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For many years while living in Ontario, Canada I started by own business as a house cleaner.  I was always good at cleaning, and thought that tons of people need a house cleaner, so why not me.  People live very busy lives now and with most families needing both parents to work, it leaves many people unable to find the time to clean their homes.

keep a clean house with a dog
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That’s where I came in. Cleaning is a very tough job that is for sure. You need to pay attention to details and be a thorough cleaner.  Many of these houses were big and beautiful.   People want to come home and walk in the door to a sparkling clean house.

The most interesting thing I realized about house cleaning, was how many people have dogs. We all know of course, that dogs can certainly make your house that much dirtier.  So what is the key to be able to keep a clean house with a dog?

I am going to share my tips that can help you keep your own home cleaner from your furry friend.

Dog hair

We all love our dogs, but we don’t always love everything about them.  Dog hair is one of those things we would rather not have in our house.

The number one thing that I found while cleaning houses that have dogs is the hair.  Dog hair from a shedding dog, is usually the most noticeable thing you will see when you walk into a house.

Their hair is generally all over the carpets, kitchen floors, even the furniture.  Getting the dog hair off of all these surfaces can be a tough challenge to say the least.

A few tips to help keep the dog hair at bay is to make sure that you put a towel or blanket down where they normally lay. Even if it is on the furniture, putting a cover of some sort down keeps the hair on the towel.  Then every day or a few times a week, you can shake it out, replace it and launder it.

For rugs, upholstery and anything fabric based, making sure that you have a really good vacuum is hugely important. As every good cleaner knows, you can only clean as well as the equipment that you use.  Purchasing a vacuum that is specifically made for pet hair is the best option.

There are some great vacuums to choose from when it comes to selecting the best one.   I have always preferred a canister vac to an upright style, but that is just my personal choice.  Also, I prefer a bag less vacuum that I can dump the contents and clean it out with water when I am done.

Stick with good name brands, like Dyson, Kenmore, Bissel even an iRobot vac.  When doing your regular cleaning once a week or whatever you’re cleaning schedule is these bigger vacuums will make the job so much easier.

When spot cleaning or cleaning up smaller messes the Dyson portable stick is an awesome choice.  Yes they are expensive, but they last and work like a dream.  Even using an iRobot vacuum can really help to keep your house clean when you are not home.  Providing of course, they don’t scare your dog. HAHA!

One way to really stop the amount of dog hair that is in your home is to brush your dog with a deshedding tool.  That will help get all the loose hair off, especially in between grooming appointments.

Dog paws

Dog feet are one of the big culprits in bringing in dirt, grass, and water into your home.  In winter time they can even bring salt on their feet that is used to melt ice and snow.   This dirt and mess can get on your floors including onto your carpet. Making sure that they are clean when they come in from being outside, will help keep your floors much cleaner.

There are many reasons, why it is important to clean your dog paws when they come in from outside.  But getting salt off your dogs feet is very important because they can lick off the salt and that isn’t good for them to be ingesting.

From the very beginning when we got our dogs as puppies, we got into the habit of always wiping and cleaning their feet with water.  Starting early is the easiest way to make sure that you can get your dog trained to stand at the door and wait patiently to have their feet wiped.
After awhile, it just becomes second nature to them.

To make things easier purchasing a dog paw washer that allows you to insert the dogs paw into it with water is an amazing tool to have.

Washing with water isn’t always required, but using a towel, brush, or even just using your hands to ensure the dirt and grass is wiped off can really help keep your floors that much cleaner.

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Dog scratching

Dog nails can be something that can very quickly make your home look dirty and even dumpy.   They can scratch the floors your furniture and the nail itself can even get filled with dirt and grime.

Part of the way to help stop your dogs nails from being so destructive is keep them clean and trimmed regularly.  Yes trimming your dogs nails is part of regular grooming appointments, but the problem I have always encountered is that their nails grow faster than the amount of times between getting your dog groomed.  Depending on the kind of dog you have, trimming the hair in between the paw pads and around the paws makes it much easier to keep clean.


dog paw clipping


They usually require at least one extra nail trimming over and above grooming.  If you have some experience or someone that can show you how to do the trimming yourself, you just need to buy a proper trimming tool to be able to do it.  You need to make sure that you don’t cut too much off.  In this scenario less is more.  Really we are just after the tip or point of the nail.

If you find that your dog is starting to scratch your furniture or even scratch the door to go out, you can very easily attach a piece of Plexiglas to help protect it.

My sister has cats and although she doesn’t have dogs, she has attached Plexiglas sheets to the corners of her couch for protection.  It really works.

