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Dog sports gear is the best way to get your dog involved.  Football season is just around the corner and ball season is in full swing.  Whether it is a love of either of those sports or hockey or even cheer leading on the sidelines.  Every sporting event is big deal to sport fans.

Sports fans are crazy about their teams. To them supporting the team of their choosing, means making sure everyone can see that you support your team. Visually it is important to wear every piece of gear that you own in order to support your team.

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I am a huge sports fan, and I always dress for every sports occasion. No matter what game I am watching or going to see live dressing for the event is mandatory.

Dog owners also love for their dog to play the same part as we do.

But sports gear isn’t just for dressing up and watching, it can also be for doing. No matter what type of sports you are into you can take your dog along with you for the journey. Honestly it is way more fun when you include your best friend, your dog with you along the way.


Why do people dress their dogs in sports gear?

Well if we look back in history even as far back as Ancient Rome, dogs of always been part of the landscape. We can look at dog devotion if we go back to Julius Caesar for example, had to publicly reprimand citizens because they were paying more attention to their dogs, then their children. What can we say they really loved their dogs. LOL!

The one thing about dogs and history is that many dogs were only for the richest and most prestigious people. Around the Renaissance era (1400-1600), this was the era where dogs became inexpensive enough for the middle class folks to own their own dogs.  It was no longer just for the rich.

Around this era is when you started seeing dogs with fancy leather collars with name tags dangling off the collar. The explosion of dressing your dog up was really first seen during this time.

But think about this… Dressing up animals like horses before battle, who would be dressed up by their owners in Armour and elaborate head pieces. I guess they felt that when preparing to fight, it was important for their horses to look the part as well. The mentality of us versus them made them feel more confident with what they were getting ready to face. A BATTLE!

Obviously everything has completely changed since then, but the general concept of having our pets dressed and ready for battle is still the same. We want them to look and feel like our favourite team who is just about to go into a game battle.

NHL Dog Jersey - Screenshot

What kind of team gear

Sports gear for dogs is really a normal thing now. HAHA! What I mean by that is sports gear for your dog is a pretty common thing to see. More and more when you are at the dog park, or out for walk with your dog you see a dog wearing some kind of sports gear.

That gear can be anything from a team jersey, shirt, coat, or even a bandanna. People everywhere are decking their dogs out in the best gear out there.

You could decide that your CFL team the Saskatchewan Roughriders’s season is about to start and your dog needs to get a Rider jersey. OK, so that is me and my dog. Yes I do live in Saskatchewan, so I am a bit biased, but in Canada CFL is a huge deal. Getting our dogs a jersey or whatever with your team on it is important to us.

I also watch NFL football to, so cheering for our favourite American NFL team is still something that is just as important. Now me being a Dolphins fan, would want to get a cool Miami dog bandanna.

Maybe it’s a MLB team that you love, like the Toronto Blue Jays. Well you after not left out there either. Almost every major sport league out there has some sort of gear for dogs. You just need to look.

Perhaps like me, hockey is your number 1 sport. There is certainly gear for that.  As I wrote before, my dog has an amazing NHL Leafs jersey that I have had for his whole life.  Seeing him in that jersey, just fills me with pride. The pride for how cute my dogs looks in his Leafs team jersey and how cool it is that he sits next to me when the game comes on.

Now whether your team is a winning team, or a losing team, the team apparel is still just as important. You have got to love your team no matter what. That’s the spirit of a true fan.

When searching for the proper gear, the sky is the limit.

Dog gear Now!

Rugged dog gear

Sporting gear for your dog doesn’t mean just one thing. There are a ton of different things that we can dress our dogs in that constitutes sporting goods.

Dogs are often seen wearing rugged dog gear like:

Some of these very rugged items are cool things that so many dogs can use that will make sure that they are ready for every sporty event. Maybe it’s sunglasses for the trip on the bike, or a rucksack for that camping hike you want to take with your dog.

Buying rugged gear for your dog is just like getting yourself the items that you need to tackle whatever it is you are doing for your next journey.

They also need to be prepared for that next adventure. Getting them the gear for the journey is the fun part.

Dog Sports Gear - Bandana Screenshot

Fun sporting gear

For that fun sporty dog who likes to go everywhere you go.

Ready for that bike ride with your pooch. Well maybe you are going for such a long ride that it is to far for your dog to run. Depending on the size of your dog, a bike accessory like a bike carriage on the front or a side pet trailer may be in order.


