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Have you ever heard of Kurgo dog gear before?   Well if you haven’t then BOY are you missing out.   Kurgo makes the best outdoor dog travel gear for dogs on the market.

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I can’t think of another company that truly dedicates themselves to creating the best gear for your dog.   All of their products are made with the outdoor dog adventures in mind.

Who is Kurgo?

Kurgo has been around since 2003 and was created by 2 brothers Kitter and Gordie Spater.   Based out of Salisbury, Massachusetts, the inspiration and creation of the company came from their childhood hound dog named Zelda.

Growing up as outdoor adventurers in the woods of Vermont, these 2 brothers always took their dogs with them on their adventures.   Zelda was notoriously guilty of jumping from the backseat into the front seat of the car while traveling.   This of course can be very distracting and down right dangerous.

After realizing that they needed to come up with some way of keeping Zelda in the backseat, Kitter came up with the “BACKSEAT BARRIER” from his garage.   This barrier would prove to be a success and Zelda was quickly barred from jumping in the front seat any longer.   The backseat barrier would be the very first product that Kurgo would create.

From that moment on, Kurgo and the Kitter brothers would continue to create the best in dog travel gear on the market. Their belief that dogs as our best friends should go with us on all of our adventures.   This fits with their motto of “GO TOGETHER” anywhere with your dog, in comfort, safety and of course happily together.

They are committed to products that are: high quality, simple, durable and of course necessary for any kind of dog travel or outdoor adventure.   With products made of such a high quality, they back each one with a Lifetime Warranty.   YUP you heard me, A LIFETIME.   This alone tells you the sheer commitment to the best products on the market.

This dedication to their company led them in 2010 to be ranked by Inc., Magazine as the “#1 fastest growing pet product company in the United States.

Their products are now sold in almost every major pet store across the U.S. and Canada.   This family owned business, has really made a major mark on the dog travel gear industry.


Travel With Your Dog!

Travel gear

When we think of Kurgo dog gear, the number 1 thing that we think about is their dog travel products.   That really is their flagship of products.   When you look at the type of items that they have under the category of travel, there are things like:

  • Seat belt
  • Booster seats
  • Go portable dog shower
  • Collapsible water bowl
  • Auto zip line for the backseat
  • Backseat barrier
  • Wander dog ramp
  • Tailgate poop dumpster
  • TaGo dog bed

kurgo dog gear backseat barrier


These are just a few of the amazing travel products that Kurgo makes.   There are so many other products in this line, that will just make your dog travel adventures so much easier, I just couldn’t list them all.

With their innovative and creative designs these travel products are unlike anyone else and are far above any of the competition.   All items are made with top quality materials, incredible durability and their lifetime warranty.

Next time you are heading out on the road, don’t forget to check out their travel gear.   You maybe surprised and find something you never even knew you needed.



All dog harnesses are not created equal!   That much is true.   Just to prove how true that is, just look at Kurgo’s harnesses.

They make a ton of harnesses that you can choose from.   They have walking harnesses, car harnesses and even one that is perfect for a more active dog.   One that won’t get in the way of adventure.

To prove just how much they are willing to put into perfecting a product their “IMPACT DOG CAR HARNESS” took them 8 years to design.   They spent years crash testing, engineering, and planning the perfect travel car harness.

What makes this harness so special, is that it is constructed of a single piece of 4000 pound tubular webbing with reinforced bar tacking.   Crash tested for a dog up to 108 lbs.   A harness made 100% to protect your dog in event of impact in a car crash.   This harness works with the existing vehicle seat belt system which makes it unique.


Kurgo dog gear - impact harness


If you are looking for more of a walking harness, then the Journey dog harness is for that everyday use.   This harness is great for walking, hiking, or running.   No matter what type of outdoor activity your dog is into, this harness is the perfect option.   Along with dual leash attachments and a cool V-neck design, you dog is going to love this harness.


kurgo dog gear - journey harness


All their harnesses are made with the best quality products and are rigorously tested for comfort.   They absolutely have thought of everything when it comes to designing the best dog harness.

