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There are so many great dog toys out there, and every dog has a different favourite toy.  When you go to someone’s house that has a dog, it almost a guarantee, that you will see a basket or box of dog toys hiding in the corner.  Well our house is no exception to that.  We live in a bungalow, so we have a main floor and a fully developed basement.  On each floor, we of course have a bucket of dog toys.


dog toy box
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One toy box just won’t do it.  Nothing but the best for our boys! HAHA!  Can’t go out for a good meal, but boy do we have dog toys.

All seriousness aside though, yes we do spoil our boys, but is it really any different then people that have kids.  Spoiling your babies is all the same.

We all know what it’s like when you see a toy you like and you hop online because you just have to have it.  Yes I am guilty of that also.  The great toys though are the ones that are the mainstay.  No matter what dog size, breed or age, you are guaranteed to find something on this list that you should have in your toy box.

Puppy toys

When it comes to shopping for toys for the a puppy you have or are about to get, you have to think fun.  Maybe thing destructive proof too. HAHA!  I am just being realistic.  Puppies chew.

Dogs go through many toys throughout the growing up stages, and some will work, while some just aren’t the right fit for you dog.

The toys you will buy for the puppy, aren’t the same toy that you will be buying for an older dog.  Puppies needs are completely different.

Just like a child, puppies can be destructive with toys, ripping, chewing or pulling things apart.  You always want to make sure that the toys you buy for a puppy are toys that will not easily come apart.  As we know with puppies, they will eat pretty much anything.

Being careful that if your puppy starts destroying a toy, that you immediately take it away from them.  We want to make sure that they don’t ingest or choke on anything.

Toys that are more interactive will make your puppy think more which is more draining for the. They are also a great distraction for an overactive puppy.  Slowing them down is sometimes necessary for them to learn to play less aggressively.  Making sure that they learn this early is important for creating good behaviour.

One of the most important toys that you can get your puppy and that is a chew toy.  I mean something that they can truly chew on when they are teething.  This is truly the best toy for any dog I have every had, they absolutely love it.  Not to mention that they can chew on without the worry that it will be broken in 5 mins.

Great Dog Toys CTA

This toy make look like an odd choice for your puppy, but it truly could save your furniture.  Remember that the second your dog goes to chew on something that you don’t want them to chew on,  you replace it with this.  My dog loved this toy as a puppy.  Plus cmon, watching your dog carrying around teething rings is pretty darn cute to.




Our boys to be honest, are pretty amazing at not ripping apart or destroying any toys.  There are some really great toys for puppies out there.  One of the best, must have toys for puppies is the Kong puppy toy.  This toy is awesome for the teething stage for your puppy.  It can also be perfect for keeping your dog busy with the different ways you dog can play with it.

KONG Puppy & Senior Toys Screenshot

Kong also makes rope hidden stuffy toys called Kong Wild Knot Squeakers.  A very durable toy with the inside of the stuff toy is a rope.  Yes… very cool idea!  The squeaker is placed directly in the middle of the toy for added adventure for your dog.  The sturdiness of this toy makes it an excellent choice when looking for something new for your puppy.

Stuffless toys are a nice feature for your puppy, because just like it says, there is no stuffing to try to rip apart and pull out.  They come in a various adorable animal figures like a :

  • squirrel,
  • leopard
  • hare
  • duck

…..and many more options.

Great Dog Toys Stuffless Screenshot

You can feel good about giving your puppy one of these toys, as there really isn’t any danger that can potentially happen while playing with this toy.  Personally I always supervise my dog with every toy I give them.  I am just cautious that way.  Plus I also enjoy watching them play and discover the new toy.  It’s adorable.

Get your Puppy toys CTA

Stuffed dog toys

My dog Finn has always been a dog that loves the stuffed dog toys.  When we first got him, we made sure to pick up a stuffed toy that he could cuddle with.

