FitBark Review | How Cool Is This Gadget

  • Product : FITBARK & FITBARK 2
  • Color choices : VARIOUS COLORS
  • Where can I buy it : FITBARK.COM
  • What does it run on : Lithium ION BATTERY
  • Price : $69.95
  • My rating : 4.6 out of 5

Have you ever heard of a FitBark? Well this is about the coolest gadget you can buy for your dog.

I find myself constantly looking for the next super cool gadgets for me and my dog, and then I came across it.  It is called the “FITBARK.” or “FITBARK 2”.

After looking into this product and understanding all the information it can track on my dog’s overall health, I decided to share my research.

This is my FitBark Review.

FitBark 2 Review Screenshot
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What is the FitBark

The FitBark is a small little bone shaped device that you attach to your dog’s collar. This little device, is a lot like a human Fitbit device.  Equipped with an Lithium ION battery, which makes it rechargeable if the battery starts to get low.

The purpose of the device is to gather and track information on your pet’s health. Monitoring your dog’s activity level, how good they sleep, steps your pet takes, as well as their overall health.

Step counters, Fitbit’s and any time of gadget that humans use are super popular and help us track our own health every day.

This gadget is the exact same concept, but for our dogs.  Now if I go out walking, my dog can also come along with his FITBARK on.   When we are done, we can review that data to see how well we did.  The data will tell is us if we maybe need to walk a few more steps, or sleep a little longer.

Our pet’s overall health is just as important as our own.

FitBark Review - Fitbark Screenshot

What does the data tell us

We can see all the data in an app that we download to our IOS or Android phone.  One of the super cool features about this device, is you can link it to your Fitbit, Apple Health, or Google Fit device.

The data we get from the FitBark, can be used to track our pets steps everyday minute by minute, even when we aren’t at home.  We are able to see if our dog is lazy when we are at work, or active.

Data is tracked, daily, weekly, and monthly.  Looking at the health data will show us, if all of a sudden our pet’s activity level drops off and we maybe didn’t notice right away.  We can be made aware that there maybe an issue with our dog’s mobility by counting calories burned, as well overall distance traveled.

One of the other important tracking data is the Sleep Quality tracker.  The sleep tracker shows you what length of time your dog is asleep.  You can look to see if it varies from night to night or not.

The best thing about this device is you can share your pets stats with the Veterinarian if there is something your are concerned about.

Fitbark Review Screenshot of Product

Key features

The FitBark has many features that make this device, a great choice for you and your dog.  The newest version of this product is called the FitBark 2.  In this version of the FitBark, there have been some big upgrades, from the original.

Some key upgrades of this model FitBark 2 is the device itself is more durable in water and on land.  Battery life has been improved to 6 mos or 3.5 dog years.

Now you can also pick from more color choices for the cover that best fits your dog.  FitBark 2 has a rugged and lightweight feel to it.  The sizes range from XXX-S all the way to XXX-L to fit any size dog.

We can watch any of our dogs medical issues, it can track our dogs mobility, anxiety level and if there is any change in your dogs sleep habits.

All the information can be shared with your friends by using the App which is also Bluetooth compatible.  There is no monthly fees associated with this app or features, which makes this a very reasonable choice to purchase.

Technical specs

Equipped with a Lithium-ion polymer battery that is long-lasting.  You can recharge the FitBark without removing it from the collar, by connecting a specific FitBark charging cable.  An LED powered display, that shows battery life when it’s full and flashing to indicate when the battery is charging.  Also, when the device is paired, it flashes in 5 sec intervals. Normally the LED is off otherwise.

The total weight of the device is only .35 ounces (10 grams), which makes it lightweight and the poly carbonate housing makes it super rugged from even a dog bite.  The housing is also completely waterproof, which makes it great for those summer swims in the water.

100 days of minute by minute data is stored within the memory.  Obviously it needs to be connected to an internet connection to Sync the data and be within 30 feet (9 meters) of your mobile device, or a FitBark base station.

