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Drinking water as we all know is one of the most important things that we need to do every single day.  The same applies to our dogs.  Making sure they drink enough water is the key to having them remain healthy.

Dogs obviously drink in a completely different way then we do, but the end result is making sure they have access to fresh water at all times .

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When we are gone to work all day or out for long period of times, it is crucial that we leave our dogs enough water.  For us that usually means leaving out a water dish filled with water hoping that it stays fresh and good.

A great way to make sure you constantly have fresh water is by using a Drinkwell water fountain.

Why is water so important

Water makes up 70-80% of your dogs body mass.  A loss of even 10% of your pets fluids, can cause them to have a serious illness.  Quickly this also leads to dehydration.

Every single body part suffers when your dog isn’t getting enough water.  Not enough water means not enough blood flow through there arteries and veins.

The blood can get thick while draining body tissue causing a lack of oxygenation and a deficient immune system.  Dehydration causes toxic substances to stay in the tissue and can cause an ongoing state of disease.

Dogs are actually at greater risk of dehydration simply because there heat is released from there body much slower than our own.

All pets need hydration and some more than others.   Every dogs water intake is different for example a puppy, an older dog, sick or a pregnant dog all have issues that require more or less water.

Our boy Finny has been taking steroids for his Addison’s Disease, he drinks an excessive amount of water.  No matter what is going on with your dog, water is important.

For dogs the average rule of thumb is 1 ounce of water for every pound they have every 24 hours.  Depending on what type of diet your dog is eating can also play a part in how much water they may need.

Whether it is dry food, raw food diet or canned dog food.  The food they eat plays a part in how much water they may need.

Why a fountain

Dogs really like when there is a running water tap inside or out. With an indoor fountain for drinking water, a stream of water will really entice your dog to want to drink.  There are 5 interchangeable spout rings to choose from that will change the flow of the water.

You can adjust the flow of water that you want to match your dog. In a home that has multiple pets, having a fountain is much easier simply because of the 360 circular design of the water fountain.  There is just much more space for everyone around the large surface.

A water fountain has constant moving water, which stops the water from getting stagnate.   Constantly moving water provides what’s called aeration.  Aeration is when water breaks the surface tension of the water which draws in more oxygen from the air into the water.

When you use a traditional water dish, the water is not as fresh as water coming from a constantly moving fountain of water.

How does it work

There are a few different designs to choose from when it comes to this brand of fountains.

One of the most popular fountains is the 360 stainless steel fountain.

The steel fountain holds up to a gallon of water.  Many of these fountains range in water capacity from 2 liters-4.9 liters.

All fountains run using a low voltage 12-volt system.  They are equipped with an in-line plug for safe operation and easy pump removal.  A clip hides the cord and holds it securely in place.

There is an active carbon filter that is completely replaceable.  The filter helps removes odors and bad tastes from the water.

A foam filter also catches any debris or hair before it gets to the pump on the fountain.  The submersible pump provides a nice quiet running sound.

Basically all the fountains run on power with an easy quiet sound.   A regular weekly cleaning schedule and making sure to maintain the filters will make sure your fountain runs smoothly.


Choices and cleanliness

First there is the 360 stainless fountain that looks super sleek in your kitchen or any specific area of your home.  In order to clean your fountain, the stainless steel design makes it 100% dishwasher safe and completely hygienic.

If you don’t want a stainless steel fountain, you can choose any one of the other styles.

There is a Platinum fountain that is made with BPA free plastic. This fountain is more of a water fall style in that a stream of water comes from the top down into the bowl.  The specifics are very similar to the stainless steel version as far as how it is powered and also coming equipped with the same carbon filter.  This fountain is 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Your third choice of fountains is a ceramic fountain called the Avalon.  It holds 2 liters of water, which is smaller than the other two designs making it a perfect choice for smaller dogs.  This is a dual fountain and has two levels of water to chose from.  An elevated design makes it easier for senior pets to reach the water.  Just like the other two it also comes with the replaceable carbon filter.  Being dishwasher safe which makes this also very easy to keep clean.  To make it even more of a jazzy choice, this fountain also comes in two color choices, red or white.

