Dog Nudging Nose And What It Means


Dogs and their noses! Dogs have always used their noses every day to assist them with exploring the world.   The sniffing and searching aspect is just part of their nature.   But when a dog uses their nose to nudge you what does it mean? DOG NUDGING NOSE!!!   Many dogs, like my dog Fergus use … Read more

Should Dog Bowls Be Elevated


The dog community has always been completely split on the idea of using an elevated dog bowl to feed your dog.   The controversial topic comes with each side saying that they know the correct answer.   Obviously one side is saying that you should absolutely use one of these bowls, while the other side says that … Read more

Raw Dog Food Or Kibble | Which Is Best


There has always been a huge debate whether raw dog food or kibble is the way to best feed your dog.   Dog parents on both sides of the topic have their own thoughts on this debate.   Being a responsible dog parent means ensuring that our dogs live a happy, long and healthy life.   One … Read more

Personalized Dog Bandanas


I absolutely love bandanas, so dressing my dog in a dog bandana isn’t a strange thing for me.   I have always put a bandana on all my dogs, big or small.   For me, I have always thought that a dog that wears one has an extra spring in their step.   Every dog I have every … Read more

Dogs And Heartworm | What Are The Signs


When it comes to protecting our dogs’ from serious illnesses, heartworm is one of those diseases at the top of that list.   It is very important that we all need to be completely aware of this disease, as it can be a potentially fatal disease for our dogs’. Over 250,000 dogs’ per year are diagnosed … Read more

Are Pigs Ears OK For Dogs


Much like us humans, dogs enjoy a treat every once in a while.   This means that we as dog parents are always looking for something delicious that we can give to our dogs.   One of the most popular and inexpensive dog treats are pigs ears.   But the question we all want to know is … Read more

How To Protect Dog Paws From Heat


Walking outside on a summer day with our dog is a fantastic way to spent time.   There truly is nothing better. The one thing that we sometimes forget is how hot the sun can be.   So hot in fact that the sun can literally cause ground surfaces to become dangerous.    Our dogs do not put … Read more

Best Soft Dog Frisbee

Best soft dog frisbee

I talked awhile ago about some amazing backyard dog toys that you can play with your dog.   Playing in your backyard can be a wonderful way to play with your dog.   One of those toys that is great for active play, is the Frisbee. Today I wanted to share, the best soft dog Frisbees and … Read more

Best Dog Camping Gear


Anyone that loves to go camping, knows how much better it is if you take your dog with you.   Just like us, they love to be outside in the great outdoors.  Sharing that fun experience with them can help make some amazing memories that you will have for the rest of your life.  When it … Read more

Why Do Dogs Like To Play Tug Of War


If you have a dog or have had a dog at some point in your life, then you know that dogs like to play tug.   But why do dogs like to play tug of war?   What is it about playing tug that they love so much? Some people believe that only big dog breeds like … Read more