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Product: Furbo Dog Camera, with Treat Tosser  

What is it: Full HD Wifi Pet Camera  

Size: 15 x 12 x 22.5 cm 

Where to buy: Amazon or Chewy


Dog parents are always looking for the coolest new gadgets on the market, anything for our pets right!  We look for things that we can purchase to make sure our dog live their best life, plus help us take the best care of them.  We scour the internet to see what products we might be missing out on.  Today I found this amazing product.  It’s this very cool dog camera called Furbo Dog Camera.

This camera is actually a real fun gadget to have for you and your dog to play with.  On top of the fun part, it is an amazing tool that can be used to help us monitor our dogs when we are away from our house.

Furbo Dog Camera Reviews Screenshot
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The Furbo starts with the very sleek shape, and sharp look.   It is white and has a bamboo top or cover that sits on the top of the camera.

On the front of the camera there are a few different buttons, and slots.  Towards the top of the camera is where the camera lens is located, then down from that is the mic/speaker.

The big blue button is the barking sensor, for picking up the sound when your dog barks.  Closer to the bottom you will see a little round slot with a kind of door that opens and closes.  This is the treat tosser!  Yup, that’s what I said treat tosser.  Sounds funny, but that’s what it’s called.  A very unique and cool feature.

Equipped with an electrical cord that requires the camera be plugged into any outlet in order.  The camera needs to be plugged into for it to work.

furbo dog camera review2


Features of the camera

This camera has many built-in features.  Some of the main functions of this camera are the super HD picture quality and high tech options.  Yes it is a bit techy,  but yet very easy to use.

The camera lens on the top moves 160 degrees, and is full 1080p HD with Infrared Night Vision.  Using night vision allows you to see your dog even in the dark.  What a very cool add-on.

Through the speaker you can 2-way talk to your pet from where ever you are by simply downloading and accessing the app on your smartphone or tablet.  This gives you the piece of mind, knowing that even though you aren’t at home, your dog can hear your voice, which helps them feel less alone.

The barking sensor on the front of the camera picks up, the second that your dog barks. Then the camera sends a push notification or alert to your smartphone alerting you.  You then open the app on your phone to view the video and to see what is going on in view of the camera.  This alert will also help you really know how much your dog barks when you aren’t home.

The treat tosser slot on the front is where the treat gets dispensed from.  All you have to do is fill the treat slot up by lifting up the lid and filling the area with treats.  Just make sure the treats you chose are small enough to fit through the slot.  Otherwise, it won’t be able to push the treat out.

You can control and activate this feature right from the app.  There is a button that appears on screen just below the camera picture on the app.  By hitting this button it sends a signal back to the camera telling it to toss out a treat.

Furbo Dog Camera Reveiw - Screenshot

How to install and use

Sometimes with these type of tech products and gadgets can be hard to use unless you are some kind of super techy person.  So for that reason you don’t buy these products.  But that is not the case with the Furbo Camera.

The Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tosser installs in 3 easy steps:

  • Take the camera out of the packaging and plug into a regular power outlet.
  • Then download the free app to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Once the camera is on, you need to connect it to your home WIFI system.
  • 90 day free trial of Cloud recording

Once you have the app downloaded on your smartphone, you can open it up and see the picture on screen.

The quality is FULL HD with 4X zoom.

It looks pretty darn amazing, I have to say.

On the screen in the two corners you will see different icons. On the right side you will see a microphone icon that you can turn on and off.

In the left corner you will see two icons, the top one is video and the second is the camera button used to take pictures.

furbo dog camera review
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Reasons to buy this camera

Sometimes our dogs get into things while we are away at work. we come home and wonder,  how the heck did that happen!  With this camera all you have to do is go to the cloud where the recording is being stored and review the video and see for yourself what actually happened.

Furbo treat tosser
Furbo Treat Tosser

For some people, their dogs suffer from separation anxiety.  With the 2-way talking feature this camera offers help for your dog if they suffer from this issue.  This gives us the ability to see if our dog is safe.

Furbo Dog Camera Reviews Screenshot

In some cases, this camera can literally save the life of your pet or your home.  You can use the camera to detect any trouble your dog maybe getting into while you are away.

Maybe your dog has gotten into something toxic, or dangerous.  The second they bark. you get notified right away with the barking alert function.

Even the worst case scenario, what if your home was to catch fire, the dog of course would start to bark right away.  You could then rush home or just call 911 from where ever you are at that moment.

Every pet owner should take a look at this camera!

I realize that this camera may seem a little pricey, but when you weigh the benefits of what you get in return, it really isn’t.


  • Monitor your dog from work
  • Treat Tosser function
  • Distract your dog
  • Help with separation anxiety
  • Takes pictures


  • Kind of expensive
  • Only 1 camera per network
  • Need proper treat size for door
  • Have to use an App


Furbo doggy camera


Now that I have gone through all the things this pet camera offers, it is really hard to pass up on.  In my opinion, you can’t put a price on the life and safety of your pet.

You can easily set this camera on a side table at a good level to catch where your dog usually is when you are gone.

Unfortunately, we all have to go to work every day and that leaves our dogs alone for extended periods of time.

This is a great one-time purchase that will allow you to leave your home feeling better about what is really going on the second you leave and step out the door.

Whether your dog is young or old, purchasing this camera will be a decision that will really help you keep a watchful eye on our fur babies. .


I hope you enjoyed my post and if you have any questions about the: Furbo Dog Camera Reviews or want to leave your own review, leave a comment below.

Furbo Dog Camera


Overall Product







  • Bark Notifier
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Control with the app


  • Expense
  • Can only use one email address
  • Could use better sound quality

18 thoughts on “Furbo Dog Camera Reviews | My Personal Review”

  1. Hi Coralie. What a great gadget. I think you covered all aspect of the product and answer all the questions. Where do you put that camera? On the floor, on a table and can you use it outside?
    Thank you for a very original idea.

