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Dog Toys!!! My dog Fergus is a dog that absolutely loves dog toys.   Anytime you introduce a new dog toy, he never disappoints with his reaction.   I have recently been on the look out for more durable stuffy toys for him.    I am happy to report, that I have found his new favourite dog toys.  They are goDog Chew Guard toys.

goDog chew guard toy
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When it comes to durability and amazing toys, goDog is a dog toy company that really has hit it out of the park.  They have really stepped up dog toys to whole new level.

Good toys

If you are a dog parent, than you are totally aware that dog toys come and go…. LITERALLY!

Usually right into the garbage!

Fergus my Labradoodle is a quite tough on toys, so I use him as the marker for finding, what he deems as good durable toys.  He is great at giving me the thumbs up if you will, simply by how much attention he gives the toy and if lasts without being destroyed quickly.

He is a dog that loves toys that have nobs, crinkly bits, squeakers with unique sounds, and is a huge fan of toys that have dangly parts or pokey parts.  Fergus also absolutely loves stuffy toys. Anything that is easy to carry around in his mouth.


goDog chew guard toys - fergus toy


When I came across goDog toys it was by sheer chance.  I was on the prowl for a new toy company that I could find that has a whole unique selection of toys that are sturdy and that would hopefully last.   The cool characters of their toys are absolutely adorable.  I instantly wanted to buy one.   I couldn’t wait to see how it would hold up with Fergus.  It said that it had Chew Guard Technology and I was curious to test it out.

Well he absolutely loved his new Rooster goDog toy I bought. We just call him “Roo”!  I was so happy that Fergus absolutely loves his new toy.  He is awesome, he has dangly legs with squeakers in each foot and a body made of a huge ball that squeaks.   The toy has lasted without any rips or tears and remains in excellent condition.

Once I find that goDog toys could withstand the Fergus barrage of fun, I instantly start looking at some of their other toys.  A toy company that can make toys that stand up, will always in my world be the best dog toy companies.  They always make me what to share my find with fellow dog parents that struggle to find durable toys that last.

goDog chew guard toys - logo


What makes goDog toys special?

Now that I have ranted and raved about GoDog, I wanted to share some of what makes their toys so special.

I mentioned that goDog uses their proprietary Chew Guard Technology.

What does that mean exactly?

Chew Guard is technology that is used when the toys are manufactured by adding a durable super tough liner inside the plush toy.  This unique technology makes the toy far more durable than almost every other soft dog toys.  Making it able to withstand the tougher playing dog.  On top of the Chew Guard, each toy has double stitched and reinforced for that extra stitching strength.


goDog chew guard toy - rooster


They absolutely believe in their toys.  Just to prove how much they believe in their Chew Guard Technology they offer a 30 free one-time toy replacement.  What that means is if your new plush dog toy doesn’t last for 30 days from your purchase date, than they will give you a new one for FREE!  That in itself, proofs the commitment that goDog has for their dog toys.

Their Chew Guard Technology is really what makes these dog toys so special.  They clearly did their homework when it comes manufacturing toys for dogs that a bit rougher on toys.


goDog chew guard toys technology


A few of the other things that make their toys so special is that all of their toys are bright, colorful, innovative, and super fun.   The characters they choose really show that they have put a lot of thought into what the new toy is going to be.   With a huge commitment to safety, all toys are tested rigorously so that they are safe for your dog, and even your kids.

My other favourite thing about their toys is that the toys are made with something called “Silent Squeak Technology”.


Just when you think that they have thought of everything, they come out with this squeaker technology.   Essentially what this technology does, is instead of driving dog parents crazy with constantly squeaking toys, the toy squeaker is made using a high frequency.   So high in fact, that people can’t hear the sound, only dogs can.


You can clearly see that goDog has really put their heart and soul into manufacturing dog toys that are far beyond other dog toy companies.

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Toy selection

The amazing thing about goDog’s Chew Guard toys, is that they have an awesome selection of toys to choose from.  A ton of different characters that will have you chuckling because they are so adorable.

