How To Protect Dog Paws From Heat

Walking outside on a summer day with our dog is a fantastic way to spent time.   One scenario that is often overlooked far to often, is how to protect dog paws from heat.   The one thing that we sometimes forget is how hot the sun can be.   So hot in fact that the sun can literally cause ground surfaces to become dangerous.    Our dogs do not put on shoes before they head out for a walk, so that hot surface they are walking on, can actually cause damage to their paws.  Yes it could burn their paws.

dog burned paws how to protect dog paws from heat
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Just like our feet, their paws carry their entire body weight, so keeping them healthy and safe is of vital importance to ensure they stay active.

Here are 6 super helpful tips:

#1 Build toughness

Remember when we were kids and we used to walk barefoot all the time?   But at the start of the summer, our feet were a tad tender, but by the end they were much tougher.   This same thing applies to our dogs paws.   They are soft and tender, not tough to start out.

In order to built up their paw pads, you need to start walking them in cool temperatures.   That way their pads with become more durable almost callous like.  Just like our feet, the skin gets tougher.   This extra toughness makes them more tolerable to walking on hot surfaces.

injured dog paws how to protect dog paws from heat

#2 Paw wax

A surfer always waxes their surf board before they hit the water.  The wax makes it slide through the water with ease and also helps protect the board.

For our dogs, applying a paw wax prior to a walk outside, can offer a thin layer of protection for the elements.   Heat of course is one of those elements.  A good paw wax like “Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection” provides that extra layer of protection. mushers paw protection

Musher’s is made with 100% pure natural beeswax and Vitamin E.  The combination of the two makes this product great for protection for the pads while also a soothing wax for any cracks or dryness.  Simply rubbing the wax on your dogs paw pads prior to going for a walk and their paws will be protected from any heat.

#3 Stay on the grass

One easy fix to save your dogs paws from the heat, is to avoid surfaces like concrete or asphalt.  These surfaces can get so hot, that they can literally cause your dogs pads to burn or blister!  Even cause cracking from the heat pulling any moisture out of the paw pad.  That is not good!

Dry paws pads, are at risk of becoming a much bigger issue leading to cracking and more.  We all know what it is like to have a dry cracked heel or a blister.  It is the worst.  Our dogs paws are the same.  If they have to walk with cracked pads or blisters it can be very painful for them also.

Instead of walking on those hot surfaces, walk on the grass, trails that are dirt, or simply walk in the shade. That way you won’t have to worry about a hot surface on your dogs paws. Just simply avoid walking on that type of surface all together.

#4 Boots and covers

Many dog parents opt to go for full on protection for their dogs paws, by choosing dog boots.  A dog boot is the only way to ultimately ensure their paws are protected.  By wearing a good durable dog boot on their paws, they are protected from the heat or hot surface, if you are going to walk on the concrete.

Getting a proper fitting and durable dog boot is different for every dog. Some dogs will wear them easily if they fit properly, while others it may take longer for them to get used to.

Kurgo offers a great boot that protects from heat, cold and rough terrain.  It’s truly a 3 in 1.  The Step-n-Strobe Boot is durable for all elements, and breathable for good ventilation.  Truly the perfect boot.

Backed with a Lifetime Warranty, you won’t be disappointed. Kurgo Step n Strobe boot

Kurgo dog boot review screenshot

If you are looking for a less full on approach to the heat and protecting your dogs paws, then you could use paw protector pads.  These sticky pads offer non-slip traction control, a heavy rubber barrier for friction control, that also allows protection for their paws from hot surfaces.

Dog paw protection pads


You apply one pad to each nicely trimmed paw and it simply sticks using its hypoallergenic adhesive that is completely non-toxic.  When the pad appears worn down over time, you simply pull off the old one clean and apply a brand new one.   JUST THAT EASY!

A boot or a paw protector, both go that extra mile in paw protection.  Like everything with our dogs, it is what best suits them and your outdoor lifestyle.

#5 Avoid the heat all together

The absolute easiest solution to protect dog paws from heat, is AVOID IT!  Just don’t walk your dog in the hottest part of the day.   Wait til it is cooler outside and then go for your walk together.

If you want to know if it is too hot to walk your dog outside, than go outside and put your hand down on the pavement for 3 seconds.   Is it HOT?   If it is too hot for your hand, than it is too hot for your dogs paws.

To HOT for their paws

Just because it feels OK when you step outside, thing like concrete and asphalt hold the heat longer than you think. That is why checking the pavement will tell the whole story of the actual temperature and if it will affect your dogs paws.

#6 Check their paws

One last tip that is easy and cost absolutely nothing to do, is check your dogs paws often.  By inspecting them regularly, you can catch any signs of blistering or red marks from the heat.  Catching an early sign of some sort of paw issue, is key to ensuring it doesn’t become a more serious issue.

Dogs are notorious for toughening through an issue, instead of showing signs their is something wrong with their paw.  While out on a walk, stop and make sure that you don’t see any signs to be concerned about.

how to protect dog paws form heat

It is also a good idea to keep up with a regular moisturizing routine of their paws.  Applying a cream is much like putting foot lotion on our feet.  Keeping them soft is a great idea.  Soft paws, stops cracking and dryness.  A dry paw will actually burn much easier than a smooth soft one.

My 6 tips of how to protect dog paws from heat is a wide range of options to choose from.  Some require changing your routine a bit to accommodate for the summer heat, while others are trying something new.  Whatever best works for you, protecting your dogs paws will guarantee that you will always have your friend by your side outside.  It truly is that simple.

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  1. Where I live, it is not uncommon to see triple degree temperatures in the summer. We need to be careful and make sure the asphalt is not too hot when we take our dogs out for a walk. We usually take them out early morning or late afternoon, but their are times that we do need to take them out during the hotter times of the day (i.e. vet visits). The paw wax something I haven’t tried yet to help with my babies paws.


    • Hi Jan,

      Wow triple digits is hot. I am glad to hear that when possible you avoid taking your dog out when it’s that hot.  Mornings are always such a nice time to go for a walk anyway! LOL! 

      The paw wax is a great product and is so easy to use. I find it just gives that bit of extra protection sometimes needed. 

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. 


    • Hi Lusine,
      I am so glad that you found my post informative and a good read. With every season, dog parents are always needing to be aware of an issue related to the weather. Heat is obviously something that can be dangerous to dogs paws. My hope is just to make people aware of the dangers.
      Thanks so much for your comment.

    • Hello Joanne,
      Yes if you can get your dog to leave it alone. You may want to use a cone to stop them from licking or pulling off the bandages. I hope this helps.


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