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I think every dog owner goes through a tough decision when it comes to picking good dog toys for their dogs.  Just like kids, not every kid likes the same toys.  One child can love a toy and the next one can have absolutely no interest in playing with it.  Well dogs are the exact same.  Multipet dog toys is one company that has been committed to making adorable and fun dog toys that my dogs absolutely loved. This is my Multipet dog toy review.

Multipet Lamb Chop Screenshot
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Choosing the right dog toy for your dog can depend on matching the right type of toy with your dog’s style of play. Some dogs like interactive toys that make noise, move or shake.  Other dogs like a plush toy that they can carry around in their mouth and cuddle with.

No matter what type of toy you are looking for, picking toys that are made by companies that are committed to ensuring that all their toys are made with the best materials, durable and fun to play with is important.

My dogs BOO and FINN were always thrilled when I would bring in a new toy that they could play with and keep their attention.  They always loved the plush toys that were cuddly and cute.

Let me tell you a bit about this company and highlight some cool dog toys that your dog may fall in love with.  I will have to admit, you may also fall in love with them just as much as your dog.


Multipet has been around since 1995 and is an American based company out of Moonachie, NJ.

Mark Hirschberg is the founder and president of the company.  Mark comes from a family that is steeped in a long history in the pet industry.  Even as far back as his grandfather who took leather straps and made them into rawhide for dogs, while his grandma was making DIY cat toys.

With their long history in the pet industry, comes extensive knowledge that has been handed down generation to generation.

The company is an award-winning pet product design company, who also imports their toys to other countries.  They pride themselves on producing unique, high quality dog toys.

The cool thing about their toys is that they are so unique, that they even capture the attention of us dog owners.

Multipet sets themselves apart from other dog toy companies by creating toys that have more interactive options than some other toys on the market.  The lighthearted design combined with high quality production and high end marketing of some of their flagship toys, has dog owners easily recognizing their brand.

plush dog toy

They are an international company that has design teams in the U. S, Europe and Hong Kong.  They even have a full line distribution center in the United Kingdom to serve Europe.

Pet retailers are praising Multipet’s unique line of merchandising that adds a fresh look to the pet store shelves.  With over 800 different products on the market for cats, dogs, hamster, ferrets and even birds, there is something available for every type of pet.

The company is dedicated to catchy marketing publications, they have had ads running at the pre Super Bowl, and Oprah even included their dog toys on her show.  That really put the company on the map and made the public recognize the name when going to purchase a new dog toy.  Consumers trust Multipet and because of that trust, the company is very successful.

One of the other amazing things about Multipet is that they price many of their products under $10.  This ultimately makes it affordable for everyone.  They have a price line for every price group.

Too me when a company makes the price point of their products very reasonable is says that yes they want to sell great dog toys, but not at any cost.  The affordability to the consumer is important, but not at the expense of a lack of quality in the products.  They make all their products very well and with full pet pride with everything they do.

Cudldly Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop

Growing up in Saskatchewan Canada every March for an entire weekend, our province holds a tele-a-thon called Telemiracle. This tele-a-thon started back in 1977 to help raise money for the Kinsmen and Kinettes.  The foundation raises money to help people with cognitive and mobility issues that live in the province of Saskatchewan.

Through the many decades of this tele-a-thon famous performers from around the world appear to perform in order to help raise money.

One of the most famous long-standing performers was a lady name Shari Lewis.  She was a ventriloquist puppeteer, children’s entertainer and TV host.  Her original puppet was called “Lamb Chop”.  This furry lamb puppet was adorable.  Everyone loved watching them together.  Their act was funny, sweet and captivating.   I always loved seeing them on the stage.

shari lewis and lamb chop


Now that I have told you the history of a character called “Lamb Chop” you are probably wondering what this has to do with Multipet and dog toys.  Well the funny thing is one of the cutest toys that Mulitpet makes in their line of dog toys is their “Lamb Chop” toy.

This officially licensed Shari Lewis character that Multipet makes is cuddly and along with a squeaker that helps entice excitement from your dog.  Your dog will fall in love with this cute, adorable dog toy.

The uniqueness and licensing choices in their products is really a big key to such great success.

Multipet Lambchop Screenshot AD

Licensed characters

Along with “Lamb Chop” the company has many other wonderful licensing characters that will have you feeling nostalgic and laughing to yourself when you see it.  Being able to grab our attention shows how making the proper creative choices with the characters they choose the key.

Characters like Mr. Bill, Bozo the Clown, and Gumby just to name a few.  They have even signed a deal with Dreamworks to allow licensing of the cartoon characters Mr. Peabody and Sherman characters.

Multipet Dog Toy Review Gumby Screenshot
One of my other favorite character toys they have is “Woody Woodpecker”.  There is just something about seeing him that makes me smile when I see him.  It could also be that when you push the button in the middle of the toy it lets out that famous laugh.  Your dog just has no idea what is happening the first time they hear it.  After that, they realize how fun it is if they can keep hitting the button.

Let’s not forget about “Garfield”.  Everyone’s lovable cat comes in a cute plush dog toy as well.  Get your dog fetching this fun dog toy.

Look who’s talking

Just when you think that Multipet couldn’t make toys even cuter, you come across the line of dog toy products called “Look Who’s Talking”.

This product line has a Cow, Parrot, Dog, Chimp, Koala bear and so on.  The difference between these cute plush dog toys and their other plush toys is that these toys effectively come to life.