Sometimes with a new puppy, they can feel lonely in their kennel the first few nights.  We made sure it was a big size for him as a puppy, so that he could continue to grow into the toy, if you know what I mean.

We picked him up the cutest stuffed dog toy that is floppy and has squeakers in each foot.  It has long dangly ears and is mint green color.  The thing I find with getting the perfect stuffy, is not looking for a brand name toy.  Almost every stuffy toy I have bought for my dogs, were just cute, soft and cuddly.  It just didn’t matter who made it, just that it was the toy that caught my attention.  Sometimes brands are super important and other times they just aren’t.

Right after we bought that stuffed dog toy and realized how much he loved it, we made sure to purchase him a second exact one, just in case it ever got lost, wrecked or destroyed.  Literally the smartest thing we ever did!  Having 2 of them, just took the pressure off, if it ever got lost.  LOL!  Parenting is not perfect.

When Finn was 8 mos, as I have said before, was very sick.  He spent 5 days in the animal hospital, the one thing we took with him was his stuffed dog.  The vet techs said that he cuddled and laid on that toy in his cage the entire time he was there.

To this day, 10 almost 11 years later, he still has that stuffed dog and loves to walk around the house with it in his mouth.   It really is about the cutest thing.

FINN and his baby!

Let’s not forget that every once in a while, mom may have to do some repairs to the poor stuffed dog, but that is my job.  Nothing a needle and thread can’t fix up.  Just a little minor surgery and the toy is back in business.  Maybe sneak a washing machine visit in there too.

Chuckit toys

If you have a dog, then you have heard of Chuckit toys.  The first one we ever owned was the ball throwing Chuckit toy.  It comes with a throwing stick with the ball that sits inside the scoop.

Chuckit! Classic Launcher Screenshot

To this day, that toy never gets old.  My dogs never get sick of playing with it.  Maybe it’s the ball retrieving part of it, but mom really likes that she doesn’t have to bend down to pick up the ball every time.  It really is the little things that we look for. HAHA!

Chuckit also makes a fabulous flying squirrel toy that is kind of like a Frisbee, that you can throw for your dog.  With its aerodynamic shape, raised edges and glow in the dark paws, this toy is amazing.  This toy even floats if you want to take it to a water sport.

Now you may think that all the toys made by Chuckit are for outdoors only, but they also make a few really great inside toys.  First is the plush inside ball that is great for playing fetch in the house.

The soft exterior will make that it will not damage anything inside when it is thrown.   They also have a similar inside ball that is called a shaker ball. Lastly for the inside toys is a duplicate toy call the squirrel, only this one is made for inside tossing.  It is soft, resilient and has a bounce flex core technology.  Perfect for inside the house.

Chuckit BUTTON

Kong toys

Kong brand toys have been around for 40 years.  Their toys are durable, tons of fun while providing your dog with both physical and mental stimulation.

Over the years Kong has come out with numerous dog toys.  Obviously we are all familiar with the original Kong that came out in an array of sizes to fit each dog.

This toy gives you the ability to put something like peanut butter inside the toy and make your dog focus on getting to the inside.  It can take a while for your dog to work it’s way to cleaning it all out.

KONG Classic Dog Toy,Screenshot

The original comes in a Bounzer version, an Aqua version for the water, and the Wobbler that wobbles when put it on the floor.

Along with all these great toys, they also have a great line of Kong toys call the Rogz line up.  Some toys in the lineup, are the :

  • Rogz Lighthouse – it is a water toy.   The cool thing about this toy is that when it is in the water it stands up erect, making it easier to see when it is thrown. It has a built in rope and bobble make it act like a bungy sling for great distance when it is thrown.
  • Rogz Thinz – are plush flat toy that you can put things like an old t shirt or your socks in, to give the toy your scent and can bring comfort for your dog to cuddle with.  Equipped with a squeaker will also entice your dog to play with it for ours.
  • Rogz Tumbler – is a treat dispensing puzzle for your dog.   It has a dynamic rolling and spinning motion that will keep your dog interested, as they move with the ball.
Get your KONG toys

Top toys

I have gone through some of my favourite toy that are on the market for our dogs.  Some brands I have talked about in this post, are the most common and most popular type of dog toys.

