at it for a while.

A few of the other extras, you can get depending on your purchase choice, offer a couple of special rags that come included with the cup.

If you choose a washer with no handle, you may want to get one that has an attached strap for easy carrying. One of the other choices, actually comes with rubber mitts that you can use for grooming, bathing, or brushing.

All in all, they all work the same, but choosing the right one will depend on personal choice and a bit of style choice.

The show stopper

I have discussed the many options available in the manual paw washer cups.  Now it is time to talk about the show stopper of dog paw cleaning.

They call it the Electric Pet Paw cleaning cup.  Yup that is right, I said electric. No manual moving the cup with this baby.  A completely rechargeable device by using a USB cord and connecting it to any USB port.  On the cup is an on/off switch to control when you want it to be on or not.

Electric Paw Washer

By rotating the cup for you, it takes the manual moving of the cup out of the equation.  This model provides a much higher cleaning efficiency than the manual one.

There is also a special tooth nail design within the brush, that really helps get the dirt from under the dog’s nails. This also provides a bit of a massage for your pet’s paws.

The electric paw washer is significantly more money than using the manual ones, so decide whether or not this is something you want to try or not.

Do I really need one

In my life of being a dog owner, I have cleaned many a dog paws. At certain times throughout the year, it can happen numerous times in one day, for 2 dogs.  It does get a tad exhausting to say the least.

Using the Dog Paw Washer really does cut down the time and the mess that gets created when it is time to clean dirty paws.  For me personally, anytime I am not digging around for a bowl or bucket big enough to fit my big dogs paws in a win.  Reaching for my cup washer, is way easier and more efficient than any other options.

The clean up for the manual washers are easy and quick.  Dump out the dirty water, rinse out thoroughly and dry. You are good to go for the next dirty mess.

I believe that whether or not you need this very inexpensive tool to clean your dog’s paws or not, will be up to you.  I will say that because of the low price point, it’s a risk worth taking.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Paw Washer | Which One Should I Buy”

  1. These look really cool and they seem to be really portable. I hate when sand gets in my car so I can see them coming in really handy when we’re at the beach. I didn’t see anyway to dry their paws though. Do I still need to get a towel to dry their feet before they get back in the car?

    • Hi Derek,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the dog paw washer. Yes you still need a towel to dry the paws, unless you purchase the one that comes with a couple of towels. The one nice thing about using the washer then the towel, is at least the towel will just be wet and not dirty. Nothing worse than a muddy towel laying around.

      This washer will really work great for those beach days.  Sand can be a bit of a mess to have to vacuum up from your vehicle, so this would cut down on that clean up.  If you decide to get one, let me know what you think.

      Best of luck with your dog.


  2. Hey Coralie! 

    Thanks for sharing this useful tool. I really NEED one of these. Here in NC we have clay dirt. 

    You can imagine when it rains the yard is full of mud just like crafting with clay. The dogs walk all that in the house and it drives me NUTS! I will be getting one of these. 

    I had no idea something like this existed so I’m truly thankful for you sharing this with me. I will be getting one of these and bookmarking your page for other dog stuff. I like to spoil them too 😀

    • Hi Marlinda,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am so glad that you liked my post on the dog paw washer. It really is such a great way to help us clean those dirty paws.  Dog owners, we go through a lot for our babies, don’t we.

      I can’t imagine the mess that wet clay would make. Yikes! I don’t envy you at all. When you get one, let me know how it works for the clay.

      My motto is why have dogs if you can’t spoil them. LOL.

      Best of luck


  3. Hi Coralie

    Every time I read one of your posts, I have to giggle a little. 🙂

    These would be great for my sons. Little paws (and feet) can reek havoc on floors and carpets, and this is a great idea.

    Have you trained your pup to clean his feet by himself (or herself)? Is that even possible?



    • Hi Dave,

      I am totally laughing at your idea about the paw washer for your sons. I can almost see it. That would give the moms’s at the park something to talk about. HAHA

      Wow if they could wipe their own paws, I would be in heaven. Sadly they haven’t mastered that yet.

      Thank you for your humour, we can never have enough of that.

      P.S. Don’t you know dog people are a little crazy for their dogs. Totally in a good way though.



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