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There are so many dog breeds to choose from when you are looking to get a new dog.  It can be really overwhelming.  Have your ever heard of an Old English Sheepadoodle?  Yup they are a real breed.

In the last 10-15 years or so, many breeders have been breeding Poodles with other dogs because of all the wonderful qualities that Poodles offer.

We have all heard of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles but more recently Sheepadoodles have quickly become very popular.

A Sheepadoodle is not a purebred dog breed but a mix of an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle.

Old English Sheep dog

But let’s go back to the history of the Old English Sheepdog which of course comes from England…obviously.  HAHA!  They date back in history to the late 1800s, so around 200 years ago.  Back then they were often called “Shepherd’s Dog” or “Bobtail Sheep Dogs”.

Abby Sheep Dog
Abby Girl!
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The name Shepherd’s Dog came from using these dogs to shepherd sheep to the market.  Bobtail comes from the docking of the tail which was done simply to identify them as working dogs as a result of a taxation law in the 1800s. Since then docking has strongly been opposed by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Abby Girl
Pretty Abby!

They are very intelligent, kind, courageous and patient dogs.  Being great with children makes them great family dogs. Their watchfulness and loud ringing bark which definitely comes in handy for being able to keep you alerted.

The shaggy long hair and bear like shuffling movement are unique to this breed.

The Poodle

Poodles have been around for around 400 years and originated from Germany but was really standardized in France. They are one of the oldest purebred dogs in history.  They come from a long line of working class dogs were used as water-retriever dogs.

Poodles were always “Retrievers” and also were called “Gun Dogs”.   Today they are still used by hunters today.  Part of what makes them great water retrievers is the tight curly coat and it being moisture-resistant.

The Poodle is bred in 3 different sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy (Teacup).   The original size of the Poodle is the Standard and then they were bred down to great the smaller 2 sizes.


In the early years of the Poodle, they found their way to becoming show dogs in the ring.   But back then their coat was corded, somewhat matted even, which they of course found it very hard to maintain.   So now rather than having the long hair style they are done in the bouffant style grooming.

Today in the U.S. they are the most popular dog breed.   They are considered to be one of the smartest breeds in the world so great for first time dog owners.  Being very pack oriented they have a strong need to please their owners.  Because they are so eager to please, this makes them very easy to train.

The Mix

Supposedly the breed first showed up as an experiment mixing the Old English Sheepdog and the Standard Poodle by the U.S. Military in the 1960s.   They were created to use as a working dog for the military.

More likely though, the breed started around the 1990-2000’s.   That is when they really became a popular breed.   Poodle hybrid mixes became great family dogs.   The term “doodle” really was first coined in 1992 and has since really stuck.

Old English Sheepadoodle

Just like many of the other doodle mixes out there the almost complete lack of shedding makes them very enticing for anyone that has allergies or needs a hypoallergenic dog.

The thing with mixed breed dogs is you never know which qualities you will get from each breed.

Typically, a litter can be 5 or 6 Sheepadoodle puppies per litter.   Ranging in price anywhere from $1400-$2800.

The Sheepadoodle is a medium to large size dog that is referred to as a solidly built dog.   There eyes are feather shaped brown and black.   The ears are long and hang down.

The smaller size ones can weight 45-65 lbs with the larger ones weighting 60-80 lbs.   They stand 24-27 inches tall, very similar to the size of the standard Poodle.

Their coat is long, very soft and can range from straight to curly hair.   The curlier the hair the more likely they are to not shed at all.   As far as the color of their hair goes, they are typically black, brown and white mixtures.   The black coloring can and may turn to gray, just like the hair traits of the Old English Sheep dog.

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Temperament and care

When you talk to owners of the Sheepadoodle’s they will tell you that their dogs are calm tempered, playful and very smart.  They are so friendly to everyone this makes them a great dog to have around the house.

The breed is considered to be in the working group breed.   Their gentle sweet nature, makes them very affectionate and happy.   They are also a quiet playful dog that loves people of all ages.   The Sheepadoodle is also well-known for getting along with other dogs very easy.

When getting a new Sheepadoodle puppy it is important to start the training right away.   Make sure to socialize your puppy from the beginning, this will help ensure that your dog gains the ability to adapt to changing situations.   This way whether it is other dogs, or company coming over your dog will react well.


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Having a well-trained, socialized dog can also help if you plan to take your dog with you on excursions and adventures.  Doodles love to be included with the family unit in everything that is happening.   They love to ride in the car and stick their head out the open window to feel the wind in their hair.

The wonderful thing about these mixed breeds is that a good breeder will ensure that you get the best qualities from each parent.   They also ensuring that they do their best to weed out as many health issues as they can like testing for things like hip dysplasia.

A Sheepadoodle is a strong and very active dog, that requires regular exercise.   Making sure that you provide regular exercise like walks for your doodle will also provide health benefits to your dog.   It will help prevent things like heart disease, stroke and even arthritis.

