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Gift buying is always so much fun.   Who doesn’t love to buy Xmas gifts for other people. Walking around the stores picking out special gifts for everyone we love.  Spotting that one thing and knowing right away who it would be perfect for.

Dog xmas gifts
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When doing up our Xmas list, let’s not forget to buy our dog Xmas gifts.

Buying for our 2 dogs, was always something we loved to do.  Yes we would buy them the things they needed throughout the year, but Xmas was always the time to get something fun.

Dog toys are always a great choice when it comes to buying something for our fur babies.  I have included some of my favourite toys for you in this article.

Interactive toys

I have always loved dog toys that are interactive.  The energy that it helps burn is always such huge if you have an energetic dog.  Keeping your dog busy and happy goes a long way in helping to have a well-behaved dog.

I have a couple of my favourite toys that I want to share with you, first is the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.  This is such a great toy that will keep you and your pet laughing.  It is absolutely hilarious to watch your dog roll around this rubber ball as it giggles.  Your dog moving the ball activates the giggling.  One of the best things about this toy is the low cost.

My second favourite toy guaranteed to get your dog thinking while still having fun is the PupPod Rocker.  This is a puzzle toy that uses sound and movement in different sequences that your dog activates by touching the rubber rolling toy.  With constantly changing sequences your dog will not know what the next move is.  Your dog will never be bored with this toy to play with.
PupPod Rocker toy


Getting one of these toys for your dog, will pay for itself in the hours of entertainment you will both get.

High tech

When it comes to splurging on a bit bigger high tech item for your dog, there are some great ones to choose from. One of the coolest gadgets for dogs on the market is the Furbo Dog Camera.  This is an absolute gem if you are looking for a camera that will allow you to monitor what your dog is up to when you aren’t home.  Simple to use as it connects to your Wi-Fi then all you need to do is download the app and you are set to go.

Not only can you watch your dog, but you can talk to them using the 2-way speaker option on the app.  This is a great option that allows your dog to hear your voice.  There is also the treat tosser option, which does exactly what it says. You fill the toy with treats that fit throw the dispenser whole and activate it simply by pushing the button on the app. It then throws out a treat for your dog.  A fabulous techy toy for you and your dog to enjoy.



Sticking with the techy toys for the dog that is active, the iFetch Dog Ball Launcher.  This is a toy that throws the ball for your dog all on its own.  Your dog runs to get the ball they then learn to set the ball back on the top of the launcher and it starts again.  You can adjust the distance that the ball is throw through the toy.  There are a few different sizes to choose from depending on the size of your dog.


iFetch-dog-ball-launcherSHOP IFETCH NOW!

Either of these dog items will make a great choice for that techy dog owner looking for something different.



Soft, plush, cozy toys or beds are always a super idea for a gift for your dog.  Most dogs love to sleep on a dog bed that is soft and cozy.  Personally when we had our dogs, we literally had a dog bed in every room.  Our little boy BOO always loved to be tucked in nicely to the softest bed possible.  Cuddling in made him feel safe and secure, especially when we went they were left alone.

One of the best dog beds I have found that is as cozy as can be is a pet made by Best Friends luxury shag bed.   It is what they call a donut cuddler bed made for any dog that loves to be cuddled.   This bed also has what they call self warming that is very similar to a mother’s fur coat.  The stylish design of this bed will also blend in nicely to any room in your home.  This bed offers a luxury dog bed for your dog to sleep and rest in.  Check it out!



Finn on the other hand was the dog who just loved any stuffed toy that was around.  It didn’t matter the size either. He was entertained with the smallest or largest stuffed toy.  To him as long as he could grab hold of the toy by the tiniest corner that was good.  I always found it funny to watch him try to carry around a big stuff toy that was almost as big as he was.

Kong makes some of the best durable and fluffy dog toys for your dog called Cozie Characters. An extra lining of fabric made within the toys help make them extra durable and long-lasting.  Kong is well-known for the making amazing quality products that dogs absolutely love.  The toughest part is deciding which of the Cozie’s to get.  I always chose the toy that best fit my dogs personality, just for the fun of it.


Xmas gear

Whether it is a photo with Santa or just a lovely Xmas picture, many dog owners like to get a picture of their dog for Xmas.  A picture that they can hand out as a present to close friends and family members.  A Xmas memory that will last a lifetime.

There are usually a few choices when it comes to where the best spot to get your furry photo with Santa.  Pet stores in your area may be bringing Santa in for one day to their store.  Sometimes getting a professional to take photos with you and your dog can be that extra special touch to make your Xmas photos pop.


dog professional photo


When it comes to getting ready for the photo shoot, decking your dog out in some Xmas gear can be adorable.  Buying an awesome Xmas sweater or fancy dog collar is a great addition to every dog’s closet.

I have seen some pretty awesome Xmas gear for dogs. Something as simple as a set of reindeer horns, Xmas hat.  Or cool winter scarf will do.   Whatever you choose to dress up your dog in, there is no judgement.   Dog owners have always been unafraid to let their doggy pride show.

Seeing a dog in some amazing Xmas gear will make anyone smile.  Dog owners dress their dogs in holiday gear to show their furry baby looking festive and included just like the rest of the family.   It is important to make sure that we don’t leave them out of this festive holiday season.



Gift giving

Choosing what Xmas gifts to get your dog is a personal choice for every dog parent.  Just like kids, not all dogs are the same.  Some dogs love balls and fetch, while others are happy with a new a new stuffed toy or dog bed.

Maybe the gift you are thinking about getting for your dog is more of a gift for the both of you.

Sometimes getting a gift that makes your life easier as a dog parent is the top of the list.  I strongly recommend that every dog owner ensures that their dog has a GPS tracker.  One of the best trackers is made by Tractive. They can be used to track your pet almost anywhere in the world.  It is easily attached to your dog’s collar and will ensure that you have piece of mind always knowing where your dog is.  Basically it is the gift that keeps on giving.


No matter what you have on your dog shopping list contains, there are some fabulous Dog Xmas gifts to choose from.   I hope some of my suggestions have helped you make your shopping a little bit easier.


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