Dog Treat Holders | A Must For Training And More

When it comes to training our dogs, using treats as motivation is the key to success.   The easiest way to do that is to have a dog treat holder with you at all times.   The dog treat holders provide an excellent hands-free way to reward your dog quickly with a treat.

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Training can be a long and tough road with our dogs, so anytime we can find a way to do that in a more convenient way, we need to jump at the chance.  Selecting the right treat holder for you, will go a long way in making sure that you can quickly and smoothly reach for that treat without making your dog wait.   As we know, fast and positive reinforcement is the key to training your dog properly.

Why you need a treat holder pouch

Dog parents whether you are training your dog inside the house, at a dog park or just out for a walk need to have dog treats on them at all times.   In order for dog training to be successful it is crucial that we reward or dog quickly.   As we know from the experts, using dog treats is a one of the key ways to reward your dog for doing what you have asked them to do.

A lot of times, we have our hands full and don’t always have a pocket handy to keep our treats in.   To solve this problem very easily, invest in a great treat holder or pouch.

There are many reasons why you should always have a treat holder attached to you in some way.   Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for using one:

  • First off, I mentioned the need for quick access to treats.   When trying to grab a treat out of a pocket, that transition can be slow and may cause you to delay the reward for your dog.   A treat holder keeps all your treats in one easy pouch and is easy to reach in a grab one.
  • As all dog owners know, taking our dog anywhere, can require us to have our hands full of dog stuff.   Whether it is a trip to the dog park or just training on a walk, we don’t always have the ability to hold the treats in our hand.   Using a treat holder gives you complete hands-free access to treats.   They are designed to clip or loop onto your belt, pants or over the shoulder.   This is such a convenient way to carry dog treats.
  • When carrying treats in a pocket, or your hand, the treats can quickly dry out.   All treat holders have the ability to close the pouch ensuring that your treats will stay fresh.   There is nothing worse than having a nice soft treat that has gotten hard as a rock.   No dog is jumping at the chance for a dried out treat.
  • Depending on the treat holder that you choose, they can often hold more than just your treats.   With some you can easily carry your poop bags, a dog toy and even things like a tick twister if needed.   Truly a much better way to carry the important things that we need for our dogs.

1. Petsafe Treat Pouch Sport



This Petsafe pouch is a low profile treat holder.   It has a unique hinge system that opens and closes the pouch.  This hinge works in a way that will hold the pouch open until you want it closed.   Some other amazing features about this pouch are:

  • Can be clipped with attached belt clip or included adjustable belt
  • Equipped with metal carabiner
  • Water-resistant PVC lined pocket
  • Has divided pockets inside for different treats
  • Durable construction that will last with stain resistant fabric
  • Large front pocket will hold a cell phone
  • Secures the inside contents with magnetic hinge


  • One of the more expensive treat holders
  • It’s tough style can make it a bit hard to put larger items in



2. Outward Hound Treat Tote

dog treat pouch - outward hound pouch

The Outward Hound Treat Tote is a high quality treat holder.   Very lightweight and easy to use, this treat holder is the perfect size for any outdoor or indoor use.   Some other features that we like are:

  • Easy to use drawstring for opening and closing the pouch
  • Secure and holds your treats in with drawstring closure
  • Made of heavy-duty material for durability
  • Water-resistant to keep contents dry
  • Inexpensive
  • Clips to your belt or pocket with built-in clip
  • Outer lining is reflective for added visibility and safety


  • The pull tab on the string can make it difficult to open and close tightly
  • Inner lining can bunch up and make it harder to get soft treats out



3. Kurgo Go Stuff It Treat Bag

dog treat holders - Kurgo go stuff it


This tote is part of Kurgo’s high quality dog gear line.   You will find it handy too use and a great way to keep your treats close for easy access.   Some other features we like are:

  • Wide mouth opening makes it easy to fit your hand inside
  • Zippered side pockets make it easy to carry your keys or poop bags
  • Included with a belt clip and carabiner for 2 ways options for attachment
  • Very deep inside design
  • Reflective trim is great for added visibility and safety
  • Waterproof lining is made of PVC and BPA free materials
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Belt clip is a bit small to stay hooked
  • The inside lining has a bit too much material making it slightly hard to grab the treat




4. Paw Lifestyles Treat Training Pouch

dog treat holders - paw lifestyles pouch

This All-In-One training treat pouch by Paw Lifestyles is an awesome choice for the active dog lover.   It is lightweight and made of super rugged nylon that with withstand any type of weather conditions.   Some other features we like are:

  • Made of weather proof nylon fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be worn 3 different ways with waistband, shoulder strap or clip
  • Drawstring makes it easy and convenient to get the treats out of the bag
  • Equipped with a mesh pocket for carrying extra gear
  • 2 zippered pocket
  • Built in poop bag dispenser


  • The inside liner does not have reinforced seams
  • One side drawstring can make it harder to get your hand inside



5. Royalcare Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

dog treat holders royalcare silicon dog pouch


The Royalcare Silicone dog treat holder is such a unique dog treat holder.   With its silicone design, this treat pouch can easily carry wet treats like hot dogs and chicken.   No matter what type of wet treat you want to take with you, this is the treat holder for you.   Some other features we like are:

  • Easy to clean inside and out
  • Magnetic opening keeps everything securely inside
  • Made of food grade silicone that is BPA free
  • Comes with 2 silicone pouches in 2 different colors
  • Built in belt clip for easy attachment
  • Lightweight


  • One of the most expensive treat holders
  • The clip is not very sturdy
  • Maybe a bit to big for everyday use



If you are looking for an easy and handy way to carry your dogs treats then one of these 5 dog treat holders will do the trick.   Choosing the right treat holder for you, will boil down to your style, the design of how you choose to wear the bag and what you all want to put in it.

They all have positives and negatives to them.   I have purchased the Outward Hound pouch and I absolutely love it. For me, I wanted to have a lightweight, small and inexpensive treat holder.   My partner Roxanne chose the Kurgo Go Stuff It holder.   She finds that one a bit of a better fit for her.   As you can see even 2 people in the same house don’t buy the same treat holder.   It all depends on you.

I hope you have enjoyed my roundup of treat holders and pouches.   Let me know what treat holder works for you, just drop me a comment below.



2 thoughts on “Dog Treat Holders | A Must For Training And More”

  1. I used to carry dog ​​treats in my pockets in plain bags, but they were torn, scattered, and full of bits. These dog holders and bags are a really great idea for all dog lovers who deal a lot with their dog.

    In this review you have a nice list of different shapes, people have really different needs and ideas on where to carry this dog holder or dog bags, and everyone can find a suitable one for themselves.


    • Hi Nina,

      I can relate to your plain bag story and how that just never seems to work.

      Yes with the selection of dog treat holders available there is one for everyone. No matter what style you are looking for.

      They are just so darn handy to have.  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post.



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