Doggie Xmas Stockings

Xmas time is such a wonderful time of year.   It is just so exciting to start getting our houses all decorated up and ready for the holidays.   Decorating our house, always means digging out the Xmas stockings to hang up throughout the house, including your doggie Xmas stockings.   If you have one, that is!

doggie xmas stocking
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YES, your dog needs a stocking!

Every dog in my life, has had their own doggie Xmas stocking. I just find it so much fun to fill it up with fun toys and treats specially for them.

Shopping for a new dog Xmas stocking can be fun and exciting.  Make sure that your dog isn’t left out is important.   Let us check out some great ideas that you can use to get your dog their very own Xmas stocking.

Shopping choices

Whether you have a new dog this year, or an existing dog, if they currently don’t have their own stocking, it is time to change that.   Shopping for a new doggie stocking can be a fun way to get into the Xmas spirit.

I love the idea of making sure that every furry friend in my house has their very own Xmas stocking.   Much like us having our own stocking is fun to fill up with those little Xmas gifts we want to surprise them with.

When shopping for a new stocking for your doggie, there are a few things that you need to think about before you take the buying plunge!

Some important things that you need to think about are the size, fabric and design of the stocking that you are looking for.

With sizing, they come in the typical full-size stockings, but they also come in much smaller sizes like the shape of a dog bone, that may work better if you have a smaller dog.   Ultimately you need to think about what you are hoping to fit inside the stocking.

doggie xmas stockings - bone


You can even pick between the design that you want from a bone shaped stocking to a traditional style stocking. Which-ever one you find is the best fit for your home decorating.

Once you decide on the correct size that you are looking for, you need to then decide on what kind of material or fabric that you want it made out of.   They can be made out of different materials, like:

  • Felt
  • Sherpa
  • Velvet
  • Quilted
  • Knit
  • Plush
  • Burlap

doggie xmas stocking - knit stocking


I think it can be kind of nice to get creative when picking the right fabric for your stocking.   If you have more then one furry friend, then pick a different material or style for each one, that way they are even more unique.


doggie xmas stocking - pattern


They come in dog patterns, plain or classic.   NO matter what style you are looking for, you will be able to find it!

That personal touch

Shopping for a dog Xmas stocking is even more fun, if you can buy one that allows you to get it personalized.   That way you can have things like your dog’s name or nickname on their stocking.   Many companies actually offer you the option when you buy their stocking to have your pets name put on it.

It is done by embroidery, glitter pens, or even monogrammed.   No matter what option the company you choose to buy your stocking from offers, it adds that personalized touch that will permanently make this stocking your fur babies stocking forever.


doggie xmas stockings - boo


Every year you dig out your Xmas decorations, that adorable and special stocking for your dog will be their.   Do not leave your dog out of having their stocking hung for Santa to fill!

Imagine their disappointment when Santa comes down the chimney and doesn’t have anywhere to put their stocking stuffers!!!

doggie xmas stocking - chewy Personalized Paw Holi

DIY a non-dog stocking

When I was looking for a Xmas stocking for my dog Finn years ago, I was looking for something super special for him. I am a huge NHL Toronto Maple Leaf’s fan, so much so, that I wanted him to have a Leaf’s stocking.   I could not find a pet or dog stocking anywhere that I liked, so I decided to buy a regular human stocking, and just DIY his name on it myself.


doggie xmas stockings - DIY


All I did was just buy a white glitter pen and carefully wrote his name on the stocking.   The other really cool thing about his stocking, is that because I modified a non-dog stocking into a dog stocking, it is completely unique and special. No other dog will have that same stocking.

Whether you are a hockey fan, a Grinch fan, a fan of the movie Elf or more.   The sky is the limit when it comes to buying unique and fun stockings that include some of your favourite things.


xmas doggie stocking - the grinch


Yes, they make some pretty cute dog stockings for our pets, but if you are looking a bit outside the box, then the idea of being able to DIY a stocking for your dog is an awesome idea!

Great gift idea

Xmas time with the family is always such a special time of year.   Many of us spend it at home with our family and friends, but far too often our furry friends are forgotten.


Xmas is a perfect time to help make your dog feel special and having their very own stocking is an excellent way to do that.   Get a stocking that helps show off their personality and makes them the center of attention, at least for a few minutes that day.   You can wrap up some small items for them to put in the stocking that they will have to work to get open.   This is such a fun way to remember your Xmas season.

Maybe you have a friend or family member that is a dog lover.   This is the perfect opportunity to get a unique and special gift for them and their dog.   You could pick out one that shows a bit of the dog’s personality or something special that your family member loves.   What a great gift idea!


doggie xmas stockings - elf


Plus, for even a bit more fun, you could stuff it completely full of cute dog toys or treats.   I guarantee that your friend or family member will absolutely love this gift idea. Just the idea that you remembered their dog is going to blow their mind!

Whether you are looking for the 1st doggie Xmas stocking for your new addition this year, or for a dog you have had for a while.   Getting them their very own stocking is a perfect Xmas idea!!

doggie xmas stocking - mantel


Make sure to fit the new stocking in with your existing decorating ideas.   There is no cuter thing then seeing all the stockings hanging on the mantel side by side. Including your dog in that display is a wonderful way to show just how much you love your dog!



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