Car seat protection

When it comes to putting our dogs in the vehicle, the last thing we want to happen is to have our back seat destroyed or damaged.   As we know, dogs can be hard on car seats.   They can easily be ripped, scratch, or just get them dirty and wet.   Just because we have dogs, doesn’t mean we don’t want a nice clean vehicle.

The easiest way to ensure that our seats are protected, is to purchase a seat cover.   They are made to cover and protect our seat from any kind of damage at all.   With a variety of styles and designs to choose from Kurgo has your seats covered.

If you are looking for a seat complete back seat cover that covers the entire seat in a hammock style, they have 5 to hammocks to choose from.   They have:

  • Wander
  • Heather
  • Loft
  • Stow
  • JourneyKurgo dog gear - loft hammock seat cover


Depending on the design that best works for your vehicle this seat cover collection has it all.   All the covers are waterproof, fasten to the seats and offer different features based on the design you choose.   Some offer a zipped section that you can unfasten to allow a passenger back there, while others offer a reversible option.

They even offer a half dog harness that creates a safe and protected area for your dog without taking up the whole backseat area.


kurgo dog gear - half hammock seat cover


So whether you are looking for a : hammock style, bench style, bucket seat, door guard or cargo cover, this is the place to look.  Go no further than Kurgo for your dog seat cover needs.


Having it all

Kurgo offers an amazing wide selection of great dog gear products for pretty much anything you can imagine. Besides, the gear above, there is a so much more to that they offer.

They really have thought of absolutely everything for the dog on the go.   They make amazing dog coats, life jackets, backpacks, dog assistance tools and more.   Whatever adventure you are planning, Kurgo dog gear is the absolute best choice for every dog.

Like all truly great companies, Kurgo has created a foundation as a way to give back to the dog community.   The foundation is called the Kurgo foundation and is run and operated by the employees at Kurgo.

It is committed to helping dogs and other companies dedicated to helping dogs improve their lives.   Even assisting other organizations that help dogs in natural disaster situations.   Making sure these dogs are rescued and properly cared for by offering grants to companies that are dedicated to making all dogs lives better.

I hope you have enjoyed my complete rundown of Kurgo dog products.   When it comes to giving our dogs their best life, equipping them with all the required gear, is just what we need to do.

Safety, security and high quality is a must. NO SKIMPING!



4 thoughts on “Kurgo Dog Gear”

  1. Hi 

    Kurgo dog gear is great, I haven’t come across their products before, I own 4 dogs.

    I like the design or their hammocks for cars and their harnesses they look well made. Good information about the company and their products, it is good to have quality dog gear on the market.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Wow 4 dogs!!! You have your hands full.  I am sure that they all keep you quite busy. 

      With 4 dogs, I am assuming travelling can be a challenge.  If you don’t already have a backseat hammock cover, then you will be surprised how much they can and do protect your seats.  Dogs just have a tendency to be very hard on car seats.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.  Take care and best of luck with your pack!! LOL!


  2. We also had a similar experience with our dog, who of course always went happily with us – he wanted to jump from the back seats to the front all the time because he wanted to be up to date with everything.

    I am impressed with KURGO and their offer, it is really varied and you can say that they have thought of everything.

    Thanks for this great article! We don’t have a dog at the moment, but for dog lovers and owners, this is a great store!


    • Hi Nina,

      There is nothing worse then having a dog jumping and roaming around the vehicle when you are trying to drive.  My little dog Boo, he used to try to jump up front all the time, but he was small. Still it is not something that is very safe.  Since then, I have always had a blocked off area with a hammock car seat.  Does the trick nicely. 

      I am so happy that you are also a Kurgo dog gear fan.  They truly have products that go above and beyond any other dog company.  Clearly anytime you offer lifetime warranty on your products shows just how much effort and quality they put into all their dog gear.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post.



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