Multipet dog toy review
Fergus Loves His Piglet!


They sound and look so authentic that your dog may think it is the real thing.  Each time the toy gets squeezed you can watch the toy come to life.  The toy literally speaks for itself with the sounds that it makes.

Each toy makes a different sound based on the animal that they are.  A Cow moos and a Sheep makes the Baa sound. Absolutely the cutest thing you will see and hear.

Multipet Look Who's Talking Screenshot AD
Customers totally love this toy and the reviews are their to back it up.  Creating toys that capture our attention as well as our dogs, is always a winner when it comes to selecting great dog toys.



Multipet Dog Toy - Review Screenshot

Giving back

A company that makes great dog toy products is always a good find in my mind.  But what really impresses me about a company is when they give back.

Multipet dog toy company in 2007 joined the fight against breast cancer by creating a Pink Ribbon dog toy.  The toy is designed with the pink ribbon embroidered right on the toy.  The proceeds from the toys go to help fight breast cancer and breast cancer research.

support breast cancer button
They didn’t end there with just helping find a cure for breast cancer, they also created a Support Our Troops dog toy. This toy is camouflage in design and has a yellow ribbon embroidered on the toy.  Proceeds from this toy go to help various military companies Support Our Troops.

The next time you are shopping for dog toys for your dog, check out Mulitpet Dog Toys line of toys.  You won’t be disappointed and more importantly neither will your dog.

Happy dogs create happy owners!



Mulitpet Dog Toys


Overall Product







  • Inexpensive
  • Adorable
  • Funny characters


  • Want to buy them all
  • Need to be supervised

10 thoughts on “Multipet Dog Toy Review | Fabulous Toys”

  1. Hi! There are two or three toys I’ll just have to buy now, they’re so cute. And it’s nice they’re inexpensive.

    I like making videos of my dogs and introducing them to these toys would make some fun videos and they’ll also have a great time. Could I leave the link to my YouTube channel with videos of my pets and other dogs doing tricks and having fun?

    • Hi Ann,

      You are so right, that these Multipet toys are the cutest thing around.  The price point is also super attractive, as us dog owners tend to spoil our pets.  LOL!

      I would love to check out your videos and maybe even use one or two of them if that was OK.  Can you PM me through WA?  Let me know.

      Thanks again for your comments and for sharing. Best of luck to you.


  2. My dog loves all types of toys which he can easily carry in his mouth. He’s a small dog, it would be great to know the sizes of these toys before ordering. He goes through them quite fast. Starts chewing and before you know it, the fur starts to come out. How tightly are these toys stitched?

    • Hello Jagi,

      I love watching dogs carry stuffy toys in their mouth.  It always makes me laugh. I often wonder what they are thinking.

      The Multipet toys come in all different sizes.  As an example the Lamb Chop is 7 inches in size while another one is 13 inches.  So you would just need to check which size best fits your pooch.

      As with all stuff toys, I suggest supervising your dog at all times, especially since your dog sounds a bit destructive.

      I hope this helps and thank you for your comments on my post. 


  3. Hi, thank you for this really unique and informative post. Although I do not have a dog, my best friend has two and we are always bringing over toys for them to play with so this article is especially useful for me! Not only does this Multipet make cute toys as you mentioned, I really love how the company gives back to fight breast cancer. I think that makes Multipet extremely special and stands out against the other dog toys on the market. Without this great article, I would have been unaware of this option, so thank you! 

    •  Hi Rashaad,

      I love when companies give back too.  For me it really makes me take a second look when buying anything for my dog. When it comes to a company like this, I am always going to choose buying from them rather from a company that doesn’t seem to care as much.

      I am so happy that you found my post informative and hopefully it gives you some new gift ideas for your BFF’s dogs. They sound pretty lucky to have you in their life.

      Thank you for responding to my post.  I appreciate it.


  4. I think each pooch proprietor experiences an extreme choice with regards to picking great canine toys for their mutts. Much the same as children, only one out of every odd child enjoys the equivalent toys. One youngster can adore a toy and the following one can have definitely no enthusiasm for playing with it. Well pooches are precisely the same.

    • Hi,

      Yes you are so right about choosing dog toys for your dog.  Each dog is so different and likes completely different toys then the next one.

      I like to say that picking the right dog toy is made easier by knowing your dogs habits and personality and matching the toy that fits.

      Thank you for sharing your comments.


  5. Hi Coralie,

    Thank you for introducing the Multipet toy company. I’ve never heard of them before. They sound like a reputable firm. The toys on the pictures you provided are definitely cute. When I started reading, my first thought was “nice, but they must be too expensive” and as I continued and found out that many of them under $10, I was truly impressed: nice appearance, good quality, and an affordable price together – sounds like a great combination! I’ll take a closer look at Multipet dog toys when buying a new toy for my pup. I bookmarked your page.

    Also, thank you very much for entertaining me with the video. Shari Lewis and her Lamb Chop are adorable!

    Bets regards,

    ~ Julia

    • Hi Julia,

      You are so welcome for the video.  Everytime I watch it, it just makes me laugh and then I think back to being a kid. Watching the two of them was hilarious.

      I love sharing good dog companies with fellow dog owners.  There is so much to choose from out there, that it is hard to know which ones are good and which aren’t.

      Your comments are super nice to hear and thank you so much. Best of luck with you and your pooch.



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