They have quite a few different lines of toys to choose from, like:

  • Checkers – roosters, cows, ducks, pigs

goDog chew guard toys - checkers   goDog chew guard toys - checkered toys
  • Plush Toys – dragons, dinosaurs, gators

goDog chew guard toy - dino    goDog chew guard toy - dragon   goDog chew guard toy - gator
  • Silent Squeaker – hedgehog

goDog chew guard toy - silent squeaker
  • FurBallz – round fluffy balls in a rainbow of colors

goDog chew guard toys - furballz

Each one of these groups of toys has a variety of characters to choose from.  Depending on what style of dog toy you are looking.  All the toy lines are full of bright colors, cuddly soft and just pure silliness in their design.  They are the cutest, most fun dog toys that I have found on the market today.

Good toy fun

I consider good toys as toys that are fun for my dog Fergus, but also fun for me.   Him and I play quite regularly inside the house with toys.   From teaching him to catch toys in midair, or just playing with the toy together.  For us this works great giving us that playtime bond together and that definitely has me tagged as the FUN MOM!


goDog chew guard toy - triceopteris

The one thing I have found remarkably interesting about dog parents and their thoughts on dog toys, is really split into 3 different groups.

Group One is the dog parent that just buys a dog toy without really thinking about its durability or practicality for THEIR DOG!   Because as we know not all dogs play and use toys the same way.   This leads to a fast and completely destroyed toy that your dog may or not have ingested some of.

Group Two – is dog parents that makes a conscious effort to buy good toys that are a little more money, but won’t break the bank.   Toys of good quality.

Group Three – the last group is in my mind considered the “Elite Parent”.   What makes this the gold standard for dog parents.   Well to me it means a dog parent that doesn’t buy any toy unless they research it ahead of time.   They will also go as far as reading reviews and really doing their homework to see if the toy history, construction, and manufacturing are an “A+” fit for their dog.   Price wise, they are less likely to focus on the higher price of an item.

It is all about the BEST TOY in their mind!

Don’t get me wrong, all 3 of these are good dog parents. The difference is really in the details.

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My toy parenting theory

The number one issue I have with many dog parents is the thought that if I buy good toys my dog won’t destroy them. Unfortunately, this leads to letting the dog play with the toy without supervision.

NO MATTER WHAT toy I give my Labradoodle Fergus, I am always watching him when I give him the new toy.  I don’t allow him to just rip and chew toys.   If he starts to focus on a particular area on a toy I than jump in to play with him and the toy.  That little of distraction stops that focus.

I think the reason this it is important for Fergus, is just because I know his nature enough to know that when he starts destroying and chewing a toy, it is out of boredom.  That signals to me, OK someone needs to jump in and play with him.

Even though I have this great strategy, it hasn’t stopped the odd rip or chewed ear needing to be repaired by hand.  I have done PLENTY!!!  I am also “Mending Mommy” LOL! I wear that name with pride.


goDog chew guard toy - fergus and roo


My overall theory around dog toys is to do SOME research if you can before buying, try to pay a bit more to get the good quality dog toys and lastly always thinking about your dogs personality to match it with the right toy.

Dog parenting is a journey and I find we are always learning along the way.  Being able to share “GOOD FINDS”, like coming across a great toy company is a “no brainer”.

GoDog Chew Guard Toys make amazing dog toys for every dog big or small.  They are that hidden secret of dog toys that 100% needed to be shared.

Next time you are looking to buy a new dog toy for your dog, don’t buy without first checking them out.  You won’t be disappointed.  I know my Fergus just got his 2nd goDog toy for his birthday and he doesn’t put it down.  For me that pretty much seals the deal!


goDog Dog Toys


Overall Product







  • Durable
  • Fun and Stylish
  • 30 day guarantee


  • Not indestructible
  • A bit more expensive

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  1. WOW! What a fun and great article. I do not have a dog but rather a cat. I love dogs and this was a great read. I agree, the toys need to be VERY durable and since they have a guarantee it makes them exciting to purchase for the dog owners! When I get a dog, this is where I am going to purchase! Nice job on this information!

    • Hi John,

      That is great that you found my post interesting and informative.  I know you only have a cat, but your cat may still like the goDog Furballz toy.  It is just a round fluffy ball that comes in a small size.  Just a thought!

      Thank you for you input and wonderful comments on my post, I really appreciate it. Take care and best of luck to you if you decide to get a dog.  Let me know if you need any help along the way.  Raising a dog is a journey that sometimes needs an extra hand. 



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