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Do you have a dog that likes to chase squirrels?  Running around your yard or at the dog park actually thinking that they will catch eventually catch them.

My boy Finnegan was the avid squirrel obsessed dog.  He would sit for hours either in the yard or at the patio door obsessively watching them.  I have to say it is pretty darn cute to see.  We all know that a bored dog is a dog that will always get themselves into trouble.  Keeping a dog out of that trouble can be done, by keeping them interested in new toys or toys that provide an interactive way to play.

A fabulous toy for doing so is the Outward Hound Hide squirrel dog toy.  Or as I like to call it the hide and squeak fun toy.

Outward hound hide squirrel dog toy
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The creators

Kyle Hansen founded the company Kyjen in 1998.  The company founded consumer dog products and had a mission of creating unique products that keep dogs active and engaged.

With a passion for dogs they believed that dogs deserve to have long-lasting toys that challenge them and keep their instincts sharp.

Once the company was created Kyle realized that he needed outside investors, so he partnered with Riverside.  At that time, they re branded the company Outward Hound.

Outward hound squirrel

Outward Hounds mission statement is ” to improve the lives of pets and pet parents with meaningful innovations that fulfill their new brand promise to Raise the Woof ”

As Outward Hound, they rely on their Woof Pack to assist them with feedback that helps to co-create durable, intuitive, fun and engaging toys.  They use events that allow them to use social interaction, retail marketing and digital engagement to build a strong brand with their products.

Over the past couple of years, they have continued to grow by acquiring other companies like Wholesome Pride, Planet Dog and Charming Pet.  Each acquisition has only made them a stronger well branded company, that is committed to providing all pet owners and pets with an amazing line of pet toys to choose from.

It’s companies like these that continue to improve the pet toy market to such great heights.

What type of toy is this

The hide a squirrel dog toy is created as a plush puzzle dog toy.

When we think of what a puzzle really is we think about strategic and logical thinking in way to put pieces together in a to solve a problem or solution.  A puzzle is a very entertaining and challenging way to focus energy.

dog thinking

Puzzles take time to essentially figure out what the proper way of solving or completing them is.  Each part of the puzzle requires the solver to think long and hard before acting.

A dog puzzle toy is no different.  Toys that are considered to be interactive force our dogs to remain calms and think about what they need to do to solve.  In this case you stuff the squirrel inside the trunk and put the toy on the ground. Your dog then has to sniff out where the squirrel is.  Essentially a game of hide-and-seek so they need to find where the squirrel is hidden in each hole.

Each plus squirrel has its own squeaky toy inside, so when your dog figures out the puzzle and gets the squirrel, he will activate the squeaker.

This toy is also very capable of being used as a 2-1 play toy that can be used in a game of fetch either inside or out.

Benefits of a puzzle toy

All dogs have energy that needs to be burned off in order for them to be calm and happy dogs.  A dog that is full of energy with no outlet, will be a dog that is much harder to handle and deal with on a day to day basis.

The amount of energy you are trying to burn really doesn’t matter.  What matters is getting rid of it.  When a dog uses an interactive puzzle toy, they have to focus and think.  This mental stimulation is a key way to ease a dogs energy.

Dogs have a serious tendency to get bored very easily.  By giving them a puzzle toy like this one, it will challenge their problem solving skills.  Focusing their energy on positive, fun activities will keep them on their toes and stop them from boredom.

Why do puzzles and interactive toys work so well to help our dogs.  Did you know that 15 minutes of mental stimulation is = to 30 minutes of physical activity?

This is why these types of dog toys are so important to purchase for your dogs at any age.

Line of sizes

This hide a squirrel dog toy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They range in size from Small, Medium, Large and X-large.  Each size includes plush stuffed squirrels that have an inside squeaker in it as well as a plush stuff tree trunk with various holes in hit.

The big difference between each size is the height or size of the trunk.  The larger the size, the taller the trunk and the more holes included to hide the squirrels in.  A small trunk for example is 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches and the largest XL one is 9.5 inches by 10.5 inches.


XL Hide Squirrel

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy - Review Scr

Because of the size difference of each trunk, the amount of squirrels that you get, also varies.  The XL size for examples comes with 6 squirrels while the other sizes come with only 3.

Each squirrel is the same size and is capable of being used in any size trunk.  They are all interchangeable and replaceable.  If your dog happens to wreck or destroy a squirrel, you can buy replacement squirrels in groups of 3.

The price varies based on the size that you purchase.  A small is generally under $20 CDN while the XL is under $50 CDN.

Hide a squirrel

Finding cool dog toys as a major dog enthusiast is one of the most rewarding and fun jobs I get to do.  Companies like Outward Hound dedicate their mission and goal to providing our dogs with a fun interactive dog toys.

This is one of the best toys that do that in the market today.  They have taken our dogs favourite pastimes and turned it into a fun dog toy that can be played inside instead of out.

Outward Hound Toys

You can be your dogs best friend, by sitting on the floor continually stuffing the squirrel’s back in the hole after they find it.  This activity will go a long way in helping you create a wonderful bond with you and your dog.

The other wonderful thing about this toy is if your dog starts to lose a bit of interest, you can also use the squirrel’s in a game of fetch.  The squeaker inside, will keep your dog coming back for more fun and entertainment.

The Outward Hound Hide squirrel dog toy is a very reasonably priced toy that can be purchased online here very easily.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of the Outward Hound Hide Squirrel dog toy. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Hide a squirrel button

Happy Squirrel Hunting!



Outward Hound Hide Squirrel


Overall Product







  • Burns energy
  • Mental stimulation
  • Fun


  • Not completely indestructible
  • Supervision required

4 thoughts on “Outward Hound Hide Squirrel Dog Toy | Hide And Squeak Fun”

  1. I’ve been searching for ways to stimulate my dog more and this seem like a good choice. Not too hard (my dog is no Einstein) and not too pricy. Do you have any tips on how to get a dog more interested in games and play. My friend is a bit lazy.   =)

    • Hi Miss Momo,

      I am still laughing at your bit lazy comment.  LOL!  Not all dogs are energetic, that is for sure.  My doodle like to lay down and play, which I always found a bit sluggish also.  Funny though.

      I appreciate you sharing your story with me.  I always loved playing Frisbee or using a Chuck-It to get them up and moving.  Plus I would run around the yard a bit to entice them to move. 

      Best of luck and thank you for sharing.


  2. Wow! Very unique product for my doggos!

    Its true what you write, the dog likes to chase squirrels in the park. My dog ​​also likes to do that, but it’s not just squirrels being chased, but chickens too.

    In front of my yard, there is a house owner who raises chickens. So every morning, when I take my dog ​​on the road to do the routinity (pee + poop), then my dog ​​will immediately run to the yard of chicken-owner’s house. But what did he do? Just scaring, chasing but not being bitten. He just likes to do that.

    Maybe, this product can also be a solution for my doggos.

    But I am curious about your review which mentions that “indestructible”, why? Shouldn’t it be a pro?

    I once bought a stuffed bird toy with my doggos, but in less than an hour, I had cotton left. Lol

    • Hi Ronnytan,

      Thank you for your comments on my post.  This product sounds like it maybe a great solution for your dog. Not to mention the fun that you will both have.  Them playing and you watching.  Too cute. 

      The reason I put that indestructibility is a con is because it can be destroyed if your dog is super aggressive with it. 

      I always say supervise your dog with any new toy, just to be sure that they are not eating it or totally destroying it. 




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