NHL Dog Jersey | Looking Like Part Of The Family

My dog Boo was a wonderful and sweet Cockapoo.  He likes to be my shadow when I walk around the house.  Truly is about the cutest thing.  Just before it is time for the hockey game to begin, I grab my jersey first of course, and then I grab Boo’s NHL dog jersey.


Boo jersey

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For me it is very important that as part of my family, my dog feels included in whatever big sporting event is going on at the house.  I grab his jersey and honestly it is almost like he knows what’s coming.  A quick sniff of the jersey so that he recognizes that it is his.  And then BOOM he sits perfectly still for me to put it on him.  It’s almost like he gets a burst of energy or pride with it on.  Just a true dog mom bursting with joy.

Personalized Jersey

If you ever played sports, then you know how exciting it was to get your jersey with your name on the back.  There is just something so special about it.

Just like, us you can also personalize your new dog jersey for your dog.  With all of different styles you can buy on the market today, it may allow enough space for you to add your own personal touch.  You could personalize your pets jersey by simply taking it to any sports store in your area that does lettering, numbers and names.


nhl dog jersey -dog in a hockey jersey


You usually pay per letter and per number.  The price isn’t too expensive to do because the jersey’s small and only has a limited amount of space.  They may even do it while you wait.

Now with some of the jersey’s, the team logo is on the back so for personalizing you could use the side of the jersey as a spot to put your pet’s name or favourite number.  It may be just as easy cool and easy to just put your dogs initials. That’s the beauty of personalizing, no 2 jerseys will be the same.

Your dog’s jersey will be his for his entire life.

Styles and Choices

The style and choices you can choose from are pretty amazing.  You could buy a fleece NHL hoodie style that makes your dog look like the coolest dog on the block.  Make sure to chose the right fit and style for your pet.

When it comes to decking your pups out in the best sports gear is very easy.  You have many choices and styles to choose from.  They range from:



• Hats

• Bandanas

• Coats, etc

Some dogs may not like the feel of the nylon material or the way the jersey fits.  In that case making a different choice may work better for your pooch.  You could even decide to purchase a full on winter coat for you pet in any NHL team logo you may want.

I am not kidding they have full on hoods with fur on them.  They are also long in the back so that it covers your dogs back end and tail area from our wicked Canadian winters.  If any of you live in Canada, especially the prairies you know what I am talking about.

Dog’s may have a coat of fur on them, but they are not excluded from getting just as cold.  It’s important to make sure that they are warm and toasty, just like us.



When it comes to things like hats, that can be a bit trickier, as most dogs won’t sit there long enough to allow you to leave it on them.  Maybe just long enough for a photo op.


nhl dog jersey - dog in a nhl hat


A bandana on the other hand, is one of the most popular ways to gear our dog up for pretty much any sporting event we want to cheer.   Dog bandanas are also much easier to find and can usually be found for under $20 and is easy to swap out and keep on your dog.  That way he isn’t obsessed with trying to get it off.   All of my dogs, loved to wear their bandanas.  It was just like getting dressed everyday.


Finn Boston Bandana

Jersey Sizing

Now with all the different dog breeds and sizes, you want to make sure to get the right size for you pooch.  The sizes generally are XS, S, M, L all the way up to XL.

Making sure you have the right size for you dog is very important.  You need to first get it over their head, then put the first paw in followed by the second.  The jersey needs to be the right size or it may be difficult to pull over your dog’s head.

Dogs are very active as we all know, so we need to make sure that there is enough room for the dog to freely move around in it.  Otherwise if the fit is too tight, the dog will not feel comfortable in it.

Now I have seen some dogs, when you first put it on they act paralyzed and refuse to move.  Sometimes it just takes time for the dog to get more comfortable wearing it, or maybe it just isn’t the right size or fit.  Generally most dogs seem to get used to it pretty quickly.

I bought Boo’s years ago, he was just a puppy and the size XS I bought was perfect.  Sadly just like children, our dogs grow up and get bigger.  For Boo this meant he could no longer fit into his XS, he had to move up to the Medium like a big boy.

It was no big deal, as they do come in a variety of sizes like I mentioned.  Fast forward to 14 years later and now my Boo fits back into his original jersey.  Note to self “always keep the old stuff, just in case.”  He looks so adorable in it. It just makes me proud.

Cleaning your dogs jersey

Our dogs of course, have a tendency to get dirty in any type of clothing that we put them in.  That’s just the reality. The beauty of a jersey is that they are very easy to clean.  The type of fabric they make the jerseys out of is somewhat dirt repellent.  The mud or dirty spot may just wipe off with a damp rag.