FitBark Review Screenshot Display

To buy or not to buy

The FitBark is a revolutionary gadget unlike any other. You can use it anywhere in the world.

Being completely portable and the ability to interface with your cell phones.  It has an excellent dashboard that allows you to monitor trends in the daily behavior of your pet, in a very non-invasive way.

Backed by a 30-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty, this Fitbark is a great deal for the price point.  Provided in the box for your $69.95 is your FitBark, 1 black cover, 8 zip ties to attach to your dogs collar, charging cable and a quick start guide.

FitBark Review - Screenshot Review

Whether you purchase the original FitBark or FitBark 2, there are some extra add-ons that you may want to purchase with your box.  A charging WI-FI station, or in the case of the FitBark 2, you could purchase up 12 different color choices as opposed to the 7 color choices with the original FitBark.

You can also purchase extra zip ties for attaching the device to your dog’s collar, or if you happen to misplace the charging cable and need a new one you can buy a replacement cord.

Monitor your dogs healthHave to charge it
Easy to useNeed access to mobile phone
InexpensiveDog needs to wear a collar
See stats live from the app on the go
30-day guarantee


My overall FitBark Review is a THUMBS UP!  This is the perfect time of year, to go out and purchase this product for you and your dog to track all your summer adventures.

FitBark Review

I hope you enjoyed my FitBark review, and if you would like to comment or have any questions, please comment below.


****Geo-fencing and location tracking features are only available for the FitBark GPS (United States) which is just recently released. ****




Overall Product







  • Tracks your dogs activity
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof


  • No GPS Tracking
  • Attach to existing collar
  • Expense

24 thoughts on “FitBark Review | How Cool Is This Gadget”

  1. Wow! I had no idea there was such a thing for dogs. I’ve never even used a fitbit myself, but I can certainly see the value in one and wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. If I had a furry little companion, I’d certainly get one of these for him, because I’d want him/her to be just as healthy as I am. It’s bad enough that we have to outlive them. The least we can do is keep a good eye on their health so as to extend their lives as much as possible, along with improving their quality of life.

    • Hi Mark,

      I really appreciate your comments on my post review. I agree with you, that more times than not we will outlive our pets, so anything to make tracking their health easier is important.  It is not like they can tell us what’s going on.

      Sometimes people forget that dogs also change a lot over time as they age. This gadget gives us an idea of what changes we maybe able to see easier.

      Thank you


  2. Like you, I am always looking for the next best thing for my pets, and this FitBark gadget is a novel and innovative take on the FitBit craze that is helping so many people these days. When I read the title of your review, immediately the FitBark name made me think of the FitBit angle.

    That is a beautiful takeoff and branding delight for a marketer like myself. I can see this catching on and people like myself will buy into this and spend money purchasing such a device for their loved pets as I will. Bottom line is that it works, and works well.

    As to the veracity of the device itself, it seems like they have done their research well and designed a product that is easy to use and that provides a lot of useful information for the pet owner. This is also actionable information, as when a visit to the veterinarian is indicated by what it tracks, the owner can do this.

    The FitBark 2 seems to have improved the features quite a bit from the first version and being able to connect it into an app that I already use just makes it that much more of a no brainer for me. The battery life is also good, and the 100 days of information is more than adequate.

    Would I invest in a gadget like the FitBark 2? You betcha I would, and your review is very much appreciated and useful to me (and to my dogs!). I love the concept and device and I bet a whole bunch of other people love it as well! I am on the way to the product page now. Thanks…

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks so much for your comments on my review of the FitBark.  It really is the coolest thing around.

      I agree I think the FitBark 2 has stepped up its game with some good upgrades. The battery life of 6 mos is really amazing. Anytime you get a product that can connect to our phones, is something very interesting to people.

      FitBark was so smart to pick something close to FitBit like you said and I think people will really love this product once people hear about it. I know it’s been around since 2015, but I hadn’t heard of it til not that long ago.

      Any product that puts all the time and energy into doing their due diligence as far as research and then offer a newer version with upgrades 3-4 years later is committed. Dogs parents really do want to get their hands on anything that can make a difference in tracking their pets health.