Every dog has their own favourite toy, sometimes it’s a chew toy, a throw toy and sometimes its just a cuddle toy.

For Finn especially, he always gravitates to either a throwing toy, or a stuffed toy.  He really isn’t much of a chewer, so for him those are the kinds of toys we really buy for him.  He much prefers to be working away at a Kong original with a bit of something inside, or be out fetching the squirrel or Chuckit.


BOO on the other hand, prefers the smaller stuffless toys, or small little toy that he can carry around in his mouth.

He is also not much for having a chew toy, but every once in a while, they will surprise you and play with a toy that might be sitting in the bottom of the toy box, that somehow makes it to the top of the pile.

With our dogs and their toys, I also really recommend throwing all the stuffed toys in the washing machine once in a while, just to freshen everything up a little.   The harder rubber or bone toys, can just be washed in a kitchen sink with some soap and water.

These toys are always subjected to drool, dirt and everything else our dogs can throw at them, so cleaning them every so often, can really make a difference.

I hope that you have enjoyed my rundown of some the great dog toy that are out there.




4 thoughts on “Great Dog Toys | My Dog’s Baby”

  1. I can relate myself to that. When I see some really cute and good dog toys, I just have to get it for my boy, Shiro. Especially when it comes to Disney characters, I always loose my money, oh well! 

    I remembered I got this really good quality rubber steering wheel shape toy for my Shiro when he was a puppy. Boy did he destroy that thing. I chewed the wheel apart just kept going at it when he was teething. Luckily he is much older now and he has his 2 favorites, Kermit the frog and a squeaky dolphin, lol. When he goes to bed, he makes sure that his bed will have those 2 things around him every night. By the way, you Finn is so adorable, how can you not spoil that face. 

    Chuckit indoor ball looks perfect for my Shiro, he loves to catch and it is time to go for the old tennis ball. Thank you for such an informative post. 

    • Hello Nuttanee,

      I really appreciate you sharing your stories about Shiro. He sounds absolutely adorable. Getting toys through the teething faze can really be a challenge. 

      The fact that Shiro has 2 fav toys is adorable, and the fact he takes them to bed, really sums up what I said about our dogs having their stuffy babies. CUTE!

      The Chuckit soft inside ball is amazing, you won’t be disappointed. 

      Finn is spoiled yes because of his face. LOL. But seriously thank you very much for your comments on my post. I am really glad that you enjoyed it. 



  2. If you have dogs, you have to have toys!  It’s a law.  It’s written in stone.  If you have furbabies, you have toys.  I have cats, not dogs, but I have toys everywhere too!  

    My cat loves those toy mice.  They don’t fetch for me, but they play with the things and toss them around, and just go nuts on them.

    That said, they have a lot of fun with ‘non-toys’ that they shouldn’t play with too.  Which is nuts and annoying, but hey, they want to play with boxes, they can have fun.

    My dog growing up had a stuffed squirrel she loved, with a squeaker in it.  She didn’t squeak it, but she would carry it around and hump it.  I don’t know why, but she did.  She had that stuffed squirrel until she passed.  Dogs definitely love their toys.  It’s inhumane to have dogs with no toys.  So excellent suggestion of toy selections!

    • Hi Selenity

      I am so happy that you shared your cool pet stories with me. Having any pets at all definitely requires toys.  I love that story about your childhood dog carrying around the stuffed squirrel.  The funny part is the non squeaking! Just carrying it around. So adorable.!

      My brother used to have a cat that also loved the little mice and would actual play fetch. It was the coolest thing. 

      Thank you so much for your comments.



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