Another excellent choice is the Stoneware Pagoda fountain.  It has two streams of water, hold 2 liters of water and comes in a pretty Himalayan blue.  This fountain comes with the both of the replaceable filters as the other designs and is powered using the same low voltage 12-V system.

Water Extravaganza

With our dogs, it is so important to make sure that there water intake is constant.  Making sure we keep our dogs hydrated and healthy.

In reviewing the Drinkwell water fountain, I came across many amazing reviews from customers.

Customer 1 says :
“This drinking fountain is wonderful.  My dogs love the fountain and are drinking a lot of water now.  We changed the filter this week and it is sooooo easy to do.  The water is crystal clear and so much better for them.   I would highly recommend this fountain for cats or dogs. It is great.”

Another customer says:
“Our dog LOVES this fountain.  We purchased the Himalayan Blue fountain and we are extremely happy with it.  He was so fascinated with it the first day that he kept drinking and drinking!  It does require cleaning and maintenance but it’s definitely worth it.  We also love the sound of the running water so it’s a win, win.”

It’s clear from these reviews, that these fountains are a huge bonus for animal lovers of all kinds.  Just like humans if our pets aren’t drinking fresh clean water daily, it can lead to many health issues.  Many regular water dishes leave the water at room temperature, unclean and unfiltered.

Choosing to purchase a fountain water dish for your dog is the right choice.  I have shared the nuts and bolts of how a fountain water dish is so positive.  I have not mentioned the soothing sound of the flowing water that is produced by these fountains.

We all know that flowing water is used for calming anxiety and meditating purposes.  Setting one of these amazing fountains up in your home, can also help your dog feel relaxed and peaceful.

There are many styles to choose from and no matter which one you decide to get, they are all backed by Petsafe which is an industry leading US manufacturer.  Since 1991 they have been manufacturing pet behavior containment and lifestyle products.

Getting a product from Petsafe is a guaranteed to be a home run.  Go out and check out the fountain of your choice, you won’t be disappointed.


Drinkwell Water Fountain


Overall Product







  • Good for hydration
  • Fresh water
  • Easy to clean


  • Tricky to assemble
  • Can be a bit noisy
  • Have to replace filters

4 thoughts on “Drinkwell Water Fountain | Do You Really Need One”

  1. There’s a lot of truth in this. I realized that my dog enjoys drinking water coming out from a hose. It take her more time to drink it than with a bowl with just 6-7 slurps, sometimes less. Her vet actually suggest a hanging water dispenser and not a bowl to avoid parasitism and other micro bacteria that build in stagnant water. 

    I am glad that there is a better option such as Drinkwell water fountain that doesn’t just provide clean water but aeration as well to ensure better filtering system and oxygenation. I think Avalon is perfect for my dog since she’s the only one who will use it and the size is good enough to hold her water needs. No matter what the style is, pet owners must make sure pets drink a lot for better health and hydration. Again, you are really great in introducing and explaining these products for dogs. Hope to read another interesting blog.

    • Hello MissusB,

      Isn’t so interesting that dogs really enjoy drinking water from a running source.  Thank you for sharing your story about your vets suggestion.  I am always concerned about my boys drinking stagnate water.  This fountain really does provide an excellent option for dogs to ensure they get good clean and fresh water. 

      So glad you found my blog interesting and informative for us dog owners.

      Thank you


  2. I think you’ve written an excellent review of the Drinkwell water fountain. Providing for the health needs of our pets is an important aspect of ownership that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    Your post highlights the benefits of the Drinkwell water fountain, for the dog and the owner alike.

    As a non-dog owner, I found the post informative, and I am sure pet owners will get plenty of value by reading.

    Plus, I enjoy reading well-written posts!

    • Hi Peter,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed my review.  Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

      I am always excited to share cool products that dog owners will really enjoy. 

      Thanks again.



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