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Any dog parents that has a dog with anxiety knows how difficult this can be to deal with.  It’s hard on the dogs and also very tough on us dog parents.

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety related issues.  There are 3 different types of anxiety that dogs can suffer from: separation anxiety, illness related anxiety, and dogs that were former rescue dogs.  I am always on the look out for new ways to help dogs and dog owners provide the best possible solutions for any dog health issues they experience.

The newest thing I have come across and want to share is the iCalmDogs speaker for your dog.  Vets and dog trainers are highly recommending this speaker to help your dog with anxiety issues.

This is my review of the iCalmDogs 5.0 speaker.

What is it

This gadget is a small portable round dog speaker that is both lightweight and stylish.  It uses sounds cards that play calming music to your nervous dog.  There is proven clinical data that shows that dogs suffering from anxiety or nervousness can become more relaxed when listening to calming music and reduce your dogs overall stress.

Dogs that suffer from a strong form of anxiety related issues, can start to develop psychological issues or develop bad behaviour problems as a result. Listening to calming music can significantly curb this behaviour.

If your chose to purchase sound cards, there are different interchangeable cards that you can buy separately for your speaker.

You can purchase these sound cards, from the company that makes iCalmPet devices, or purchase your own music from a variety of different streaming services.

The versatility of this very user-friendly dog speaker, allows you to taylor your musical choices for your dog based on your dog’s individual needs.

Because every dog’s needs are different the flexibility of this speaker gives you the ability to really personalize it in the way that best works for you and your dog.

icalmdogs music

Not just for your dog

Although the iCalmDog speaker is meant for your dog, you can also use the speaker in a variety of different ways. The specific design and versatility of the speaker allows us to use it for our own personal use.

You can use it as a regular Bluetooth speaker, or FM radio.  This speaker also comes with a USB connection and Aux port to connect to any other device of your choosing.

Because these speakers fit in the palm of your hand, they are easy to transport anywhere you want to play your music.

Musical choices

This amazing speaker offers us a variety of ways to play music for our dogs.  The speaker is a Creative Mettalix made by Creative Technology Inc.  The quality of this speaker will rival any other portable speaker on the market.

One of the highly recommended song programs called “Through a Dog’s Ear,”  is the Calm your Canine sound card.  This is a worldwide recommended classical composition that many Vets say will soothe and relax your dog.  Not to mention it claims to also relax humans that maybe stressed out.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right SD music card that will best suit your pet.  Some other sound card choices are:

  • Welcome, Home Puppy-pak – Calm your puppy music and sound effects for desensitizing your puppy
  • Elderly Canine – Music to comfort senior dogs
  • In the Car – Music to keep drivers alert and dogs relaxed
  • Human-Animal Bond – Music for pets and their people
  • Seperation Anxiety – 16 hours of music and silence
  • Aggression – Music and training to calm fearful, reactive dogs.
  • Thunderstorms – Music and sound effects for desensitization

The great thing about buying these SD Music Packages, is your can switch between the different cards without syncing or downloading anything.

Having an auto replay setting, allows you to replay the card while your are at work up to 8 full hours before it needs to be recharged.

Another option for playing music on this speaker is using a streaming service rather than purchasing the SD cards. You can use Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify via Bluetooth device like a tablet, computer or smart phone.

Making the choice between either SD cards vs Streaming music, is that with the SD card package, they have actually tested this music on dogs with success in helping them with anxiety issues.  This just seems like the more helpful option if your are buying this speaker for your dog.

Different models or packages to chose from

When your decide to purchase this speaker, your have the choice of 4 different Calming packages.

  1. iCalmDog 5.0 a’ la carte which includes: iCalmDog 5.0 speaker, carrying case and a power cable.
  2. iCalmDog 5.0 Standard that comes with : iCalmDog 5.0 speaker, carrying case, sound card and power cable. It provides 4 hours of “Through a Dog’s Ear music package and a 24-hour battery life.
  3. iCalmDog 5.0 Deluxe which includes: Creative Muvo Premium 2 c speaker, power bank, 3 sound cards, SD card holder, travel pouch, Aux cable and power cable. The 3 sounds cards this package comes with is : Calm your Canine, DeStress and Music for the human-animal bond. This package also comes with a power bank that provides add 20+ hours of wireless play-time.
  4. iCalmDog Trainer’s Deluxe which comes with: iCalmDog 5.0 speaker, power bank, 10 sound cards, carrying case, book and CD, SD card holder, Paw pouch, Aux cable and Power cable. This deluxe package includes: 10 different SD musical packages, 10 laminated content cards for the music program, 10 behavior solutions booklets, micro sound card holder and Through a Dog’s Ear starter CD and book.

The prices range in the lower end is around $50 all the way up to around $400 for the Trainer’s Deluxe package. These prices are approximately what the cost is.  Of course, it always depends on where your purchase it from.

Speaker finale

Our dogs love us and always like us to be home as part of our family pact, and when we aren’t there, they can get stressed out.

For us when we get stressed out, we can exercise, do yoga, or meditate.  Dogs have no way of de-stressing.  Studies have shown that using sound can help our dogs restore the balance that they are missing due to anxiety.

Providing a simple sound like the music for the iCalmDogs 5.0 speaker allows the proper spectrum of sound by the way it is arranged and recorded to ease our dogs stress level.

icalmdogs speaker

Auditory cognition is complex in humans and in dogs. Dr. Alfred Tomatis has done ground breaking research on psycho acoustics.  His study of the effects of music and sound on the human nervous system.  This research really defined what the impact of music on our overtaxed nervous system really is.