Now in the past I did have a dog that like to scratch and chew on the corners of my furniture.  Having these sheets available back then would have protected my furniture and stopped it from being destroyed.  They are called Clawguard and are easily attached with twist pins and are not very expensive to purchase.

If you have a dog that scratches the door to go out, you may want to try hanging a small bell on the door and training them to ring the bell when they need to go out.  This way they aren’t scratching up your doors.


Click the pic to get your furniture protection.

Food and water area

When our dogs eat and drink water from their doggy dishes, that area has a tendency to get very messy.  They can leave food crunchies on the floor and even have water all over the floor.

I have always found that having a good mat underneath their dishes can really keep things from hitting the floor. Instead they land on the mat which can be easily cleaned up.



Our Doodle FINN always had a bit of a longer beard and so you can imagine that when he would go to drink water, it would drip off his beard.  Of course this left drips of water all over the floor and he would step in it making a mess everywhere.  Let’s also not forget, that water on the floor can be dangerous to all of us simply walking by, and can easily cause a slip or fall accident.

For us, the easiest solution was to hang a towel beside his dog dishes and catch him as soon as he was done to wipe away the drips from his beard.  He was so cute about it and learned very quickly that he needed to stop after drinking for the towel wipe.  This little task significantly kept the floors and surrounding areas much cleaner.


Extra tips

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and instantly been hit with that stinky dog smell.  Well honestly nobody wants to have their home smell like that.

There are things that can help to eliminate these odors.  A few tricks I used with my dogs, was to cover my bed with an extra sheet, so that when my dogs lay on my bed, they aren’t directly on my bedding.   I could easily change it regularly to keep the room smelling fresh.

clean house with dog

Odor control can also be eliminated by burning candles, essential oils or even boiling spices on your stove.   You can boil things like cinnamon, orange rind and even cloves.  These are all natural and will be safe for your pets.

Now you want to make sure that whatever you are burning is non-toxic and safe for pets.  Many odor busters like certain sprays, some oils and candles can be harmful to your dog.  Beeswax candles are a great alternative candle to use and will not harm your dog.  Charcoal bags are also a super safe way to eliminate any unpleasant odor in your home.  They are reasonably priced and can just be placed in any areas in your home where your dog usually lays.

Earlier I had discussed vacuums and that I choose to use a bag less one, a bagged vacuum bag can hold your dog odors in the bag, which of course can seep out into the rest of the house.   If you have the bag less kind it makes it so much easier to wash out any odors you may have vacuumed up.

When it comes down to how to keep a clean house with a dog, there are so many easy and inexpensive things you can buy to make your job just that much easier.


6 thoughts on “Keep A Clean House With A Dog | Easy Tips”

  1. This is a really great post. I would love to get a dog later in life, but there has always been things such as cleaning that have stopped me from getting one. I’m a big fan of Samoyeds but I know that they’re one of the dog breeds that shed the most. I’ll definitely reference this post when I do get a dog. One thing that I have always been scared of is clipping an animal’s claws/nails. Does it ever hurt the animal? Is there a proper way to do it?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes i would agree that dogs can cause havoc on keeping a house clean.  But as I said in the post, there are ways to make your life easier by covering where they lay and having a great vacuum.  You are so right that Samoyeds are big shedders, but they are so sweet.  I get your passion for wanting one.

      No matter the mess, they are so worth every last minute of clean up.  Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your feedback.



  2. Even though the dog is men’s best friend they definitely aren’t the best house mates especially after they go out. You don’t know what they have been doing out there so my mom won’t let me have him in the house. Often the few chances a day he gets he does make the house a little bit untidy. What do you think would be the best and cheap oil or soap I can use to try to get the dog smell a lot better than they would. Thank you for this eye opener

    • Hi Donny,

      Yes dogs are great, and yes they do make the house a wee bit  undtidy. LOL!  One of the things I always used on my dogs for soap was Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I always found that it did a good job cleaning their feet or really any part of them.  Plus the real bonus is it smells great.  The other great thing about it is it is completely Hypoallergenic product.

      I wish you all the best with your dog, she sounds adorable.

      Thank you for sharing and for your great comments on my post.

  3. OMG, I love the dog paw washer! Spring and fall at my house is an absolute mud disaster. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen. I can’t believe I never knew it existed!

    But the worst is the dog hair. I have a yellow lab and she NEVER stops shedding. I just have a regular Hoover vacuum. I think I’m going to look into the Bissel.

    Thank you so much for this article. It was fun to read and I love the products!!

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post.  I am so glad that you were able to get some good tips and tricks for your dog.  I love the labs, they are the sweetest dogs around.  But yes they do love to leave their hair everywhere..LOL!  Totally worth it I am sure.

      The dog paw washer is one of my favourite gadgets to help with the dirty paws.  Works very well. 

      Best of luck.



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