      I am glad that you enjoyed my review and that you are now interested in the product. Thank you


  3. Well have I learned something reading this great review

    Firstly I thought a fitbark was to stop your dog barking and seeing what its really for is awesome

    I have 2 wee dogs and one of them is quite lazy so I am going to buy one of these awesome products to try on Maddi as she will then be regulated and I will be able to follow improvements on her well being

    Thank you so much for your help and i look forward to more and more visits along the way- What an informative site

    • Hi again VIcki,

      I really appreciate you comments on my post.

      When I first heard of this product, I thought exactly like you did, that it was for barking.  The funny thing is once your realize that it is a FitBit for dogs, the name is kind of genius.

      I absolutely love this product. I have 2 older dogs and its important to constantly monitor their movements. Being able to see how much sleep they are actually getting,especially when we are gone all day, it really gives you all the information you need.

      I highly recommend really checking out this FitBark, it is the coolest gadget for our dogs.

      Thank you Vicki


  4. I should have known there would be such  gadget for dogs, since these types of things are so common for people now, but I honestly had no idea until I read this review that such a thing even existed.  I can see such value in something like this, and like you said, having this information for the vet if there is ever an issue is just so valuable to have him or her know what is going on with your dog.  Thanks for sharing this.  I’m super excited about this product.

    • Hello again Babsie,

      Thank you for getting excited about this product. I was blown away when I first found about it too. Such a great invention for us dog lovers that want to make sure to stay on top of our pets health.

      Being able to use it on our phones and track it with our stats, really is the neatest thing.

      Once people realize this product exists, I really think it will be a hot ticket item. People are crazy for any kind of fitness tracking gear for dogs or other themselves.

      I appreciate your comments.


  5. Hi Coralie
    This is great…for dogs AND humans. If a dog owner is concerned about the health of their dog enough to get and actually use one of these, they should probably be concerned about their own. 🙂
    I’m being partially sarcastic, but seriously, this is a great way to ensure your pet is healthy by monitoring what he/she’s doing and how rigorously.

    • Hi Dave,

      I appreciate your comments about my FitBark review.  People certainly are interested in monitoring their own health, and I do think that this gadget, can help keep people match up their progress while exercising with their pet as well.

      For my dogs, the fact that they are older, does make me want to stay on top of how much they are really still able to do. As with most gadgets, the cool factor alone I find is super exciting.

      People track everything nowadays from their phone, so this fits right in line with that.

      Thank you


  6. Oh I just love the thought of being able to monitor my pet while we are out. Currently he gets very anxious when no one is home, and our neighbors tell us that he barks constantly until someone comes home.

    So I would be very interested in monitoring his anxiety level, as to whether he is anxious barking, or bored barking. Monitoring his steps is not really something I need to do, for we know that he does his walking with us when we go to the dog park, or when he is on a walk with us. {After all, he is the reason we exercise!}.

    My only concern would be the size of the device in general. I have a small Jack Russell type dog, is the device going to feel like it’s choking our pooch, I wonder?

    • Hi Leona,

      Thank you for your wonderful input on my latest post.  I really appreciate it.  

      You don’t have to worry about the size of the device as it is light as a feather and your dog will have no trouble wearing it comfortably. It make take him a bit to get used to it, but he will.

      I would be interested to see what your health stats would show if your dog is that anxious home alone. 

      Thanks again.


  7. Nice review you have there on” Fitbark”

    This is a good way to keep check on your dog’s health and it is very easy since I can connect it to my phone. But what I really need more information on is,do I need to have data on my Android phone to use it ? Do I need to close to my dogs so there won’t be a disconnect between my phone and the Fitbark device? 

    • Hi Lizzychris,

      Thank you for comments on my latest post. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. 

      To answer your question about range, the bluetooth range for the FitBark is 30 feet (9 meters).   In order for it to work on Android, you need to allow location services to be accessed.  Yes you would need to have data on your phone, or have access to WiFi. 

