Dog Toys Keep Them Busy

With much of our time at home lately, we find ourselves spending a ton of time with our dogs.   This has been a great way to connect with them, which has been amazing.  Sometimes though, you just want them to do their own thing.  Dog toys keep them busy which is a great way for us to be able to get them playing alone.   It also gives us a bit of a rest.

Dog toys keep them busy
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There are some best-selling toys that will keep our dog busy and also help teach them that they can’t always rely on us to play with them.  Just like a child, you want them to create their own entertainment.  Not all the time, but for those moments when it is important for us to just get a 30-min time out for yourself.

Dog parenting is hard work, as we all know.   Here are some HOT toys right now that are pretty much guaranteed to keep your dog busy.

KONG Marvin the Moose Dog Toy

Every dog I have ever had, loved a good stuffed toy.   My current dog FERGUS is no exception.  He is a real character, that loves to have a stuffy to play with.   It literally keeps him engaged every single day.   Not to mention it is hilarious to see him carrying it around in his mouth.

Dogs sometimes just need a security blanket toy that gives them comfort and yes is still fun to play with.

Kong of course never misses a beat when it comes to making good toys.   Kong’s Cozie Marvin the Moose toy totally fits the bill when it comes to a stuffy toy for your dog.   So soft and cuddly.

Kong Cozie Marvin the Moose  Made with a double layer of fabric for extra strength and minimal stuffing inside just in case it happens to spring a leak.  LOL!  Equipped with a squeaker for some extra fun.  This toy can keep your dog entertained and used for tons of fun inside the house.

Marvin comes in 2 sizes Small or Medium and is priced at $4.99 USD.   For the hours of fun your dog will get out of his very own stuffy, that price is unbelievable.

A little trick I have, is the second my dog takes to an inexpensive dog toy, I quickly buy a 2nd one.  Just in case.  I figure if something happens to it, I have a 2nd one to replace it.  Nobody wants a crying baby if it gets wrecked.  HAHA  $10 for 2 toys is an excellent buy.

Marvin the Moose CTA

Chuckit! Indoor Fumbler Dog Toy

How about indoor fetch that won’t mark up the wall.  Does your dog love to throw the toys up in the air and catch them?  Well mine sure does and that is great fun, but it can be at the expense of damaging floors and walls.

Chuckit Fumbler Dog Toy

I have the answer for that.  The Chuckit Indoor Fumbler ball is a soft plush toy that looks like a football.   Made with Bounceflex Core Technology which allows the ball to bounce even though it is soft and squishy.   You can tell just by looking at it, that the plush Chenille like fabric will be fun to play with.

The best thing about this ball is dogs of all size and breeds love it.  It offers durability and can be played with inside or outside.  Also if you have the Chuckit Indoor Launcher this ball is compatible with it.

Another fun inexpensive toy priced at just $7.93 USD.

Chuckit Fumbler Dog Toy Screenshot

Chuckit Fumbler CTA

ZippyPaws No Stuffing 3-pack

Maybe your dog is more of a destroyer and toys with any kind of stuffing isn’t a great option for you.  Well that is OK too, as ZippyPaws has your dog covered.  Their 3 pack of cute woodland creatures offers plush toys with no stuffing.  Your dog can easily carry the skin fuzzy around and enjoy the multiple squeakers for extra fun.

ZippyPaws Skinny 3-pack

These are the perfect toys for medium to larger dogs as they easily get to the squeaker with fussing through all that.  The 3-pack includes a squirrel, fox and a raccoon.  Your dog will enjoy dragging these cute toys around while keeping themselves entertained.

The 3-pack is priced at only $8.95 USD.  Truly a great deal for all 3 toys.  There is 3 in the pack, so if you only give your dog one at a time, they will be surprised when down the road you introduce them to one of the other ones.   They will think that you went out and bought them a new toy.   A genius move really.

Zippypaws CTA

KONG Lucky Lion Dog Toy

Looking for something durable for your dog, well Kong has developed a great tough toy with the Lucky Lion.   Made from tough Ultra-Tex fabric ensures that your dog will have fun playing even if they tend to be a bit more toy destructive. Kong Cozie Ultra Lion Screenshot

You won’t need to be as worried with this toy due to rip stop material and reinforced seams.  Literally the seams have 5x mores stitching then most other toys.
That shapes up for a mean tough toy.

Dogs really enjoy rough housing with this toy for some inside the house fun.  Hours of chewing and gnawing at this Lion toy can provide the perfect distraction for your dog.   The 2 squeakers will also give them an opportunity to make some noise.

Priced at $13.49 USD, still a very reasonably priced toy that is built to last.

Kong Cozie Ultra Lucky Lion


Get a Lucky Lion CTA

Self entertaining

Dog parents at times have a tendency to always be the source of their dogs playtime, especially as an only dog.   We feel that it is our job to constantly entertain them.