Either of these cool sporting gear items will be an added bonus to spending that quality time with your dog while out for that long ride.

Make sure if they are riding in the front, to make sure they have a cool set of glasses to go along for the ride. What if you hit rain, then what. You can deck your dog out in rain gear to ensure your dog stays dry. Actually you can get a full one piece rain gear to outfit your dog. If you don’t need something that full one, then just a cool rain jacket will do.


No matter what activity you want to enjoy with your dog, there is good dog sports gear out there for it. With the time that we live in where everything moves so quickly. I like to remember that each day with your dog is an important one.
Rushing through life with no time to sit back and to do something that you love to do, then what is the point. The little things that we do can stay with us our whole lives.

Making sure to spend quality time with your dog is important. Including your dog in the things that you are passionate about is a great bonding experience. Every time that you participate in any type of sporting event whether it is watching or doing having your dog be a part of connects you together. Dogs sense and fell joy, just like we do.

Dog Sport Gear Bike Trailer Screenshot
When my dog FINN has his rider bandanna on and we are watching the game anytime something exciting happens, he also shows the same excitement as me. They can feel you are happy and then they just want to be included in that joy.

Let’s not forget that shopping for the right gear, can be just as much fun as using the gear. Who doesn’t enjoy spending money on cool dog gear. Getting to pick out all the cool accessories for your dog never gets old.

Personally I am always on the look out for the newest coolest gear that hits the market. I have a friend that has a little dog and she wasn’t much for playing the actual sports, but she was a cheerleader. For her dressing up her dog to reflect who she is means putting on a cute cheer leading outfit for her little dog.

Dog Sports Gear CTA

What this really means is that no matter what your fancy is, in some way we are all the same and want the same things for our dogs. TO BE INCLUDED!

Special times together are the things that make the best memories. When your team has a big victory or you complete a big adventure together having your dog right there beside makes it extra special.
How much fun is it to watch your favourite team win or help you complete your planned adventure if you have no one to share it with.


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  1. This was cool to come across this. I was actually wondering if there was sports (team) gear for dogs out there. I still don’t see too many people dressing their dogs up in sports gear, but I have noticed a rise in people lol. I think people should support their teams in a fun and unique way, and that includes throwing on a Yankees’ sweater or Manchester United jersey on theirs. For example lol. 

    • Hi Nate,

      I really appreciate your comments on my post. Now not to sure about the Yankees jersey though HaHa! But seriously it is great to support whatever your favorite team is, so thank you for sharing. However the Man U choice is awesome! 

      Thank you very much.


  2. They look so cute! And your post is very informative for us dog lovers.  It’s always fun to have your dog with you to enjoy sport together. My dog is my best friend and she is fan of football ( soccer) like me, can I get a Barcelona jersey for her? Because I can only see American football jerseys.


    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my post. I love that your dog is a fan of football aka soccer LOL! It really is too cute.

      I did find a dog jersey for Barcelona on eBay, so you could check there.  Soccer is a bit tougher to find cool dog gear for, but there is some stuff out there. Amazon did have one, but it’s currently unavailable. You can try checking back there in a bit. 

      I hope that helps. I appreciate you sharing your dog story with me.

      Thank you 


  3. The link took me to the Dog Sports Gear, Hut Hut post.

    Overall, I thought this was a very nicely designed website. The author is someone who truly loves her pets and wants to include them in her interests and passions. The Sports Gear post in dedicated to outfiting your dog in all manner of sports apparel and accessories . Team jerseys, dresses, hats, bandanas, sunglasses and more. It seems to be a very thorough sample of the market place. It is all presented in a warm and sincere manner.

    Some comments on the rest of this site:

    I liked the drop down menu in the Cool Reviews tab. Nice touch.

    Go Pet Treadmill – very interesting video, well done

    Finn and his stuffed dog toy story – touching

    The Rascal Pet Trailer – If you clicked on the photo it took you to the Amazon link in a new window. Excellent.

    Wealthy Affiliates info and join up link – well designed.

    As stated earlier, this was a very nicely designed website. All of the links were working and the written content was very readable.  Well done.

    • Hello there.

      I really enjoyed your thoughtful review of my post and my site. I really enjoyed reading it and it was nice to see that you moved around on the site to see what else I have posted. 

      Any time I get great feedback like yours, it really shows that people do appreciate my passion for dogs and providing good helpful information to fellow dog lovers out there. 

      Thank you again for such a well written and positive comments.



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