      The Fitbark is not specifically paired to just one phone, it is remembered by the FitBark platform, “discovered” and connected every time they are seen by a paired mobile device. I hope that answers all of your questions and thank you again.


  8. I am quite a lover of dogs and I just don’t see my dog as just a pet but as a friend. I could go lengthy to get anything to get them well settled down.

    I absolutely love this product. I have two dogs and its important to constantly monitor their movements. Being able to see how much sleep they are actually getting,especially when we are gone all day, it really gives you all the information you need to keep them healthy and Strong…. Thanks for sharing this article…

    • Hi Evans,

      Congratulations on your 2 pups.  Having 2 dogs is such an adventure, so kudos to you.  I only have one right now, but I do miss having 2 dogs.  It’s nice they have each other too.

      The thing with having 2 dogs, is that sometimes we just don’t have time to monitor everything both at the same time.  Having a FitBark totally takes away any manual monitoring, so it makes tracking very easy.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my post, I appreciate it. Take care


  9. Wow🤩 this product is one of it’s kind. For me, I think this device should be recommended for dog owners as it will help us from keeping a close eye on the dog’s health, whether it’s fine or not. This is something some of us might not have the time to do. 

    Thanks for sharing this review, I love it!

    • Hello,

      Your kind comments are wonderful, so thank you.  As a dog parent myself, you are so right, that sometimes we just don’t have the time to do everything.  Life is busy.  I think that is why I love this idea so much.  It solves more than one problem for us dog parents.

      Thank you so much.


  10. Helo, Monitoring my dog and also tracking information on it’s health have always been very challenging and seems impossible to me because of my busy schedule and work. The dog is very stubborn and sometime very difficult. But if I can actually Monitor my dog’s activity level, how good it sleep, steps it takes, as well as it’s overall health with fitbark, then I will definitely get a fitbark.

    • Hi Sheddy

      Yes I can imagine how hard that must be to be doing it manually.  Just like our iPhone Heart Icon does for us all day, this FitBark will track all of those things so much easier. 

      I love that you found the product as impressive as I do.  It always amazes me when engineers and entrepeneurs put their skills together and come out with cool dog gadgets.  Truly a dog parents dream.  Now they have also added a GPS tracker version, but it is only available in the US right now. 

      Thank you so much for being a part of my post and for sharing your thoughts.


  11. Thank you for your research on your article about super cool gadgets for you and your dog!

    I don’t keep any pets myself and am definitely not an animal lover. Only when I’ve rented rooms over the years has there been a cat or a dog.

    The implemented revolutionary technology of the rechargeable battery(looks like ‘Duracell’ has some competition there), upgrade, waterproof and the charging wi-fi station, is really impressive!

    I was just thinking about, whether there is a choice or whether you can regulate to what function, category, trend or information to use on the ‘Fitbark’. For instance, if your dog sleeps well, then you can turn off the sleep function and only have the relevant function on display, switched on!

    Also is there a ‘ Fitbark’ for other pets, like cats or even for the professional animals, like greyhound racing or even horse racing?

    Overall a very enjoyable read!!!

    • Hi Dayo,

      I thank you for your wonderful comments on my post.  It is great to hear from people even if they don’t have dogs of their own. Everybody knows someone that has one. 

      I am glad that you found the FitBark such a cool and valuable gadget for dog parents.  To answer you question about other pets, the answer is yes.  The key is that the pet needs to be wearing a collar to attach it to.  And of course with cats, with they leave it alone long enough for it to work.  It would really depend on the cat or animal that you are wanting to use it for.

      Thank you for being a part of my post.


  12. Hello dear,

    I really appreciate you for posting this great review. FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep and turns it into deep, actionable health insights. It’s a new way to motivate you and your dog to be active, it explains changes in behavior, and will help  your vet with more info about your dog and their nutrition, mobility, anxiety, skin conditions and other health issues.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Hello,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my post and thank you for your comments.

      Yes you are so right that FitBark offers so many great benefits to help your Vet and you better understand your dog.  Seeing what the data can offer, really shows just how important that information is for dog parents.

      Thank you.



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