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Anyone that has a shedding dog in their life, knows just how hard it is to keeping your house clean of all the dog hair. We all love our dogs very much, but to be honest, we just don’t love the hair they leave behind.

Making sure that your dog is groomed regularly certainly helps in making sure your dogs needs are being looked after and cared for.  Most dog owners that require their dog’s to be groomed only do so approximately 3 or 4 times a year.  When they get groomed, they get brushed, bathed, and clipped.

Dyson dog grooming tool
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After they are groomed, they come home with far less hair than they had before.  But what about in between grooming?  How can I keep a good handle on the shedding hair all over my house.

Well finally their is a product that will make your life easier when it comes to your dog hair.  The Dyson dog grooming tool is that next best thing on the market today.

Dyson’s history

We have all heard of the Dyson vacuum company and the great products they make.  What is it that makes Dyson the best option when it comes to purchasing a vacuum?

Dyson was invented by a fellow by the name of James Dyson who was born in 1947 in Norfolk England.  In 1978 James was in the middle of renovating his property and had just bought himself a Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner. He quickly realized that his new vacuum was losing suction.

After dismantling his vacuum, he realized that the reason his vacuum was losing suction was due to the thick layer of dust that was clogging up the mesh fabric inside.  This clogging literally stopped the vacuum from working properly.

Dyson Dog Grooming Tool
He than decided to visit a local saw mill to see how they removed fine dust particles of saw dust from the air.  In a saw mill environment, large industrial cyclones were used to help remove this dust from the air.

After checking out this technology in that situation, he decided to try to use the same technology in a vacuum cleaner.  By replacing the bag in his Hoover vacuums with a cardboard cyclone he made, he quickly realized how much better the vacuum sucked.  This cyclone action also provided the vacuums with a much longer life span that a typical bagged vacuum.  So hence the bag less vacuum was born.

Today Dyson makes heaters, hand dryers, blade less fans and of course a fabulous line of vacuums.

Dyson grooming tool

If you talk to anyone that owns a Dyson vacuum, they will tell you how amazing they are and that they provide the best suction on the market.  They make vacuums that last with outstanding quality and performance for the life of your vacuum.

When it comes to being a dog owner with a shedding dog, we are always looking for ways to vacuum up our pets hair. Nobody want to come into your home and instantly be covered in dog hair.  So unfortunately that means that we need to buy the proper product to help us do that.

By purchasing the extra grooming tool as an add-on for your Dyson vacuum, you will get that bit of extra help needed to keep your dogs hair mess in check.  The grooming tool is called the Dyson grooming tool and is a professional vacuum attachment accessory.

It is compatible with almost all the Dyson uprights and canister vacuums, except any of the cordless and handhelds ones.

dyson grooming

How it works

The Dyson grooming tool attaches easily to the hose of your vacuum.  Once on the vacuum you can control it by using your thumb that exposes the bristles of the attachment.  This can be easily controlled with a single hand motion.  You can switch between groom, self clean and self store modes.

The best way to use the grooming tool is in a brushing motion.  Occasionally releasing pressure aids in sucking up all the loose hair.  You don’t need to fiddle with extra dials.   The hair is sucked directly into the vacuum.

doggy bath

It works great on medium to long hair dogs as the bristles of the brush can be adjusted depending on the hair length that you need.  With 364 bristols that are angled at 35 degrees makes this great for removing excess hair.  When pressure is applied it flexes to an upright position and due to the angle of the brush it easily penetrates your dogs entire coat.

When you aren’t using the brush, the bristles actually retract which helps protect the bristols from bending or any damage.

The brush is great at sucking up loose hair that your dog may have on the surface of their back.  The best thing about the grooming brush is that your dog will feel very relaxed and happy as almost all dogs loved to be brushed.  I think it is the calming stroke with the brush that dogs really enjoy.


There are some great benefits to using this tool.  You will realize that on top of the excess hair that gets removed, the tool actually sucks up any dead skin that is also sitting loosely on your dog.  Including sucking up all allergens which will help in ensuring this doesn’t get spread around your house.

