Great Dog Christmas Gifts

When it comes to buying great dog Christmas gifts for your dog, you don’t need to look to far.   There are many wonderful gift ideas to choose from this year.   So many in fact, that you may even have a hard time deciding which one to buy.   Heck maybe you need more than one!


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I know for my dog Fergus with this year being his first Christmas with us, I wanted to spoil him a bit.    I started scouring the market for some of the best gift ideas I could find.   I bought him a few of the amazing gifts I am about to share with you. Honestly, I can’t wait to see his face when he opens up his gifts on Christmas morning.    If you haven’t picked up your dog’s gift yet, you are sure to find some pretty great ideas here.

Fun and Challenging

The very first gift idea I have for you fits under the fun and challenging title.   If you haven’t heard of a “Snuffle Mat”
before, I am here to tell you they are awesome.   They are mats that are made out of shredded pieces of fabric that are looped into a mat with a rubber bottom.

The idea behind these long pieces of fabric is to create hiding spots for treats.    It creates a playground for your dog to search and find the hidden treats that you place throughout the mat.

great dog christmas gifts - snuffle mat

Your dog will be challenged and focused while using his snuffle mat.    I also want to say that as much fun as your dog is having looking for his hidden rewards, as a dog parent it is pretty fun to watch them go.

The snuffle mat is a great idea if you are looking to challenge a dog that uses his nose a lot.   That is why this is the perfect gift for my nose nudging dog Fergus.   LOL!

I also wanted to give you a great second option for fun and challenging toy for your dog.    This one is along the same lines as the snuffle mat, because it truly makes your dog think and focus on finding the treats.   The toy is made by Outward Hound and is called the “Brick Puzzle Game”.


great dog christmas gifts - treat puzzle


This mental stimulation game is a real energy killer for your dog.   You stash the treats in various spots on the brick and your dog has to open and work to retrieve the treat.   Genius!!

Toys like this are great fun and your dog will love either one of them.

Durable toys

Next up on the list is what I call “DURABLE” dog toys.   There are quite a few companies that I have been lucky enough to find that make dog toys that actually last longer than a few minutes.   Anytime you have a dog that is hard on dog toys, it can be a real challenge to get toys that they don’t destroy in record time.

Fergus is a dog that is in my mind is pretty hard on toys, but not completely destructive.   Still, I need to be aware of what kind of quality of toys that I buy him.   Right now, his absolute favorite toys are made by “goDog”.   These toys are fun, creative, innovative, and VERY DURABLE!

great dog christmas gifts - godog dino


They make many cool and fun character toys like a Rooster, Dinosaur, Frog, and many more.    They come in different sizes and shapes. With uniquely placed squeakers, crinkly sounding fabric and textures.   Each of their durable toys are made with “Chew Guard Technology” that truly makes their toys last longer.


great dog christmas gifts - godog pigs


No matter which line of goDog toys you pick from, you will be completely happy with your purchase and your dog is going to LOVE THEM!!



If your dog always wears a bandana like my dog Fergus, than why not get them a couple of new bandanas for the year. Instead of getting them regular bandanas, get ones with some style and flair.    Fun and creative patterns are always a fun way for your dog to express themselves.     My Fergus loves to wear plaid, so you could do plaid, Christmas patterns or just a cute new bandanna in a cool color.


great dog christmas gifts - plaid bandana


Just to make it even more special, buy a bandanna that you can personalize by putting your dog’s name it. They are so cute with a bandanna to begin with, but one with their name on it is extra special.


great dog christmas gifts-xmas bandana                                  great dog christmas gifts - friends bandana


Anytime I get a new bandanna for Fergus, he is always so excited to smell it and check it out.   Then when I put it on, he walks around so proud and happy.   Almost like he is showing off.   This makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift.



At Christmas, another wonderful idea for a gift for your dog, is to get them special snacks or treats.    Why not use this opportunity as a chance to try something new for your dog?

Maybe your dog has never tried something like a bully stick, a pig’s ear, or a raw food topper. This is the perfect time to give them a little something special. Who doesn’t want a raw food topper on top of their kibble? What a great idea! C’mon we get turkey and a big meal, so it only makes sense to give our dogs a little extra in the food department.


great dog christmas gifts - toppers


I think a bully stick or pig’s ear is nice treat for your dog on Christmas day when everyone is rustling around opening gifts and eating breakfast to keep them busy for a bit. This can be a wonderful distraction for everyone.

Fergus absolutely loves everything from bully sticks to pig’s ears.    Many dog parents often worry about giving to many treats to their dog, but if you only give them something on special occasions it is a nice surprise.


great dog christmas gifts - pigs ear


If you are just looking for more of a cookie or treat, well than, I am going to share Fergus’s favourite treats right now.  He has a couple, like Merrick Power Bites the Turducken flavour and the Natural Balance Mini’s.   These are a nice moist treat that he just loves.






Dog box subscriptions

One of the greatest gift ideas for your dog is to get them a dog box subscription.    By getting them a monthly dog box subscription, every month will feel like Christmas.   There are some truly excellent subscription boxes that have everything you could want for your dog.

A few of the best most popular subscriptions are by Bark Box, Pooch Perks and Pupjoy.   These companies offer a wonderful choice of customized boxes that are themed, or you could opt for their standard boxes where everything is a surprise.


great dog christmas gifts -barkbox


All the boxes come with a few new toys, treats, and so much more.   It really is a box full of surprises every month.    With all boxes, you can cancel your subscription when ever you want, so why not try it out for a few months.

Why not start your month-long dog party now!

Gift roundup

Christmas as we know can be a stressful time of year.    It can be hard to make sure that we are completely prepared and don’t leave anyone out.

Shopping online for great dog Christmas gifts has never been easier.   With a ton of selections to choose from, you are bound to find something for that your dog loves.


great dog christmas gifts - santa


Fergus is definitely reaping the rewards of some of my gift ideas I am sharing with you.  He will certainly be a happy boy come Christmas morning.

There is still time to make sure that your dog has a special Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift roundup of ideas for you and your.    Let me know how your dog made out this Christmas, I would love to hear from you.

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