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Do you like to walk your dog in the rain? Many people like to walk their dog no matter what the weather is like.  They don’t let a little rain slow them down.

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Whether you walk in a little rain or a lot of rain, making sure that you keep your dog warm and dry is super important.  Just like people dogs can get colds if they get cold and damp.

To ensure you keep your dog dry you need to invest in some good dog rain gear.

Why do dogs need rain gear

Just like us when we plan ongoing outside in the rain, we dress properly to make sure that we don’t get cold and wet.

Not all dogs like to get wet.  Many dogs like my own boy Boo absolutely hate to get wet at all.  He will literally lift his feet up one by one just to avoid having them touch any water at all.  Either that or stops dead like he has been paralyzed and refuses to move at all. Generally that leads to one of us going out and picking him up.

So for our Boo, walking in the rain is only possible if he has everything completely covered. Being cold and wet isn’t something he likes.  Let’s also not forget that wonderful wet dog smell that happens when your dog’s hair gets wet.  Nobody wants to walk into the house and have to get a whiff of that.   Covering your dog with protective rain gear can eliminate your dogs hair from getting wet.

Finn on the other hand is not as finicky as Boo, but we still want to make sure that he is protected from nasty weather.

When it comes to rain gear for your pup, there are a lot of options out there.  How do you know what you need to keep you dog dry?

Dog rain gear

What is the first thing I need to buy

First off you need to invest in a good rain coat.   When it comes to dog raincoats, you can choose from a few different styles.  One option is the typical rain slicker or poncho.  A poncho is really just as you would think.   It covers their back and attaches with velcro under the belly also has a hood to cover your dog’s head.

They are usually lightweight and water resistant.  Generally it comes equipped with a hole for the leash to be fed through for walking.  A slicker is just a shell type cover for the rain.  It will not provide warmth for your dog and really just covers some areas of your dogs body.

Choosing something that provides more rain protection for your dog, is a full body rain suit.  This choice is a suit that covers the full legs and entire body.  Many of the full body suits also provide an extra inside layer that will keep your dog warmer.

Equipped with a reflective fabric, plus ut will also be wind, water, tear resistant and impermeable.  The inside layer in many cases is made of an anti-static material for comfort and not to stick to your dogs hair.

The reflective material is also a way to let your dog be seen easier while outside walking.  Making sure people driving, biking or just out walking can quickly and easily see your dog by the reflective fabric they have on.

Dog Rain Gear Poncho Screenshot


Second most important purchase

We have covered your dog’s back and legs, but most importantly we have forgotten about there feet.   Covering your dogs feet with a pair of great boots, will ensure you keep them clean and dry.

A good set of dog boots are waterproof, windproof and offer snow protection.   Making sure the boots are anti-slip and have a rugged sole. High quality fabric will provide extra protection for your dogs paws and also protect them from being hurt.

Dog Rain gear Boots Screenshot

They are usually put on and tightened using velcro or buckles for easy adjustment.

Now, not all dogs will let you put boots on there feet, so it is important if you want your dog to wear boots to start putting them on when they are young.

Start when they are puppies and be consistent with them.   It may take a while for your dog to get accustomed to wearing boots, so don’t give up to easy.

The wonderful thing about having your dog wear boots is that you don’t have to clean your dogs paws when they come in from the rain or snow.

Dog rain gear boots CTA


OK now the third choice is not a choice that is going to be the right choice for everyone.  A dog umbrella is an option that you could consider instead of a coat or boots, or on top of the other choices.

The purpose of a dog umbrella is to use it the same way we use an umbrella.   It covers us from rain and becoming wet.  The umbrella is designed in the reverse way that we would use it.   You hold the handle and point the umbrella down over your dog to cover them from the rain or snow.

Dog Rain Gear - Umbrella

These are water-proof and wind resistant.  Usually they are made with a solid steel handle and may even come equipped with an ergonomic handle for the ease of holding.

These umbrellas also come equipped with a leash assembly to connect to your dog’s collar.   That way you can walk your dog and protect them from the onslaught of bad weather.

Dog Rain Gear Umbrella Screenshot


The rain

Some dogs love the rain, while others not so much.  Sometimes it can be breed specific like retrievers or other water related breeds.  Honestly this is just something that the research says.

In my opinion this really isn’t the truth.  Dogs are just like people, there is no golden rule.  Everyone has there own likes and dislikes, just like dogs.

I don’t believe that it has anything to do with a specific breed of dog.   I just think that some dogs like the rain while others do not.

Dogs constantly make liars out of people that say, well this breed likes this and that breed does not.  Really none of that is true in my opinion.  My dogs are both proof to me that they can break the stereotype of there breeds.  Sort of like saying all Labrador breeds love to swim.  My Labradoodle is that dog, that doesn’t.

Depending on your dog and whether or not they like to be out in the rain while walking or playing.  If your dog is good being outside in rainy weather than you can definitely get your dog rain gear and head on out.

Raindrops falling on your head!!! Singing in the rain.

4 thoughts on “Dog Rain Gear | Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

  1. My dog, Miami is unpredictable when it comes to rain. Sometimes she would hurry back home and leave me behind when rain starts to pour, at other times she’d jump right of the house and frolic in the rain.

    It’s a rainy season now, and I think having a rain gear is a must since we always let her out for a walk. Soon, typhoons will strike again and I want her covered so when she comes back, she won’t suffer from being cold and wet. She can head back straight to the house without spending too much time drying up. 

    thanks, Coralie for always making articles thar are helpful and informative as well! Have a nice day!

    • Hi Missus,

      I am so happy to hear your wonderful comments about my latest post. 

      Living in an area with typhoons, must be a real challenge, I can’t even imagine.  Your dog Miami sounds like a real character.  I love her name, it is so cute.

      I hope that I provided you with some excellent rain gear choices for your girl.  Keeping her dry and clean in your bad weather is important.  I wish you all the best.



  2. Coralie,

    I enjoyed your article on doggy rain gear.  My chihuahuas both hate the rain.  They don’t even want to go out to do their business in the rain.  

    I think that dog raincoats would be an option for my older dog.  He loves to dress up and he just perks right up whenever he sees us bring home some doggy clothes.  My other chihuahua doesn’t like wearing anything at all, but he still hates going out in the rain.

    As far as doggy boots go, how do you get them on your dog when he won’t let you near his feet.  Even my dress up chihuahua won’t let me put anything on his feet.  Do you have any pointers for getting your dog used to boots.  My dog is 10 years old.

    I’ve never seen a doggy umbrella.  This might be a useful item for both of my dogs because they both have their separate issues with going out in the rain and wearing clothes.



    • Hi Ellen,

      I was so excited to hear about your two wonderful chihuahua’s. It sounds like they definetly have their own characters.

      It is funny that they are completely different when it comes to the rain, it is very similar to my own two dogs.

      When it comes to doggy boots, some dogs just absolutely will not let you put them on. 

      One thing that you could try is to put have treats handy and put one boot on a give them a treat and then the other and so on.  You may have success with this method. 

      Sounds like trying a dog umbrella might really be a great solution for you.

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comments.



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