The average life span for a healthy doodle is 12-15 years.


Best of the best

If you are looking for a loyal breed that will embrace your family unit, then a Sheepadoodle is the right breed for you.  You can’t ask for a dog breed that will be more invested in you.

Giving your dog tons of love and affection is also very important.  This breed is very accustomed to being shown affection as their character is very lovable.

Make sure that you are spending good quality time with your dog on a regular basis.   If you are too busy and no able to be there for your dog, then this breed may not be the best breed for you.

The Old English Sheepadoodle dogs temperament and personality are the main strength of this breed.  Having owned a Labradoodle for over 10 years, I can attest to the similar amazing qualities they possess.  Their sweet, loving and playful personality really can’t be beat.

You will quickly fall in love with this doodle mix and find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them.

When it comes to deciding to get a Sheepadoodle, I strongly recommend purchasing your doodle from a good breeder. Make sure that you do your homework by researching the breed and breeder to make sure that you get a dog that is healthy and one that will fit your lifestyle.

Using a good breeder that prides themselves on ensuring they have the best of the Poodle and Sheepdog will also have the best puppies possible.

Best of luck on your doodle adventure!

8 thoughts on “Old English Sheepadoodle | Doodle Fun”

  1. Oodles and Oodles of Doodles and Poodles make this post an absolute must-read. I never know about the sheepdog cross with poodles but the image you have is cute as a button and I can imagine my kids would love him to death. I can also imagine him being a lot more dog than the shivering little thing my wife has LOL. Poor thing is cold in summer, she has a Chihuahua.

    • Hi Andy,

      I am still laughing at your poor Chihuahua shivering in the winter.  Does the poor thing at least have a sweater? Doodles from my personal experience are sweet, cute and kind of goofy.  My Finn was always a real clown.  He used to make me laugh all the time.

      A Doodle is a fabulous addition to any family.  If you do get one, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

      I wish you luck with the little Chihuahua. LOL! Thanks for sharing with me on my post.  It is always good to hear from other dog owners and their challenges.


  2. I absolutely love dogs. I had never heard of a Sheepadoodle before reading this article though.  And am I glad I stumbled across your website!  What absolutely stunning looking dogs!  

    Their temperaments seem ideal – gentle and loving and I love the fact that they love being loved!  

    My nephew has 2 small children and is actually currently looking for a family dog.  The Sheepadoodle sounds like the perfect choice – looking and character wise.

    Because they have been cross-bred, are they more susceptible to sicknesses?   I know you stated that they can live between 10 – 15 years, but I have been rather apprehensive about animals who have been cross-bred.

    May I ask what price range i should be looking at if I want to buy one for me nephew?



    • Hi Renee,

      You are so right Renee, these dogs are absolutely amazing. Any Doodle I have ever come in contact with or owned, have been the sweetest dogs.

      I understand why you have some concerns about getting a cross breed, but like any dog from a breeder, check to make sure they do health testing.  Any dog breed can have it’s issues.  At least coming from a good breeder you have the best chance for a healthy dog.

      The price range in Canada is anywhere from $1200-$2000 and sometimes even more.  My Labradoodle over 11 years ago was $1800 and he was the best dog in the entire world.  Sadly he passed away just over 6 weeks ago and I miss him everyday.  He was such a love bug.

      I think getting any kind of Doodle is the right choice for any family.

      Best of luck to you and your family.  Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.


  3. That is a very well written article about the Sheepadoodle. Your article really went into detail about the mix of the breed and it’s history, including some interesting facts that the poodle originally came from Germany, I didn’t know that. Besides that you really went into detail on the Sheepadoodle, how it was a very good dog for family units. The dog being very loving, affectionate and all around great to have around. Of any chance how much does a Sheepadoodle usually cost in the U.S?

    Also how well do they get along with a German sheperd, or a labrador since my family has both?

    I like how you ordered the article as well, plenty of pictures to illustrate your point, well written. All around it’s a very well done article, good job!

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my post.  I am so glad that you enjoyed reading about the Sheepadoodle.

      I live in Canada so as far as prices in the US go I am just not sure.  In Canada they can go up as high as $2000. They can be lower like $1200 if you shop around.  My worry with less expensive ones is whether or not they do the health testing.

      Doodles from my personal experience love every other dog. I don’t believe that you would have any issue mixing dogs.

      Best of luck,


  4. I liked it when you mentioned that Sheepadoodles are calm tempered and very smart while being friendly to all ages. I have a 12-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old daughter, and my wife and I have been thinking of getting a dog for our oldest. I will be sure to look into Sheepadoodle adoption services near us so that we can adopt a new family member that will interact nicely with both of our children.

    • Hi Brad,
      Thank you so much for reading my post and your thoughtful comments. I know for a fact that your daughter would love the Sheepadoodle dog. They are amazing and lovable dogs. Great idea to look at your local dog adoption services for a new dog.
      Best of luck to you and I wish your family a happy holidays.

      Thank you,


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