Personalized Dog Bandanas

I absolutely love bandanas, so dressing my dog in personalized dog bandanas isn’t a strange thing for me.   I have always put a bandana on all my dogs, big or small.   For me, I have always thought that a dog that wears one has an extra spring in their step.   Every dog I have every seen wears their bandana with such pride.   They even seem to enjoy the process of putting on a new fresh one on, much like we feel when we put on new duds.

When it comes to dog bandanas, there are an abundance of ones to choose from.   They come in cool, flashy styles, unique ones and YUP even PERSONALIZED DOG BANDANAS!

How adorable to have your dog prancing around with a bandana with their name on it around his neck. SO COOL!

History of the bandana

I always like to share a bit of history about where an item or product came from.   Like how did bandanas come to be.   For that tidbit, we first need to look at the history of the bandana or “kerchief” as it is also called.

Did you know that the bandana actually originated from India.   YES IT DID!   Often made of the highest quality silk or yarn.   As time went on, they expanded the fabrics to include cotton and even flannel.

Bandanas were often used on the head, around the neck, or over the face.   Wearing it on your head or neck was used to protect the head from the sun, or over the face, to help protect from dust or particles in the air.

The bandana over history become so popular that in 1776 George Washington started using them as a promotional tool.  The use of the bandana has grown by leaps and bounds using in practical ways, like holding back your hair, or how coal miners used it like a handkerchiefs to wipe away sweat from their face while they were working.

Personalized dog bandana etsy screenshot

When we think back to the use of bandanas, we can even look at how in some areas certain colors are used “in a negative way to signify an association with a gang”.

Whatever the history of the banadana and it’s uses, nowadays it is used as an everyday clothing item with many purposes.   A perfect example of this is how dog parents are now using them on their dogs, much like a dog collar.   It can be used practically or as a fashion statement.

Reasons to wear one

Many people will wonder why someone would put a bandana on their dog, other than as a fashion statement.   But in reality, there are actually a few great reasons how a dog bandana can actually be very useful.


A dog wearing a banadana around their neck can actually help keep your dog cooler.   The sun is just as dangerous to dogs as to humans.   Dogs can become dehydrated and even suffer from heat stroke.   A bandana can shade their neck which can help keep them cool.   An easy tip, is you can also wet the bandana with cold water and then put it on your dog.



Just like summer, in the winter our dogs can get cold and a banadana can add a bit of warmth to their neck area.   Not every dog will put on a coat, so a bandana is far less invasive than that.   The warmth of wearing one, gives them a comfortable and cozy feeling.



Much like a thunder jacket, a bandana can also act as a type of security blanket for your dog.   At times our dogs can become scared of things like loud noises, suffer from anxiety or just feel better when wearing it.   The bandana is a great way to again offer them something that is just theirs.   A great tip you can try is to spray a calming essential oil like Lavender on the bandana, and that can offer them a calming sensation.   Just a simple way to ease your dogs stress.



We are all to familiar with how quick accidents can happen.   The same applies to our dogs.   They can easily become injured while out on a hike or trek.   If your dog is wearing a bandana, you can easily remove it and it can be used as a tourniquet to help stop bleeding.   It can also be used to help wash or clean an injury if they happen, things like a cut or insect bite, by simply wetting it with water.   Having one on hand, can be very helpful in a first aid type application.

Personalized dog plaid bandana etsy screenshot

Why personalize it?

I have talked about some practical reasons why you would put a dog bandana on your dog, but I haven’t talked about why you would want a personalized one.

Having a bandana with your dogs name on it, can come in super handy when you are out at the dog park or out for a walk.   People may approach you and once they see your dog’s name on their bandana they don’t need to ask what your dogs name is.

Another great reason for having it personalized is if your dog gets lost or gets out of your reach, someone can approach them and once close enough will know their name simply by reading their bandana.   This off course may help calm your dog if they are scared.   Someone calling their name can in many cases make them stop and even go to that person.   Like by calling:


In some cases, you can even put other information on the bandana like a phone number that will help someone that finds your dog bring them home to you.

Personalized dog bandana with extra info

The last reason why I think it is such an amazing idea to have your dogs bandana personalized is that it just looks so darn adorable.   It acts exactly like a monogram on a towel or housecoat, which is something we do all the time.


Bandana round up

When it comes to buying awesome gear for your dog, there is no cooler idea than a dog bandana.   So take it up one extra notch and buy one that is personalized.   Put their name or nickname on it and they will jump out as a dog with style and glamour.

Every single dog that I have owned, has worn a bandana with pride.   All you have to do is open up my drawer and you will see a huge selection of amazing ones to choose from.   I love to switch them out regularly just to keep them fresh and clean.  The whole point is for them to look cool, not look like they have some dirty rag around their neck.

Pinstripe etsy dog bandana screenshot

When it comes to buying personalized dog bandanas, there are a few places that has some of the best selection you can find.   One of my favourites is ETSY of course, which will blow your mind.   You can even get ones with different fonts, colors, styles and more.   Start browsing ETSY now!

So whether you have a large dog or a small dog, there is an amazing bandana waiting for your dog.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post and if you have any comments drop me a note below.  I would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Personalized Dog Bandanas”

  1. How fun! I never knew all that about the history of the bandana/handkerchief! 

    I love when my dog comes home from a visit to the groomer, looking all clean and fluffy, and they’ve tied a cute little bandana around is neck; he looks so stinking cute, and he also seems to walk with a little bounce to his step. I’ve never really thought of buying him a bandana, but I sure try to make those groomer ones last as long as possible! LOL

    Have you found any that fit on a collar, instead of being tied directly around the dog’s neck? Are the ones you’ve found durable? The groomer bandanas are usually just simple piece of triangle cloth, not meant to last much longer than the scent of the shampoo; if there are ones that are durable, I just might pick one up! 🙂 

    Now, I’m daydreaming about my dog looking all dapper in a nice, personalized bandana! But, first, that pup needs a bath and good shaving! LOL He’s a bit of mess. LOL

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for being a part of my post and for sharing your thoughts.  I am with you, I always make sure that my dog goes to the groomer with no bandana on, just so I can see what he comes home with.  Yes you are right, they are short term bandanas for sure.

      I have some bandanas that have actually lasted years. I just toss them in the wash and hang them to dry. If I was more energetic they would look a little better ironed, but I hate ironing. LOL!

      I think the reason that I love them so much is more about my dogs reaction to a new fresh bandana and just how happy he is.  Thank you so much Melissa.  I hope you take the plunge and get a flashy bandana for your dog.  It is so worth it.


  2. Oh, they look so cute with bandanas plus it can really be helpful in so many ways like when they are lost. Learned lots of new things. Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Luisine,
      I agree, they look so darn adorable with their flashy bandanas on. Literally I just love how cool they look. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post.


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