How To Buy A Dog Crate | Which One Is Right For You

Now that you have made the amazing decision to get a new dog, or puppy, there are various key items that you will need to purchase to be ready for the new arrival.   You want to make sure that you have all the items ahead of the dog getting there and a dog crate is one of them.  But knowing how to buy a dog crate is a very important decision.


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When you are bringing home a puppy and not an older dog, you want to get started off on the right foot.  Puppies need to be trained and in that crate the very 1st night, so its paramount that you start the crate training asap!

Full grown size

When its time to purchase your new dog crate, you want to make sure that before you buy your new crate you have the dog already picked out.  This way, when it comes time to select the right crate you know what size of dog or puppy you are getting.

Obviously when you pick up your puppy they are going to be very small.  If the puppy is say a small breed size, then you know approximately the expected height and weight the full-grown dog will be.  If the dog is a large breed dog, they will still start off small, but grow very quickly, so its important to know at full size how big will they be.

The one thing you don’t want to have happen is to have to purchase two crates.  Crates can be somewhat expensive so buying two can get expensive.



Different types of crates

There are a few different types of crates that you can purchase for you new dog.  Some of the main styles are:

Obviously these 3 are all completely different type of crates.  Deciding which one is for you really comes to personal preference and taste.  They all work and your dog would be fine in any of them.

For my big Doodle I opted for the large metal crate instead of the plastic just so he could see all around him at all times.  With the plastic crates the door is the only main spot the dog can actually see out of.  Now they do have side windows on them but they aren’t very big.

When I bought a crate for my Cockapoo, who is much smaller, I opted to purchase to buy the plastic style of crate.  Mainly it was just because he was a bit more skidish and I worried he would be scared if he could see all around him.  He did very well in this crate.



Size of the crate

I talked a bit about this at the beginning that the right size crate is important.  Now you are probably wondering if I am getting a large breed dog as a puppy won’t any big crate I buy be TOO BIG?  The answer to that question is OF COURSE YES, but with the big metal crates they usually come with a divider that you can adjust to make it bigger or smaller as your dog grows.

The plastic crates don’t have a divider that comes with them but if you have decided to purchase a large plastic crate, you have options you can use to make it smaller.

When I brought my baby Labradoodle home, he was 8 weeks old and about the same size as my full size Cockapoo.  All I did to block off part of the plastic crate was use an object that I put in the back of the crate to make the space smaller.  That way, when my Doodle was small he wasn’t in a huge space that would allow him space to make a mess or pee in the back of the crate.  Dogs do not like to sit in a dirty crate!

All 3 choices of crates come in a few different sizes.  Most come in S, M, L, XL.  Make your decision according to all the variables I talked about and you will make out just fine.

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Where to put the crate

It is important to make sure that the type of crate you buy has as permanent spot in your home where it can be set up.  Some of the bigger ones are a bit big to be moving around all over the place.

The metal and circular pens get assembled in a way that makes them not that easy to collapse and move around.  Don’t get me wrong they are collapseable, but they are still a bit awkward to move every day to a different spot.

Make sure to measure the spot you have selected for the crate so that before you assemble it you know that it will fit there.  When they are set up they do take up a fair bit of space so select a good spot.

Once I selected the perfect spot for the crates, I but both crates side by side.  I also think it is very important when you pick the spot for the crates that you always put them in the same spot, at least at the beginning anyway.  When the dogs got bigger and more seasoned in the crates I was able to move them around a lot more.


Crate wrap up

Whether you are a first time pet owner or not, it is very important to put your new puppy in the crate the very first night.  I know that this can be tough thing to do, as puppies have tendency to cry a lot in the first few nights.  This is completely normal.

The puppies are missing their pack and are usually just scared sleeping in a new spot alone.  A few tips I have picked up over the years is to make sure you have warm cozy blanket or mat in the crate and even add a stuff animal of some kind.  This helps the dog feel like they are not alone in there.

One trick I did use at first was to put an old style clock that ticked in the kennel so they felt less scared.

Both of my dogs are older now but I still have the original crates I bought for them.  These crates last a long time and hopefully making this one time purchase is the only one you will ever need.  I hope you found this information helpful with your new dog.  Congratulations on your new family member.

Sleep tight babies!


4 thoughts on “How To Buy A Dog Crate | Which One Is Right For You”

  1. For years I had out side kennels for the many dogs I’ve exercised with, trained and loved.
    Over the years I looked into crate training. 2 years ago I bought the L size crate for a 6 month staffy x, a ‘rescued boy’ who I’ve named Louka. And just like you said, I found that I had to put a large plastic bin in one end, to help Louka feel safe and secure. He was a very nervous wee boy & this helped a great deal.
    Louka is now almost 2 years old. He sleeps in the crate inside, at night with the door open – This makes me feel safe. And I can move the crate to a cooler place in my home in the summer months.
    I found the picture of the different crates very helpful

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comments.

      I really liked the story that you shared. Its funny how dog owners have similar type stories of things that they find worked for them. As we know, owning a dog is a journey.

  2. Good post. It’s simple and yet full of clear info on what I would need to know when buying a dog crate. The advice on where to place the crate is also very helpful especially for people who are buying a pet with crate for the first time because the place to put the crate is often overlooked. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips.

  3. Thank you for positive comments on my post. It’s always nice to hear that my advice resonated with you in some way.
    Being an owner of 2 dogs, I certainly got advice from other dog owners along the way and think its important to pay it forward.
    Having dogs can certainly be a tough job at times so anything to make it easier is helpful. Thank you


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