How to Pick a Dog Name | The New Puppy Needs a Name

Now that you have finally done it….. YOU GOT THE NEW PUPPY!  That baby needs a name ASAP!  The goal is to get your puppy to recognize that name quickly, so you can start to train your dog to respond to it when you call them. When you are thinking about how to pick a dog name, make sure that you pick a name that your really truly love.


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You want to make sure to give your new puppy a name as soon as you get home.  The quicker that your puppy has a name, the sooner you can start using it.

You will be using that name a lot and for a long time, so that’s why it is so important to get a good one. LOL!

Short and sweet

The first and most important thing about your puppy name, funny enough is…..the length. Make sure to keep it to one or two syllables if you can.

If the name is too long, your dog may get confused and not respond to it.

Our dog “BOO” got his nice short name from Monsters Inc because we just thought it was so darn cute.


cute white puppy


Choosing a long name, can also be a huge hassle, simply because you will have to say it a lot.

Yelling out something too long could get exhausting.

Sometimes you can be stuck on a longer name that you really want to use, try to see if you can use a nickname or just shorten it.

I always wanted a dog named Finnegan, but as you can see it is a bit long.

To avoid calling that out all the time, we just decided to call him FINN most of the time.  The name is short and sweet plus I never get tired of saying it.

Now of course like a good parent does, when your child or dog in this case does something wrong, the WHOLE name gets used.


Happy not sad

There are many things that go into picking your puppy’s new name.

Before you pick your puppies name, make sure that the name sounds good when you say it in a happy and positive way.

On the other side of that, make sure the name sounds good coming out negatively.  When it comes time to reprimand your dog, how does the name sound coming out angry.  Make sure the name doesn’t sound like a command.

You want to be sure that you remember, you will be saying that name many times.  Especially if and when your dog gets in serious trouble.  Making sure to call your dog a respectable, and non offensive name that is super important.

Your dog will feel the meaning behind it and we always want that to be a good experience.

It’s their NAME!

adorable animal baby

Keep your name unique

We all know when we take our dogs to the dog park, once you get there it could have 1 dog or 10 dogs.

You never know who or what will be there.

If you pick a name that isn’t unique, you run the risk of having another dog with the same name.

The bad part of that is when your dog’s name is called and another dog replies it could be trouble when both come running to someone other than you.

Your dog may get confused and not know what to do.  Something you want to try to avoid altogether.

Having a unique dog name sets your dog apart, when someone hears your unique name and likes it, you could certainly get your dog some extra attention.  People love when other dog owners get creative in picking their dog’s name.

Just think, who doesn’t want their dog to get extra attention.

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Do I need permission

Sometimes when thinking of what name you are going to pick for your dog, you end up wanting to use a family name.

Picking a name that has some meaning to your family can be a bit tricky.  Although we would like to think everyone would find it an endearing idea, they may not.

You may want to ask permission if you are concerned about it.  Maybe you want to name your dog after say, Uncle Jerry.  Hmm…could be touchy.  Only you will know how that will play out.

Personally my opinion is, pick whatever name makes you happy.


lab puppies

Pick the name you want

The bottom line about picking your dogs name, is that it’s your dog. You can name it anything you want.  Almost every dog I have ever had, ends up with some sort of nickname.

Sometimes it can be after the breed of dog you have selected.

My FINNY who is a Labradoodle gets many names, sometimes he gets “DOODLE” or “DOODLEBUG.”  He replies to all of them.  It really is so cute.  A lot of times people have a name picked out, even before they get the dog.

I always find, that seeing the dog and spending a bit of time with them may make your name decision that much easier. 

The dog’s personality and character can play a huge part of deciding whether the name you picked is going to suit the new puppy or not.  Try it out for a few days and see what you think. Don’t take too long to decide, nobody wants their dog called PUPPY.   Just like your name, your puppies name is going to be a huge part of who they turn out to be.  Be smart, creative and of course, UNIQUE.



8 thoughts on “How to Pick a Dog Name | The New Puppy Needs a Name”

  1. Great article! We have Chinook (who turned to Nookie because I like yelling “Nookie! I need Nookie.” And Samson (Sam) because he’s big, strong and hairy. (And, I’m ultra religious.?) hehe

    • Haha OMG that is too funny! I always wonder what the neighbors must think. Thanks you very much for your comments.
      Us dog people are always a little strange! In a very good way, I think.

  2. what a great article i have a chihuahua when i got her she was already named Sadie i added Mae sadie Mae . i call her Sadie. I am a dog lover.

  3. Hi Coralie

    What a wonderful post

    I have 2 wee girls – Liberty who gets Lib or libby and Madeline named after an old friend who gets maddi or buggitty. No idea where buggity came from but she seems to respond to it 

    At 12 and 10 both the girls suit their names although Liberty used to run away a lot- Liberty meaning freedom could have been the catalyst lol

    Both the girls come to the word treat- not sure if they think its a nick name lol

    I hope to read more on your site as this was fun thank you

    • Hi Vicky,

      I love your girls name, they are fabulous. Anytime dog owners get creative with their names, makes me smile. For me it means you really thought long and hard about what you wanted to call that baby girl when you first got her.
      Great job.

      Isn’t it interesting how a nickname that comes out once, can really stick.  But when you think where it came from, you just can’t place it.  Just like you said with Buggitty aka Madeline, and yet they totally know when you say it who you are talking to.

      Just makes me think more and more, that dogs are way smarter than we give them credit for.

      Thank you


  4. Wow, it’s a great article, After reading this article I am very excited because I’m a pet lover. I have a puppy and have a name for it but the name is not my favorite. But after reading this article I have got a lot of ideas that how to pick a dog name? Thank you very much for writing article.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for sharing your puppy story with me. Well being that your dog is still a puppy you really do have time if you want to change names. Now would be the time to do it.  Like I said, you really want to love the name you pick.

      Best of luck with your new puppy and if I can help with anything along the way, drop me a comment. 


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