    • Hi Claude, thank you so much for the comments on my post. I appreciate your input and I agree with your comments about where to set the camera. More detailed information really is the key, so thank you.


  2. What a fantastic little “toy”! I have often wondered what my doggy gets up to when I am not home, and I know she suffers terribly from separation anxiety, so I think this would be really beneficial to have in the home with her when I am not around to keep an eye on her, and know she is safe! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Josie,

      I agree, this is just the coolest toy out there for dogs and dog owners.

      Using it for your dogs separation anxiety may help give you a little more insight into what’s going on when you aren’t there. Just being able to hear your voice over the camera, may really help calm her.

      Plus who doesn’t want to see a video of what’s happening in the house when we head off to work.  I just think it is the coolest gadget around.

      Thank you for sharing your girl’s story with me. I love to hear people talk about their own experiences with their dogs.

      Thank you


  3. Hello Coralie,

    Thank you for this post. It’s such a wow! I remember our dog called Culi, we were always scared when we were away from home thinking something might be happening to her. If we had a camera like this, that report every activity that happened at home, our heart would have been at rest.

    I need to inform my parent to look out for this camera and buy it cause the features are amazing. Also, can we monitor it’s activities through our telephones while we are away?

    • Hi Pat,

      This camera is amazing and my reaction of WOW was exactly the same as yours. Who would of thought of something very cool like this to help dog owners.

      Sadly we all have to leave our dogs during the day to go to work.  This gives us some piece of mind, that we can check on them visually, right from our phones.

      Anything that ties people to their dogs and their phones, is a fabulous idea.

      Thank you for sharing your story of Culi. I appreciate you passing on this cool gadget to your parents, they won’t be disappointed with it.


  4. This is a really neat product that any pet owner can benefit from. I believe it would especially be helpful for those pups who do suffer from separation anxiety because the owner would be able to communicate with their furbaby. The only problem I could see is how much of my work day would be taken up with talking to my dogs. 🙂

    • Hi Kelly,

      I am laughing about your how much work would be getting done with this comment. Too funny. Could be true though right. I of course hope that everyone would use it on breaks and lunches maybe, just to check in.

      Thank you so much for your comments on my Furbo Dog Camera Review. I just think it is the coolest gadget, and there are a few major benefits to dog owners if they use this correctly.

  5. Hi Coralie, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have a dog and honestly, I never thought about this camera. It would be great to install it as my dog is often alone and home and I would like to see what he do while I am not there. It is a little pricey but it is definitely worth it.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I appreciate your comments on my furbo dog camera review. My favourite thing about this camera, is the ability to have contact with my dogs when I am away.

      I think we all want to know what they do when we are gone. This way maybe we don’t let our imagination run away with what is actually going on. Especially with my 2 dogs, as they are quite the characters.

      The price point isn’t too bad, I guess it boils down to how much are we willing to pay for piece of mind.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  6. Oh my goodness! What is the next gadget for a pet. I don’t own a dog, but this is a really funny item for a pet. I agree that some dogs need something of this sort, since as soon as you leave they begin to tear the house up or do something they have no business. They would like where are they. I just saw them leave me alone but I am hearing their voice. Am I finally going totally crazy. I would suggest some pictures to get a visual of what the camera have to offer.

    • Hi Chris,

      My reaction was the same. What is the next thing that will come out. This is just the best gadget for dog owners for sure.

      Many dogs get in trouble the second you live the how absolutely. This would allow you to get an up close and personal look at what you might be coming home to. Mess or not.

      Thank you


  7. Hi Coralie,

    Im a cat lover rather than a dog lover, but I have to say this gadget camera is awesome ! I love the fact you can toss out a treat for your pooch and you can keep track on what is going on at home. I can think of a few of my neighbours who could do with this. They leave their dogs all day and when i tell them they have barked the whole time, they dont believe me. This would show them exactly what is going on ! And it might then help them to help their dogs cope with the day better.

    • Hi Quinn,
      Thank you so much for your comments.
      I really appreciate you commenting on my review. The camera does really offer dog owners a real look at what is going on during the day when no one else is around.
      The treat tosser really is just the icing on the cake with the whole camera idea. I did put the price range in simply just to give people an idea what it can potentially cost.
      Thanks again Quinn

  8. That is a great idea I like it very much and I think you have a awesome website I am a dog lover just like you I wrote a story on dogs and cats and all other animals my website is animal pet care

    • Hi Donald
      Thank you for checking out my review. I really appreciate it your positive comments. Us animal lovers, need to stick together, so thank you for sharing your story with me.
      Best of luck moving forward.
      Thank You

  9. Hi Coralie, I left a comment on your website, about your awesome review. I love the dog camera.. I think it should be a must for all dog owners who have to leave their pooches through the day. It must be traumatic for pooch and owner alike to be apart but this would show how the pooch is coping and give the owner some insight into how to manage things better. And the treat tosser is so great, being able to give comfort whilst you’re out to your furry friend will be comforting in itself. 

    The review was well written. I dont usually put in prices in my reviews in case they change and would have to go back through them all constantly to update but thats just me. Is this a product you use yourself ? if it is, a few action shots would be excellent. 

    • Hi Quinn,

      Great name by the way, I love it. Thank you for reading my review of the furbo dog camera. I know that for many dogs, separation and being alone all day can be traumatic. This camera, does help with anxiety and seems to settle down your dog just hearing your voice.

      You are right about the treat tosser, a real cool idea. I will get some actions shot and add it to the page, thanks for the suggestions.



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