This vacuum actually removes 90% of all shedding dog hair.  Some amazing other benefits of this grooming tool are:


On top of all the great benefits, purchasing the grooming tool also won’t set you back much to buy.  On average it costs $25-$35 CDN, but can vary.

Here is one example of a great product review by Michelle:

Works great, the hard part is getting the dog used to the vacuum in the background. I have a black lab mix that sheds constantly, she was initially weary of the vacuum, but with proper incentives, she eventually got used to it. This is helping keep the hair to a minimum.”


Using it on your dog

Loud noises like vacuums can sometimes scare a dog.  Some dogs obviously are more afraid of vacuums than others, so getting them comfortable being brushed by a vacuum attachment can be a challenge.

The best way to teach your dog to be relaxed and comfortable with a vacuum running while trying to brush him to go step by step.

  1. First thing is to run the brush without being connected the vacuum over your dogs back to get them used to the feeling of it.  Continuing this process for as long as it takes for your dog to feel relaxed and comfortable with i
  2. Next would be to have treats in your hand to than try to turn on the vacuums with slow moving motions towards your dog.  Using the treats to try to show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.
  3. As your dog gets more used to the sound of the vacuum, you can than try to attach the Dyson dog grooming tool to the vacuum.  By moving slowly with the brush over your dog, with positive reinforcement and treats, get your dog to try to be calm.

Repetition and patience are the key to getting your dog used to be brushing by this amazing tool.  Some dogs will adapt quickly while other dogs can take a bit longer.  Depending on your dog’s personality and ability to adapt to new things also will determine how fast they can become comfortable with basically being vacuumed. HAHA!

grooming tool

If you can get your dog accustomed to using this grooming tool, you will notice a huge difference in the amount of hair that is left on your floor or in your home.  There will be far less than if you don’t use it.

Dyson is a great company that is committed to manufacturing products that last, are durable and of course have the best suction around.

Here’s to a clean house with a little less dog hair in it.


Dyson Dog Grooming Tool


Overall Product







  • Retractable bristols
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive to buy


  • Need to own a Dyson
  • Getting your dog used to it

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  1. Howdy Coralie,

    I always wonder how well groomed all of those Dogs in TV competition look.

    I am sure their owners must appreciate tools such this one you described here.

    Reading through your article, I think it just gave a great idea for a holiday gift for friends we will be visiting over Christmas.

    I really appreciate you due diligence in publishing this item. I also subscribed to the feed so that I do not miss any future post.

    • Hi,

      I really appreciate your comments on my post.  You are right, this would make such a great gift for the holidays.  Anyone that has a Dyson would really find this an amazing add-on. 

      Thank you for your support.

  2. I’m a dog owner and I know this may sound funny but me and my family haven’t had any issues with dog hair. Maybe because our dog is small or maybe because we try to keep her groomed. But even when she has a lot of hair it tends to be matted down. Maybe because she’s always sleeping and laying somewhere. We may not see a lot of hair because we don’t have carpets or rugs. Or maybe I’m just oblivious to it and don’t pay enough attention within my household. But because of this article I will sure give my dog and house an inspection to see where her hair really goes.

    • Hello, 

      You are so lucky that dog hair isn’t an issue for you.  Shedding dogs seem to be worse if they are bigger dogs for sure.  Some dogs like Golden Retriever or Australian Shephard’s shed at an alarming rate.  There are so many dog owners that unfortunately really struggle with this issue.  Count yourself lucky.

      I really appreciate you sharing your personal experience with this topic.  It is so wonderful to hear from other dog owners and their dog families.

      Thank you for your support.


  3. Hi there. Thank you for sharing this post on Dyson Dog Grooming Tool, such an incredible tool to groom our dogs. I never had an idea of Dyson’s history before, good to know as you have shared it here. Although the tool is a lil bit expensive, I think it is very okay considering its value for our dog.

    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and comments on my post. It is always great when someone reads my post and walks away with more information than they had before they read it.

      Taking care of our dogs at times can get a bit expensive, but you can’t put a price on making things easier for us dog owners.



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