Normal music can be too much to take in, but when we introduce a simple sound, this can help us process the intricate sound we need to hear.  It then provides a relaxing and stimulating sound.  This is the same process for our dogs.

By breaking down to a simple sound, it can provide our dogs that relaxing sound they need to process their anxiety related issues.

After doing research on how sound effects us and our pets, I realized that for me personally throughout my life, I have leaned on music to get me through some pretty tough times.  We have all had music that brings us joy and also music that can bring us through our pain.  Dogs apparently need the same type of release.

Music really is such an important part of life, and provides us with a coping mechanism to make us feel better.  For me, I have really found this information so exciting and interesting at the same time.

I hope your enjoyed my review of the iCalmDogs 5.0 speaker.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.







Overall Product







  • Calming
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Is a regular speaker


  • Expense
  • Buy SD cards
  • Controls are on the speaker

10 thoughts on “iCalmDogs | Anxiety Relief Gadget For Your Dog”

  1. I think that using music to calm dogs and even people down is one of the best uses you can find for it. Having different soundtracks for different kind of anxieties is helpful too and this would be worth it if your dog has more severe anxiety. My dog is pretty calm so I don’t have too much of a need for it right now. Do you use this for your dog?

    • Hi Jon,

      It is funny how music really can make humans and dogs feel so much better.  My dog Boo has our other boy Finn, so they take care of each, so for that reason I don’t need it.   I sure wish I would have known about it when Boo was a puppy, as he had bad separation anxiety and he could have really benefited from it.

      Thank you so much for sharing your comments.


  2. Wow, that’s a very innovative and unique way of calming a dog. I love dogs they are my passion and I know how difficult it can be when your pet is in distressed to try to calm.him down. So I think this is a great gadget and one I had not heard before.  Love the review   Thank you so much. 

    I also have a couple of friends that have the same issues and I am gonna share your post with them 

    • Hi Barbara,

      I really appreciate your lovely comments on my review of the iCalmDog speaker. It really is the neatest thing I have seen, using music to calm stressed out dogs.

      The amount of research that has gone into this is really what I liked about this product. Proven results make this such an easy choice.

      I’m so excited that you are going to share this post with your friends.

      Thank you so much


  3. I agree with you that good music especially the soft kind of music can help pets stay calm as opposed to playing loud rock music that seems like coming from hell. 

    I would like to try this iCalmDogs 5.0 Speaker and see if it will tone the hatred our Shih Tzu dog (an imported dog from Japan) has for our bigger dog (a big native Filipino dog). We have this problem of, no matter how hard we try to make them mend with each other, they still hate and don’t like each other. Just the sight or maybe a smell of the other turns the smaller dog (Shih Tzu) wild. We’ll see if this music speaker will help tone down their behavior.

    • Hello Gomer,

      I am so sorry to hear that your two dogs don’t get along, that must be difficult. All everyone wants is all parties to be able to co-exist together.

      The iCalmDog speaker is really worth a try, I have seen dogs in a dog pound type situation be super crazy and the second they turn the music on, they all go calm. It really is amazing.

      If you do decide to purchase one, I would love to hear how it works for your situation.

      Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story. I really appreciate the feedback. Best of luck.


  4. The iCalmDog 5.0 speaker sounds like an ideal anxiety relief gadget whose time has come. With the many advances these days in technology, it is refreshing when they add something for our pets. The innovation that this little gadget offers really is a good advance for our dogs.

    I like that you can use different SD music cards depending on the situation, and overall the kit itself is not that expensive and worth the investment for someone you love, your dog. It can make their life easier and yours too. Have you used this gadget for your dogs? 

    Most certainly I will give this a try. I have two cats and two dogs (never dull around my place!), so this will be a welcome addition to the accessories we have especially for our pets. Will this device work also for cats? That would be really cool to be able to switch the music for them all to gain from this device.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comments on my review. To answer one of your questions, yes it will work for cats. You certainly have your hands full over there, with you fur family. Good job!

      My dog Boo had lots of anxiety when he was younger, but since about 5 when we got our other dog, he is good. Funny how having someone else with him has really changed him.  I wish this product would have been around 10 years ago, because we really did need it.

      The amazing gadgets that they are dedicating to pets is so great. There is always something new out there.

      The SD card option is great, it really allows that easy on the go way to change music.

      Thank you again Dave, and best of luck.


  5. Hi Coralie! This is really a nice device and I like it as an alternative to solve the anxiety problem of our pet. I even like the fact that the speakers can be used not only for our dog, hahahaha.

    I also appreciate that we can also buy SD music cards with a nice selection of songs that have proven to be useful relaxing our dog. I was pleasantly surprised reading this review. And I have liked this idea of buying a speaker. But knowing my pet, I have a question: Is this speaker water resistant? Are there water resistant alternatives? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Henry,

      Thank you for sharing your comments. This device is a really great alternative, as you said for helping our pets with their anxiety. Being able to use it just as a speaker for yourself, really is the added bonus. We all seem to be mobile with our music these days, so this is a great option.

      The speaker itself is not waterproof, but the carrying case is shock proof and water resistant. You can play the music while it is in the carrying case. 

      Their selection of SD music cards is amazing. They literally have all the big issues covered with these choices.

      Thank you again.



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