Personally, I don’t like to do that.  Yes sometimes I do, but I make a conscious effort to ensure that Fergus learns that he can play alone.  I’ve started right from a puppy not to always engage with him when he is playing.  Letting him figure out things on his own has really been great for his development.

Having a dog that can play by themselves shows that your dog is content and secure.  Using their imagination or problem solving is great for their mind and creativity.  Our dog Fergus literally can play alone for 1 or 2 hours.  Yes I may be in the room working on something, but he is entertaining himself.

The key to that success is patience and of course the right dog toys.  Dog toys keep them busy, but they have to be the right toys.  Not just any toy will do.

The toys I have shared in this toy, are the most popular toys on the market in the past few months.   Top sales don’t lie, so the information is credible.  Clearly dogs are loving these toys.

Next time you think your dog needs a distraction and you need a break, come back to this post to find the perfect toy for your dog.  All of the toys in this post are under $15 USD, so this just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get your dog entertaining and fun toys.   Everyone of these toys will keep your dog busy.

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10 thoughts on “Dog Toys Keep Them Busy”

  1. Hey nice article you have there. Thanks for this timing information, I bought my first dog last month, I knew little about dogs happiness and what keeps them busy. 

    Having gone through your article, I am enlighten.  Definitely gonna get my furry friend some toys to help keep him busy when I am away.  I wish to have more of this. 

    Best regards.

    • Hello,

      Congratulations on your new dog. That is so exciting to have a new addition to the family.  

      Having a new dog, you really need to make sure to get them lots of toys. Yes to keep them busy, but also it helps them to problem solve and think. The concentration it takes for them to play and learn helps them grow.  Make sure to always challenge your dog with different toys and experiences. 

      Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you the best of luck with your new addition.


  2. I agree they need to entertain themselves sometimes. My golden retreiver Zooey is a prime example. She is 10 now but loves squeaky toys. She can get to the squeaky in record time even though we have tried a lot of toys. 

    We do watch her when she gets the squeaky and take it from her so she doesn’t swallow it. Great fun for her. Great article.


    • Hi Larry,

      That is great to hear that your dog Zooey loves the squeaker in toys.  It’s always funny to see how fast they can find it. Sound like she is a squeaker sleuth.  Haha!

      Good to see at 10 she iS still fully of fun and energy to play. That will definitely keep her young.

      Thank you for sharing your Zooey with me and make sure to love her up everyday.  It all goes by so fast.


  3. Dog toys are the big thing for many dogs. I know many dogs who just love them and almost eat them up. I just wonder about if these toys are free of toxins that can be dangerous for the dogs? 

    The zippypaws is extremely popular with many dogs. You mention that these toys can spring a leak. What if a dog happens to swallow some of the stuffing? Do you have any advice on what to do?

    • Hi Hilde,

      I love your question about toxins and what to do if your dog swallows stuffing. 

      Whenever I give my dog a toy, I am always in eye sight range. Supervision is the key to making sure that your dog doesn’t rip the toy and ingest it. Stuffing is not something you want your dog to eat as it is not good for them. 

      If they happen to eat some try to pull it out of there mouth. If they manage a small piece, just monitor your dog to see if it passes. Dogs stomachs are pretty tough. 

      My dog Ferguson ate my foam ear plugs on me. He did pass them, but It took a day. Dogs will get into stuff, but as long We keep close attention the hope is we can minimize the severity. Just like kids, everything in the mouth. 

      Thanks for sharing. 


  4. My son recently saw Lion King. And he’s been all excited about it. He’s asked his dad to play the movie several times and he seems not to get tired of it. I know that he’ll love KONG LUCKY LION DOG TOY. And Sparkie will also.

    After my son saw this movie he pretends he’s a lion and goes on all fours playing with Sparkie. So a Lion Toy for both will be just perfect.

    • Hi Ann,

      That’s funny how much kids emulate what they see. Especially when they connect with an animal or character.  I think that is great for their imagination. 

      This would be the perfect Lion toy for him.  You may have to get 2. One for the dog and your son. LOL!  Best of luck.

      I appreciate your feedback on my post. Thank you very much.


  5. I liked your post about dogs and their toys. It made me want to go out and buy one for my grandpuppy! I like the toys that do not have stuffing as it is a pain to have to clean the stuffing up from all over the floor and the furniture. My daughter’s dog seems to leave her toys in the basket. I don’t know if it is the breed of the dog that she is or her age that she is not very playful.

    It makes lots of sense that a dog can learn to entertain itself, at least some of the time. Having toys is a good way to entertain dogs.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for sharing on my post. Sounds like maybe your grand puppy just needs some new toys to peak her interest. 

      Yes I also love the stuff less toys. Our dog Boo who just a small dog was always ripping toys open. He loved these toys. Funny how size doesn’t really matter when it comes to a destructive dog. It’s all about personality.

      Thanks again.



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