When you have a super dirty one all you need to do is to throw it into the washing machine just like you would your own jersey.  To be on the safe side I do not recommend putting the jersey in the dryer.  It should just be hung up to dry.  Hanging it up can also help preserve the shape of it, so that it continues to look good long term.


nhl jersey buttons

Big Finale

The best advise I can give my fellow pet owners it to ensure that you find the right sizing, style, and most of all, the coolest gear you can find for our babies.  When I cheer on my favourite team, I feel like an extension of the team.


nhl dog jersey -Edmonton Oilers NHL Dog Jersey


Even though I may be sitting in my living room with my jersey and hat on, you can guarantee sitting right next to me is my boy Boo.  He looks and feels just like his mom, full of team pride and excitement.  When we feel and look like a super fan all decked out in our gear, I am 100% sure we cheer much better.

Spending some quality time with your pup beside you , is never more fun than when you are watching sports.  Take the time with your dog and that way you both can be hockey super fans.


Fergus playing hockey long sleeve
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When it comes to other cool gear, there is nothing cuter than seeing a dog cartoon design geared up to play hockey.  Take a look at my Fergus On The Go Collection and you will find that Fergus loves to plays sports and a ton of other things.




This post was originally posted in March of 2019, and was updated to be a current post.


10 thoughts on “NHL Dog Jersey | Looking Like Part Of The Family”

  1. Hey Coralie! This post is the cutest thing! Omg, I never thought of a sports jersey for my dog. I love the sweaters, jerseys, and maybe bandanas the best. Thanks for giving me tips on how to clean them as well. Do you know if they have anything for the Tarheels? I know we suck but, you know how it goes, got to show up for my state team, LOL! 

    • Hi Marlinda,

      Isn’t it the cutest thing ever that we can buy them this cool gear. Yes they do sell Tarheels jersey’s on Amazon.ca, I checked it out for you. There is also a few other sites that sell them for dogs, so you are set to go.

      I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, so nobody knows better to cheer for a team, that isn’t always good. Fan support is fan support good or bad. We can still look good. HAHA

      Thank you so much for your comment on my post


  2. Hello Coralie,

    Thank you so much for this awesome post!

    I don’t know why it never occurred to me before.  My dogs do participate in our activities but team apparel for my dog never even crossed my mind.  I can’t believe it never dawned on me.

    I do have a question for you…  I see you recommend alternative clothing options, should my pets not like the feel of the material or the totality of a full-on jersey, etc.  I know you said that it’s not too expensive to have it customized with the initials or favorite number, etc…  Do you recommend a “test run” first before going full-bore and buying a complete setup?  What I mean by this is, should I just grab a plain jersey and try it on my pet to make sure they’re OK with it before I go full-out or should I just go full-out as the expense isn’t really worth the testing time?  Does that make sense?  Also, if I should do a trial run, do you think my pets may like one fabric type over another?

    My end goal is to have my pets feel like they’re part of the event but at the same time not make the uncomfortable, etc.. As for cleaning, I’m terrible I don’t read labels, I toss everything that’s similar into a single load so I have a t-shirt load, a socks and underwear load, a jeans load, etc.  Based on my cleaning style, what fabric would you recommend, LOL?

    I still can’t believe this never occurred to me.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott,

      Thank you so much for sharing your comments and telling me a bit about your dogs. I absolutely recommend to do a test run. Buy one, try it on and leave the tags on, so that if they don’t like it, you can take it back.

      As far as a fabric choice, in jersey’s (authentic style) you don’t really have much of a choice if you want that exact look. But honestly my dog doesn’t care either way whether its a coat, or a jersey. Just make sure it fits well and they can still run around in it.

      I am super excited that now that you have found out about sports gear, your dogs will be all decked out for the next event. It really makes me laugh to see them wearing gear.

      Best of luck with your purchases and hopefully I helped answer your questions.


  3. Good afternoon Coralie,

    On your About page I read you were a tomboy. I was the same. I would love to go with the cat and dog on expeditions in the garden.

    At the moment I do not have a dog as last year my dear Cindy sadly had to leave. Living in the south of Spain I imagine any dog wear should be lightweight. I can understand that in the cold Canadian winter they would need something warm to put on. It is quite amazing there are so many cute clothes for dogs on the market. Thank you for informing me.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hello Taetske,

      Sorry to hear about your dog Cindy. That is always so difficult to have to go thru.

      In Canada yes it gets very cold and dressing your dog for warmth is super important. I wish we had the lovely Spain weather you have. Lucky u!

      Thank you so much for sharing your story and comments.


  4. Nice post. When our dogs become not only our pet but also one of our family member and caring for them is very necessary. Cleaning our dogs and by bathing them and wearing them clean clothes keeps them healthy and happy. The jersey and bandana look so amazing and beautifully fitted and the dog looks so cute wearing it.

    • Hello Pat,

      Thank you for your comments on my post. I do love to dress my dog up in sports gear, it makes them feel like part of the team. Plus it makes me smile when they look so cute wearing it all.

      Thank you



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